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Scalpex Exchange – January 4, 2021 – RICH TV LIVE – Trading on the Scalpex Exchange

Hey guys how you doing this is rich here we have rich tv live and today i want to speak to you about a brand new exchange for cryptocurrency and obviously bitcoin has been on a tear we’ve seen bitcoin just be the hottest asset in the world and cryptocurrency exchanges are becoming very popular maybe you could take a look at because they have a pretty

Nice interface here and i’ve been looking through this and trying to get a better feel for it but you can see that you can take a look at bitcoin they have their own coin the s x e coin here it is here currently at a dollar 85 they have their own coin you can see you can take a look at ethereum which is also doing quite well right now and ripple which is up

Big today as you can see ripple currently up 9 today so ripple’s having a nice day today so this is an exchange another exchange and these exchanges have been doing quite well and this exchange has very low fees 0.03 percent maker and 0 taker very fast matching engine no overloads or slippage zero funding rate at 99 of the time on the other exchanges you have

To pay up to 0.1 every eight hours funding for long positions so a very interesting platform here that i am using and let’s take a look at what you can do here so this is a brand new platform pretty cool and i like all these trading platforms for cryptocurrencies because they’ve exploded with the price of bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies following

In bitcoin’s footsteps so they are comfortable and fast ui automated trading robots inside you just pick a strategy and go and it’s a pretty cool platform i like what i see so far and like i said i think i’ve done videos on almost every single major cryptocurrency platform first i try to do that you can see the 24 hour volume so 209 bitcoin has been traded

Within this platform over the last 24 hours it’s quite a lot actually when you think about the cost and the price of bitcoin so there’s a lot of transactions already happening on this exchange and it’s pretty much a brand new exchange so they also have the s x e token so they have their own token which is also doing well so that’s pretty cool that they got

Their own token and i’m still just learning how to use this platform if you’re using this platform and you like it or if there’s any questions you have about it please let me know you can see that they’ve got 10 000 sxe tokens that have been traded on the platform in the last 24 hours so they’re trading their own token which is currently at 1.86 it’s pretty

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Interesting so there is staking so let’s take a look at the staking i want to take a look at that because that’s pretty interesting and i want to do it if i can here so we actually currently have 8243 sxe available for staking so let’s just see if we can do this so we’re going to try to stake our x sxe token and apparently we will be receiving a guaranteed

Reward so each box gives you a chance to win up to a hundred dollars usdt and you can then get a referral link i’m not gonna do a referral link because we don’t do referral links but if you wanted to get a referral link you could get a referral link and earn money on each and every active user you and referral will receive 25 usdt when anyone deposits 250

Usdt you will make 25 so you will get 10 of whatever your referral deposits into the account to stake referees get also a 20 fee discount okay so this is how the staking works we’re going to try to literally do this for the very first time so this is the staking tab let’s see how this works and if i want to move all available staking see here stake amount

Loot box let’s put uh the whole amount there we go so let’s take the whole amount okay and let’s just hit enable boom there we go so literally i just staked all of my 8 240 sxe tokens and okay so as you guys can see we have a loot box now for staking our coins so we have staked 8 forty three s x e coins and we get this loot box so let’s open up this loot

Box and let’s just see what our prize is congratulations you won 25 usdt wow so 25 reward this is amazing and that goes right into your balance you click on balance and that went right into my balance my balance is now 85 dollars is unbelievable and then if i go back to steak you can see that these sxe coins are being staked and they’re paying out rewards

I have one hour and 42 minutes until the next reward and if we click on the bonus section here you can see you also get a 25 referral bonus earn money on each active user you and your referrer will receive 25 usdt when he deposits 20 250 usdt referees also get a 20 fee discount and there is a staking bonus as you can see here from one to a hundred dollars

When you stake your sxe and receive a guaranteed reward loot box each box will give you a chance to win up to a hundred usdt wow that’s pretty exciting this is scalp x pretty cool guys can’t wait to see my next reward hi guys this is uh my second loot box let’s click on this right now all right congratulations you won 25 usdt so once again another 25 usdt

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Pretty exciting so my next loot box will be in 1 hour and 52 minutes i’ll let you know what my next loot box looks like and if i go to my balance now i can see that i have 110 usd in my balance and it just continues to grow every couple hours now with these loot boxes so i’ll let you know what my next loot box looks like and we’ll wait another two hours

And then we’ll see what it looks like okay so we’ve got another loot box here let’s take a look at what we get this time we’ve had 25 dollars twice let’s see if we get it again another 25 says congratulations you won 25 usdt so wow uh now my next loot box will be in three hours and if i go to my balance let’s see here it says here my balance is now at 135

Usdt i’ve actually received four bonuses ten dollars 25 dollars 25.25 usdt and if i wanted to i could just withdraw it or i could deposit more so this is pretty cool i’ll keep you guys updated on how it looks in the future and you can create a referral click on referral and you literally get a referral link pretty cool i’m not going to do that this is a

Sponsored video okay and remember rich tv live is strictly for education and entertainment purposes so it says here stake your sxe and receive rewards select one or more staking pools and allocate tokens for each of them you will constantly receive rewards for mistakes increasing stake amount will speed up your reward process loot box is a basic reward for

Holding scalpix token stake your sxe and wait some time to receive a new box each box contains a prize open it and win up to 100 usdt try your luck so pretty cool here um i’m going to wait to open up this box boost loot box creation by 25 percent for you for five usdt so for five usdt you can actually boost your loot box that’s pretty cool and for 50 uh

You can loot you can boost your loot box for by 50 by 50 which is very interesting they’re doing this i like this um for ten dollars pretty cool all right so i’m sticking all my tokens and my sxe coins and i’m gonna make another video once my time is up and give you an update on how this works so the cool thing about this token too is this token actually

As you can see here it’s at a dollar eighty five and they actually just broke a dollar so they’re actually this this their own tokens doing very well and they broke resistance at a dollar so from they’ve gone from a dollar to dollar 86 pretty quickly you can see they’ve uh traded 10 740 sxe and this is all in us funds as well and because of the new staking

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Function nobody wants to sell the sxe and the price keeps going up nobody knows how far it can go and their first target apparently is three dollars and then their second target from what i’ve heard from about this company is ten dollars for this token so we’ll see where it goes and you can actually repurchase tokens and you can buy tokens in accordance to

Previously derived commissions 50 of all commissions will be spent for buying tokens on the exchange all purchase tokens will be burned so this is a company that is actually burning tokens to reduce the amount of tokens which is quite smart because that’s the reason why bitcoin keeps going up because they have a tight supply of coins and because they only have

18 million coins in circulation the price of bitcoin keeps going up so it’s very smart that they are keeping their coins and the amount of coins down and burning coins which will hopefully keep their tokens tight have a tight float and allow the tokens to go higher and uh last month they also burned a lot of tokens so they’ve done that previously as well so

This is an exchange scalpis scalpix exchange love to know what you guys think about this exchange i am now staking so i’ll keep you guys updated on how this works it’s my first time doing that on this exchange and i’m going to do another video for you guys in the future so if you guys have any questions please let me know if you like this video please smash

The like button comment down below and share the video everywhere this is rich for merch of you live bringing you the scalpix exchange where they are a exchange where you can trade bitcoin sxe ethereum and ripple and you can stake the scalpix coin and i have 8 243 coins that we are staking right now and let’s see what it’s going to look like and what it’s

Going to grow into and hopefully this only continues to grow so stay tuned i will do another video thank you for watching if you like the video smash the like button comment down below and share it everywhere always been a fan of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies this is the new exchange and we’re testing this out right now and i’ll let you know what our balance

Looks like in the future thank you very much this is rich from rich to be live with the scalpix exchange the website is thank you for watching we’ll talk to you soon you

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Scalpex Exchange By RICH TV LIVE

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