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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush you know with this covid stuff going on you probably want to go travel a little bit so backpacking is actually a very cost effective way to go travel a little bit without being in danger behind me you see all my backpacking stuff that’s laid out these are the essentials the startup cost is actually a few hundred dollars

But if you really count the additional amount that you have to pay per day it rounds out to be about 10 or 20 dollars today i invited trippy mermaid to talk about some of the camping equipment along with other guests this video is brought to you by weeble get two free shares of stock just for signing up for this account and depositing a hundred dollars check out

My referral link down in the video description below oh wait you get actually three free shares before the end of this month check out my referral link down in the video description below there you are shopping mermaid you got the usm media pass how much was it it was five dollars per person so we had six people five dollar processing fee so 35 together plus

35 for the entry fee into the park per car so 35 plus 35 at 70 dollars and then we stayed there for four days so it rounds out to be like 10 dollars yeah but you can actually stay longer so the permit is a one-time fee of five dollars per person and you can designate like however many days so once you have all the equipment it’s like 10 or 20 dollars per day you

Need to buy food for yourself and but that’s basically all you need to pay for right so once you have it you just keep on going and is you know very cost effective it’s much cheaper than you know getting an airbnb that’s like 50 70 dollars so you just keep on going camping this is for yosemite in some parts some wildernesses you don’t even you don’t have to pay

You can just go out there so you don’t have to pay the entry fee you don’t pay the the wilderness permit fee it’s only because yosemite is very popular you need the permit so let’s look at all the equipment and some of it you can get for really really low cost and some things you shouldn’t skimp out on at all and let’s take a look at behind over here chirping

Mermaid actually has been on a lot more backpacking trips than i have we need a backpack of course i paid like 200 something dollars for this but you know this is a one-time thing and how long can you use this i don’t know forever i guess and you need a lightweight tent four and a half pounds for this and if you don’t know if you want to keep going backpacking

You can rent them really cheap from like sports basement for 20 so i would definitely do that instead of buying a cheap one on amazon if you’ve never been on the backpacking trip you might want to try it out first so that’s why you want to rent it and then see if you really like it and then you can buy the equipment for real and keep it for yourself rei does like

An end of the year sale where they sell for cheap all the stuff that people have returned so it’s still in great condition but you can get it for very good prices i invite bianca to come talk about this tent here because she’s the one that bought this one and i’m just borrowing all this equipment over here and this is a four and a half pound tent here and she

Bought it on facebook marketplace for only like 70 like 10 and a foot if you sell this back out you’re probably gonna make money on this right you can probably sell it for like i don’t know hundred dollars and it’s a lightweight tent so if you buy it for a new one it might cost like three hundred dollars so it’s a very good job yeah by use you absolutely need

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This the the osprey kind because they just basically have a monopoly on all this you need this anti-gravity thing it doesn’t have to look exactly like this but you absolutely need this this waste thing because most the weight goes on your hips and then not on your shoulders so that you know you can actually carry all this stuff with you it’s like 30 40 pounds

Or something sometimes at most and for women it’s the osprey aura and i definitely recommend the 65 not the 50 50s depending on how many days 65 liters is more for like four to seven days or even longer this is my sleeping bag it’s actually a cheap one from amazon like 65 70 or so whatever degree it says on the description that’s the survival temperature you

Will survive in it but you won’t be warm you won’t be warm you’re just gonna shiver but you’re not be comfortable so this is a zero degree meaning that it’s comfortable down to 20 degrees most of the time i’d say i get really cold so i also have a cheap sleeping bag on amazon you want to get like a four season sleeping bag what does four season mean it means

It’s good for all four seasons so four seasons generally means it’s also good for winter good for winter good for summer i recommend if you’re going backpacking to get the mummy shape one and not the rectangular shape one because you want your bag your sleeping bag hugging you as tight as possible that way your you’ll stay warmer we also need a sleeping mat and

A little pillow long long ago i didn’t have a sleeping mat and basically you just sleep on the hard floor and sometimes there’s like rocks and stuff i’ve tried things where i brought yoga mats like two yoga mats even and and that doesn’t work so you need some sort of sleeping mat and this is a blow up version it’s kind of like a little balloon and this is the

Foam version the good thing about the foam version is that you don’t have to blow it up it’s very quick you just go see look okay i’m gonna sleep right but this blow up version you have to like go around opening it up blow air into it and sometimes you hyperventilate a little bit this is my pillow and this is also a blow up pillow i had a different one where it

Has an x in the middle but that wasn’t very comfortable i’m just going to build this up real quick you actually don’t want to blow it up all the way you want a little give to it or else it is a little bit too hard same thing with this one i blew it up too hard uh one night and then it was just really uncomfortable my sides were like falling asleep or something

Because it was too hard so this thing is like like eighty dollars so you know you add all this up it’s you know a couple hundred dollars worth of equipment but once you have it like i’ve used these multiple times and the additional cost per night that you stay anywhere is really really cheap blow into here you have to blow it like 13 to 15 times and then you get

A little bit lightheaded it gets a little old sometimes so um there’s a device actually that you can attach then it’s like a balloon and then it’s like a bag that blows it up for you so if you can find that it’s just like a little baggie that blows up i got kind of tired of blowing this up so i recommended this one but this one might not be enough cushioning so

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You might have to get a better one than this one to shield yourself against the hard rocks on the wherever you’re sleeping so now we’re gonna ask patrick to come in and talk about the pillows so this is patrick hi he’s very opinionated about pillows you want a really good pillow because the one that i use i actually bought beat the bush’s old pillow and he’s right

I understand why he bought a new one oh no it was uncomfortable wait you don’t like the one that you got off of me the one with the x yeah this one’s much more comfortable than that one yeah i’d say yeah i would say that this one’s more comfortable the one i have is the same as this one and i’ve probably used it for four years or so and now it doesn’t hold air

Anymore so make sure you test out your pillow before you go otherwise you’ll be very uncomfortable there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that you might want you know for survival just so that you can get out there i don’t actually have a stove of my own but there are those jet boil things camping stove thing that will heat your stuff but you basically need you

Know like a little lightweight thing this is made out of titanium and there’s a lid on it you can boil water and then you basically only need a spork spoon you don’t need any other utensils this is like all you ever carry because when you’re carrying a backpack and sleeping in the wilderness you don’t want to bring all that much you want to be minimal as possible

Yeah so this is like an exercise of minimalism with this pillow there it actually came with a bag and you know i didn’t even use that i just kind of carried it with other bags wool socks you can have your pick of water bottle and then there’s this lifestraw thing where you can put river water in it and then just drink out of it there are the iodine pills if you

Want to just get water out of the river and you want to make sure you don’t get sick you use iodine tablets and you can put a neutralizer in to get rid of the iodine taste but if you’re high enough out in you know altitude and it’s cold enough and the water is running you can just drink straight out of the stream that’s what i do you gotta know what you’re doing

If you’re gonna drink it without um killing all the bacteria that’s in it this stuff is more for like winter you basically need a really warm down jacket i find having a hat with a brim all the way around very useful for shading you from the sun sunscreen over here sunglasses obviously and at night this is absolutely necessary because there’s no light you know

You can’t take your cell phone out and just shine it at everything all the time so you need a headlamp of some sort possibly extra batteries just three batteries over here lasted me a good three nights or four nights i recommend one with the red light too so you can switch between the regular you know white light and the red one helps to avoid blinding people

When you’re hanging out with friends for winter times gloves beanie right we just went backpacking in yosemite just now and i wore this this is from uniqlo the heat tech stuff long sleeve shirt and also long johns this is a heat tech thing 32 degree heat this kept me warm very well you just need two pair of pants and i recommend all synthetic because cotton

You can sweat and it won’t dry out quickly start smelling i guess if it’s cotton you only need two pair of wool socks you don’t need to bring more you don’t want to bring like seven pairs of socks i’d say i could probably even make it with one pair of wool socks wow i would say everything you bring you wear there’s you there’s no changing yeah it’s not about

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Being comfortable yeah it’s about being minimal at night i remember it got so cold that i basically wore every single piece of clothing i had just to keep warm just to keep warm so i had this on i had this on every everything is on me and then i was in the sleeping bag with everything on so you know this you’re just using everything that you’ve got you need your

Toiletries i’m not going to go through all the toiletry stuff possibly you might want an eye mask and some ear plugs because there could be like owls or crickets people walking around if you’re at a campsite there’ll be other people just talking and those are necessary sometimes and sometimes not if you happen to be near other people you need a lighter this is

Like some dried freeze-dried food you could bring other kinds of food this is kind of expensive ten dollars for this one hiking stick you don’t absolutely need this is nice to have a regular stick you can pick up a regular stick if you want to go cheap i’d say a stick is really helpful if you have a lot of stuff on you and sometimes maybe your legs can’t push up

All that weight and the stick is kind of like your third leg it can help relieve some of the pressure from like your hip or your knee and you’re basically using your arm as your third leg and then if it’s somewhere where there’s a lot of mosquito mosquito net possibly a power bank you probably don’t need a power bank because you’re not on the phone all the time

You need a map get lost unless you are you know taking a lot of photos and you need to recharge your phone i actually didn’t even use this towel on this backpacking trip because you know it’s just dirty you don’t take showers when you’re backpacking i would recommend a quick dry towel and of course one of the very important things is to have a pair of boots i

Actually um only wore sneakers and i survived i’ve actually worn sneakers on many trips before i just don’t have boots yet so it’s possible to survive without boots it’s good to have a good grip and waterproof i would say mid top and you want to buy them a little bit looser so that you have size bigger than your don’t hit the front and then tie them a little bit

Looser so there’s not as much chafing if you are in the wilderness for multiple days you will need to be pooping out there so you’ll need to dig a hole and it’s absolutely essential to get a shovel because it’s hard to dig a six inch by six inch hole that’s all there is to all this pack packing stuff there’s quite a bit of stuff to buy initially but afterwards

It’s really really dirt cheap i mean if you stay at that airbnb for like four nights you can probably pay for all this already but having bought all this you can just stay in the wilderness for many many times and it will only cost you 10 20 additional per night i’d say the longer you stay outside the cheaper it gets and this is great for this cove at times it’s

Like basically the only thing you can do these days thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to check out chirping mermaid’s channel i’ll be posting more patrick’s the cameraman right now don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re thinking about backpacking at all and as always don’t forget to push that subscribe button

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