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The core of making a successful YouTube Channel (pending mine is ok) is to make videos on subjects you actually enjoy. This coupled with hard work, constant improvement, and an eye for what to improve on can make the channel pay for products you would have otherwise needed to buy. On top of this, it has a great chance of earning you a decent side income.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush do you know one of the best ways that i use to save money and also earn a little bit of money on the side it’s actually through opening up this youtube channel once you do this end if you start to gain a little bit of traction you actually get a lot of free stuff in the mail for example i was working with the company

Called minos and they sent me a coffeepot however i don’t drink coffee all that much i send them an email and go hey why don’t you give me that teapot i’ll do a review for you well they send it over now i have a teapot that i did not have to buy not if i were to buy a teapot on the open market i’d probably spend somewhere between 20 to 30 dollars so this is 20

$30 safe recently i went on a trip i actually needed a four port usb charger so i can charge everybody else’s phone now i keep on getting all these samples for usb cable so then i was able to supply usb cables for everybody getting products for free of course is a nice perk and it sometimes offsets the price that you need to pay for a certain item if i were to buy

Of course i probably won’t go and buy a four port usb charger because most of times i don’t have four usb devices to charge i only have one here’s another item that i review recently which i have not used yet but i’m really looking forward to using which is a really high capacity scale thing so i can sell stuff on ebay now selling your junk off ebay also earns

You quite a bit depending on how much junk you have if you’re converting from a really abundant lifestyle where you have a lot of stuff just everywhere that you do not use and you suddenly sell all of this stuff you’re going to get a lot of cash back now what’s interesting here is i recently needed a whole batch of new underwear because i buy them in really large

Batches and somehow they all end up kind of self disintegrating by themselves all at the same time so luckily this company called me undies decided to send me some samples to where somehow they were to guess that i am actually a size medium however i normally wore boxers and they sent me these boxer briefs things instead and i thought about wearing these on camera

For you guys but i thought no i don’t think i really want to expose myself because boxer-brief has this little bulge in the front and i think this is really ugly to look at so i really don’t want to show this on camera well this doesn’t work nevermind now this company sells underwear on a subscription service i’m not too sure why you will want to constantly have

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One new pair of underwear come in every single month though if you happen to have one pair of underwear that gets this stored every single month that this would make sense otherwise you would start to accumulate too much underwear when i looked at them i’m like oh no boxer briefs but when i tried it on i’m like hey this is not bad now i’m actually wearing a pair of

These right now they sent me six pairs and each one of these are valued at about sixteen dollars well of course if i go to the store and buy i used to buy calvin klein underwear at around sixteen to eighteen dollars a pair these interestingly are very comfortable after i tried them off the main thing i look for in other word is that the texture is soft and then

There’s no stitch line right in the center that kind of makes it uncomfortable and you’ll be surprised if you look around all the under word there’s quite a few of them that has a stitching right in the center there’s this weird print thing which is something i normally would not wear they got this blue one red dark blue more conservative looking and this tie-dye

Rainbow crazy version here so this is great for me i actually would never have tried boxer briefs before if they didn’t just send it to me and go here try this anyway if you guys are interested i’ll leave a referral link down in the video description below which by the way if you click on the referral link and actually buy the subscription service this channel in

Other words myself will actually benefit from your new subscription now this ties in with starting your own youtube channel and actually getting free products and actually earning money from youtube in general if you’re interested in starting your own youtube channel my best recommendation is to start now and just upload something anything up there and just kind

Of get used to the fact that people are looking at your video publicly this is a public video so you just have to take some time to get used to this i’m leaving my first video over here and if you look at this it is a terrible terrible video i use a really crappy camera the lighting is bad and like my speech is really terrible not that my speech right now is all

That great but i’m trying really hard to improve it of course when you start your own youtube channel and you put the effort in to making it successful which requires a lot of work it actually really changes you enter swaram you into a different person that person that you see over there in my first video is actually not myself i feel like i’ve changed a lot since

The day i created that first video when you’ve done this for a while it actually increases your confidence and hopefully it does not increase your confidence so much that you start to become cocky of course if you do all the learning and you can about starting your own youtube channel and you somehow happen to do every single thing right you are not guaranteed to

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Be successful the rate of increase of subscribers from channel to channel is very very different depending on how successful you are some people are more successful than others and i’ve seen a lot of different channels that are skyrocketing compared to mine and i’ve also seen other channels that are laggards and it just kind of tapers off for like 5-10 years and

They’re not really increasing any subscribers at all the truth of all this is that when you start a channel you can’t think of oh yeah i want to go get a lot of free products oh i want to make a lot of money you really need to love this medium in my last video i just did the bathroom etiquette this is a topic that just came to my mind and i got really excited about

It when i’m editing it i’m actually smiling the whole time i’m like this is so funny so you could say i enjoy the whole process including the editing i’m used to not like filming as much because it takes so much effort and i’m not so good at it however these days it’s gotten a lot better where i don’t have to like do retakes many many times we’re filming could take

Me like many many hours it takes a lot shorter time now so it’s a lot more enjoyable for me and ease we need to film stuff that you are interested in every single time you upload a video you have to reconsider what you did in the past so that every single new video is a little bit better than the previous one as long as it’s tiny bit better just marginally a bit

Better as you do more and more video it’s going to get better and better and you’re going to see this compounding effect so the whole purpose is yeah maybe the quality of the video is going to go up down a little bit but what you wanted to do is sort of have a trend upwards if you look at all the videos from this year it’s definitely a lot better than the videos

From the previous year and those videos are better than the videos from the previous years before that most of you watching might either be going to school or working already and you absolutely do not have enough time to go and make videos what i have to say to that is you really have to have ambition and the grit and the willpower to do all this outside of your

Normal day job or your schoolwork often times i would come back from work and i would be too tired to make a video making a video in the beginning took me somewhere between 12 to 16 hours each video so i had to come back do half the filming one day half another maybe and then i will have to do editing across 2 or 3 different days and then in one single week then

I’m able to get one video out even that was really really hard for me so often times i would find myself laying down and i’m like oh my gosh i am so tired but having grit means even though if you’re tired i get back up anyway i just i just go no i must do this i said to myself i’m going to do this so my body gets up even though it’s dead tired and i go and proceed

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And make these videos anyway while running this channel i’ve seen other channels that does a sprint instead this is what you do not want to do i see a lot of channels just start off and then they get really enthusiastic about it they make one video every day maybe or maybe once or twice a week or maybe once a week whatever rate that they’re going at and they get

Burnt out really really fast so within a few months they just go oh yeah i’m not getting traction so you know i just see them give up they don’t upload any more videos it’s just like that and then suddenly a hard stop for the better way to do about this let’s go at your own pace okay go slow this is what i did in my channel i went really really slow efforts i just

Uploaded one every two or three weeks even and sometimes i skip weeks because i didn’t have time to do it and then as you get good at it you increase the frequency of uploads so the idea here is to not get burnt out go at your own pace and just kind of increase the frequency as you’re comfortable doing it i hope you guys enjoyed this video and in order to survive

Making a youtube channel get free product and we earn money for money actually really need to love it and you need to endure for a really really long time in terms of life years before you can get any real traction lastly if you want your channel to be successful you have to keep on doing it and never give up all the channels that are successful right now of course

They are still doing it all the failed ones well they’re the ones that are not doing it anymore don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if you’re about to start your own youtube channel and in which subject if you’re interested in supporting my channel don’t forget to check out my audible link down in the video description below

Where you can get a free audio book and if you don’t like this audiobook or the subscription service you can cancel it before the trial period ends and you will not have to pay a thing and yet you can still keep the audiobook and help benefit this channel i also have a patreon link over here where you can support my channel directly where you can get various perks

At different contribution levels and if we get to subscribe to my channel over here and click that bell icon next is a subscribe button so that you get new notification whenever i upload a new video thanks for watching

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