Save Money with Instant Microwaveable Shrimp Chips

I often find little ways to reduce cost of something while still obtaining the same end result. This is one of those cases where you no longer have to buy shrimp chips that is already popped for you for less than half the cost. While it lasting longer since it’s dried and has little oil in it, it saves space, AND costs less. Here is and example of the shrimp chips you can get on Amazon: ($0.43/ounce) (Regular bags are $1-1.50/ounce)

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to show you how to save money by buying dried shrimp chips instead of the ones that’s already fried typically i already fried bag of chips cost maybe one dollar an ounce these guys would run you about fifty cents an ounce you might think you have to mess with frying oil in order to puff these up but

Did you guys know that you can do this with a microwave i have a bag of shrimp chips right here and a microwave so let’s just fry some of these up sometimes when you buy it it might come in big pieces like these and it’s a little bit thicker or it can come in colorful smaller pieces like this red one-offs white and green put the shrimp chips on the perimeter of

The plate and allow enough room for them to pop up without interfering with each other pop them in for about 30 seconds so there you have it it’s pretty good when shrimp chips are dried up like this they’ll actually last a really really long time whenever you want and he just pops them in the microwave and you have instant crunchy chips for you to have now

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Let’s just watch them pop up some more oops i think this one went like this because this microwave has a hot spot right in the center so gotta try to avoid that if your microwave does this best to try to put it as far away from the center as possible so like something like over here so that when this complaint turns will be along the perimeter let’s try that

Again only a little bit of uncooked edges over here that’s what you’re trying to shoot for stay away from the center depending on your microwave and then it should get pretty evenly done okay i’m gonna put this bowl here to make it avoid the center to see how this does hey this one did pretty well i think this is a pretty good one i think sticking a bowl in

The middle is a good method naturally you probably want to do more because you don’t want to microwave one at a time so let’s just do more of them around the center like this yeah look at him go what i’m watching for is for the edges to be done when the edges are not done it’s very hard so you want to wait until the edges are crunchy and you can just kind of

Look at it it’s almost there i see some edges there still but at the same time if you cook it for too long it might burn so it’s a delicate process here that’s good when the bowls in there it seems to take a little bit longer i microwaved it for 50 seconds this time see there’s a little bit and uncooked here a little bit there so there you have it it seems like

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The bigger pieces needed a bowl in the middle and it works out well the little pieces actually does better without the ball and is able to cook fully when it’s linked flat on the plate these bigger pieces somehow cook a little bit better when you lay them straight next to this bowl one really big advantage of not frying these is that of course you’re not gonna

Put all this oil on your shrimp chips if you buy a commercial shrimp chips in a bag you’ll notice that after you eat them they do taste a little bit oily this way you’re eating a lot less oil and hopefully not as bad for you so thanks for watching everybody you can get these dried-up shrimp chips in an asian market of course if you’re interested in supporting in

This channel i have an audible link down in the video description below i pay channel and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching shrimp chips actually have about 15% reo shrimp in it which is weird right the rest of it is mostly tapioca starch i bet the type of shrimp they using this is really small

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Save Money with Instant Microwaveable Shrimp Chips By BeatTheBush

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