Secret Stock is Up 166% in 6 weeks


Hey guys how you doing this is rich from mr tv live so i want to just do a quick analysis on chiron life sciences and i wanted to give a shout out to neurosis uh neurosis called this way way way down at the at the bottom here as you can see um chiron has made a huge move guys chiron life sciences as you can see here mating huge huge huge move and look at this move

64 in the last month 166 percent in the last five weeks i let’s say six weeks 166 percent in the last six weeks coming off the bottom and if we go see here the big news current life sciences reports 2019 fiscal year end results and provides corporate update chiron has been doing extremely well despite the fact that nobody really knows it’s been flying under the

Radar networking capital of 36.4 million canadian as of december 31 2019 on march 28 2020 chiron became the first and only canadian company in colombia and the only company in colombia to receive full authorization to manufacture high and low thc medical cannabis and to fill prescriptions for low thc medical cannabis chiron became the only company authorized

To export thc products this is a huge opportunity here with chiron guys and they’ve been moving and we do not like to miss on movement filled first medical cannabis prescriptions ever using cannabis from their fully completed state of the art 14 000 square foot gmp and iso 17025 compliant extraction and analysis lab in ib colombia opened european operations

And became the exclusive latin american provider to project 2021 europe’s largest medical cannabis study with 20 000 patients chiron’s cultivation facilities and health centers remain operational during covet 19 pandemic under an exemption from the government of colombia without any requirement for further authorization the big news chiron life sciences corp

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Khrn take a look at the symbol here kh rnf as you guys could see has screamed up and if you look at khrn the canadian symbol you could see that they have screamed up from 48 cents on april 21st to where they are today at 80 cents two weeks later current life sciences corp has been on fire and it is our responsibility our duty here rich tv live to find you the

Winners first there’s a very good likelihood this may continue there’s also a likelihood it could go lower because it’s up 166 percent in the last five weeks but at the very least you must put them on your radar and put them on your watch list a vertically integrated cannabis leader with core operations in latin america chiron life sciences is pleased to report

Its financial results for the year ended december 31 2019. chiron has filed today its audited consul consolidated financial statements and related management’s discussion and analysis both of which are available on chiron’s profile at so based on their financials and i’m going to just try to break down some key elements here the company recorded a net loss

For the year ended december 31st 2019 of 36.4 million 0.36 per share compared to a net loss of 19.8 million for the same period of 2018. not sure how that’s good but stocks going up adjusted ebitda which excludes mostly non-cash items and some non-recurring items was 24.5 million for the year ended december 31st 2019. the company ended the year with 36.9 million

Balance in cash and short-term investments and minimal current debt obligations of 1.0 million most of which are related to lease payments for office and medical buildings so i’m not going to go through everything but this is their website let’s see what do they say here so chiron life sciences looks very interesting and one of the things i like to do is go

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To otc markets let’s go to otc markets and we’re going to look at their share structure this is the american symbol otcqx that’s good that’s a major listing and if we go to security details this is something that i find interesting so they have a hundred million shares in the float it’s pretty tight float actually six million of which is held at dtc 56 million

Market cap 116 million total outstanding shares 115 million unrestricted and 943 000 restricted so relatively tight float you could see the price action been moving up very aggressively you can see the price has moved up very aggressively from 48 cents to 80 cents so shadow to nerosis once again for making me aware and shouting from the rooftops i’m now paying

Attention should have paid attention a month ago but i mean very difficult to see momentum and trends in the cannabis sector right now but this is one that’s definitely on a trend here on the way up they’re trending up you can see here the trend has been up right trend up right so the trend has been up here for chiron life sciences khrn in canada k h r n f in

America there’s the american symbol right there and once again you can see how much they are if we go back here we can see here that uh in the last five days they’re up 26 guys that’s a nice move there 25 the last five days and precisely like what are we 166 percent in the last six weeks since march 17th so six weeks ago we could have got in at a much better

Price and you can see they’ve actually been as high as 86 cents so 80 isn’t the high high in canada krm now what i like to do is always do the fibonacci retracements pull up the fibonaccis take a look at this to the bottom so that’s the fibonacci retracement you can see that they’re just ripping right through the you know resistance here ripping right through

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The golden zone ripping through resistance so very bullish move here rsi is currently at 71. so very heavily overbought be careful with trend reversal you could see there was one big red candle here in the volume so you can see that the macd is curling so you can see it went a little higher and then it came down from those highs so just be careful i’m not telling

You to go buy it but definitely want to put on your watch let’s put on your radar this is rich from mercedes live chiron life sciences let me know what you guys think comment down below shout out to neurosis he’s been telling me rich chiron life science is rich rich guy red life science is rich i see you bro i see you man shout out to neurosis this is your boy

Richard from our tv live we bring in the winners we bring you the news and we bring them to you first current life sciences holler at your boy let me know you like dislike comment down below if you haven’t subscribed subscribe for more updates cairo life sciences i’m going to continue to do more diligence continue to do more research continue to figure out more

About what this company is all about but anytime a company makes a move of 100 you know i got to bring it to your attention cannabis company and you can see here they got a lot of things on the go especially not in america specifically in colombia this is rich mercy live and i’m out peace hello

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Secret Stock is Up 166% in 6 weeks By RICH TV LIVE

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