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Now to give you an idea of how much standby power general stuff uses i’ve made a list here of the stuff around here that consumes standby power when the device is often not actually doing anything the central heater it’s it’s not turning on any heat and is still consuming five watts that means if the power switch to it is on i actually have an on/off switch i can

Turn it off in the summer if it’s on all year long it would cost me about five dollars a year to leave it on which is not insignificant because if you add up you know like 50 of these devices it adds up another one is i had a big honking power strip tv power strip that is like a premium kind apparently it uses a lot of samba power because it has some isolation

Filter and things like that in there my rice cooker even though if it’s not cooking rice it actually consumes two watts so you can actually unplug that when you’re not cooking any rice and save some there’s an electronic timer one of those timers that when you plug something in it would cycle through the time of the day and turn on and off the device according to

The time of the day that’s actually half a watt and mechanical ones actually 2 watts so it’s not as efficient because it’s actually running like a tiny little motor to spin the gears in there i got another power strip that’s not as crazy it uses half a watt kitchen lights now this is actually not standby power just for comparison has a lot of fluorescent lights in

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There like about six long tubes 194 watts there so that’s a lot and a stove it’s not very sophisticated i imagine that’s why it’s consuming at 11 watts of standby car that’s quite a lot but it’s not like i’m gonna unplug the stove every time because it’s behind a stove alarm clock right here which i just plugged in it’s got one-and-a-half watts of standby power even

Though it’s not doing any alarming it’s not playing music it’s just displaying the time on the front but no one uses these anymore because people use cell phones including myself so this is just my back music player i have a video up on that by the way i’ll put it put a link over here when you walk into the restroom music actually plays a cordless phone actually

Is sitting there all the time trying to charge the cordless phone battery turns out i used to have one and it was seven watts which is quite a bit just for a phone thing that’s sitting there and then the dsl modem doesn’t take too much wattage i’m glad because that’s always on when you have a long list of stuff with the standby power right next to it you can make

A conscious decision on which to turn off and which to leave on for example for me i don’t need the cordless phone i kill that alarm clock i kill that the stove there’s no way i’m gonna go plug and unplug that so i’m gonna leave that on i mean we’ve you watched tv you want to be able to push the button turn it on and off so you’re gonna leave that on dvd player i

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Probably won’t use a dvd player maybe only once a month or something so i would unplug those you just do your internal electricity vampire power usage and just go and unplug everything that you think is consuming too much power or it’s not worth the convenience to you so you would turn it off or unplug it it’s interesting to note that in taiwan they actually have

On-off switches next to all the outlets which is a great idea because if you have something that consumes standby power you don’t have to actually physically pull the plug and plug it back in that’s kind of a lot more work than flipping a switch so having those are great but too bad they don’t come standard in the united states saving electricity is great because

It actually saves you money it’s another manifestation of actually increasing your net worth because you’re plugging up all those things that burns up your cash which reduces your burn rate i’ll leave yet another video about this on increasing network over here don’t forget to give me a like comment down below and let me know what you think of this strategy of

Reducing vampire power usage and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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