SECRET STOCK UP FROM 1 CENT TO Sona Nanotech Inc. (Sona) (Snanf)


Rimmer’s tv live so i just wanted to bring you guys to your attention because that’s kind of what we do here and it’s called sona nanotech inc symbol is s oh and a 44% in canada this was literally a penny in december 3 cents on december 30th today 94 cents and up 44% in canada and the symbol in america is l m tcf nano sona fully so i think it’s gonna go higher and

The share structure 52 million shares issued an outstanding high high chair structure and i always say that if stocks gonna scream i want to bring it to the people i want to bring it to the people first so i thought i’d bring it to your guys attention sona nanotech inc and i gotta give a shout out to sm sm gave me this pick and he’s like rich gotta let people know

The stock is skyrocketing let me read you the news as to why they’re doing so well sona partners with ge healthcare life sciences to complete coronavirus rapid screening test another coronavirus stock sona nanotech inc on the canadian securities exchange under symbol sona and ge healthcare life sciences will jointly complete test development of the sona kovat 19

Coronavirus rapid response lateral flow test and we’ll use ge healthcare and life sciences fast flow high-performance membrane ff hp in production of the tests sona will retain all commercial rights to the resulting test the companies will work in parallel to complete the test prior to field testing ge healthcare life sciences will support sona through their studies

As they work to get the rapid response kovan 19 lateral flow test introduced into markets as quickly as possible the sona koban lateral flow test will utilize ge healthcare like sciences ffs hp membrane which is specifically designed to allow for multiple optimization techniques potentially allowing the test to become market ready sooner and fast flow performance

Potentially allowing for faster individual test results darrin rolls ceo of sona and nanotech said it is exciting to work with a best-in-class partner like ge healthcare life sciences drawing on their expertise and to use the new ffs hp mm care like sciences said there’s collaboration all started when darren and i connected following my social media post offering to

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Collaborate on a kovat 19 diagnostic this ties into our daily mission of advancing and accelerating therapeutics by supporting the global scientific community working tirelessly to address covetous solution both sonnen nanotech inc sunna nanotech inc is a nanotechnology life sciences firm that has developed two proprietary methods for the manufacture of rod shaping

Gold nanoparticles the principal business carried out and intended to be continued by sona is the development and application of its proprietary technology for use in multiplex diagnostic testing platforms and will improve performance over existing tests in the market sona’s gold nano rod particles are cta be free eliminating the toxicity risks associated with the

Use of other gold nanorods in medical applications it is expected that sona’s gold nanotechnologies may be adapted for use in applications as a safer and effective delivery system for multiple medical treatments pending the approval of various regulatory boards including health canada and the fda sona is a publicly listed company on the canadian securities exchange

Existing under the laws of nova scotia with its operations in nova scotia let’s talk about the partnership about ge healthcare life sciences you guys ready for this ge healthcare life sciences helps therapy innovators researchers and health care providers accelerate how precision diagnostics and therapies are invented made and used our product enable biological

Analysis research development and the manufacture of advanced therapies and vaccines life sciences is a part of the nineteen point nine billion healthcare business of ge new york stock exchange ge that’s right new york stock exchange ge folks with over 100 years of experience in the healthcare industry and more than 50 thousand employees globally ge healthcare

Helps efficiently improve outcomes for patients health care providers researchers and like science companies around the world some big news some in america only have 5% in america at forty five cents despite the fact that they are currently at 94 cents in canada after this big news partnership with ge healthcare everybody wants to find the cure for corona this is

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Not going to be resolved overnight this is gonna take time what do you guys think about this pic this is a new pic was brought to me by a member sm brought me this pic what do you guys think the ticker in canada is sona and the symbol in america is m l m tc f lm tc f is the symbol in america and this is a new secret pic that was just brought to me by sm a member

That follows within the community and he’s like rich do a video nobody’s talked about them rich they’re canadian company they just partnered with ge it’s huge news so i said why the hell not i love to bring the winners first let’s talk about it what do you guys think lm tcf in america s ona in canada there’s an arbitrage opportunity here because if it stays on 94

Cents in canada it should be way higher than 45 in america so understand the arbitrage opportunity in america for lm tcf nobody knows about this company nobody this company has moved up on december 30th they were at 3 cents today they are at 94 cents in canada with a partnership with ge with a partnership with ge that’s why we’re live and that’s why we’re talking

About it because this is huge news and i’d love to break the news first i love it i live for it we’re on youtube then i shared all over social media the whole world gets to know the news first imagine that imagine that getting to know the news first not second not third not fifth not six not 56 companies first here a rich tv live because the community is bringing

Me pics all day long and that i bring him to you the people and i absolutely love this news broke today folks this news broke today i would not be surprised to see this go up even higher tomorrow this news just broke today you guys are the first people in the world ever to hear about this company to know your opinions if you like this video so much the like button

Comment down below share the video everywhere what do you guys think about this company breaking news sona nanotech inc up 44 percent on electric ge healthcare life sciences wow it’s so big ge healthcare life sciences is part of the nineteen point nine billion healthcare business of general electric wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow and this is just the stock


That nobody’s even heard of this news just came out and your boys breaking it first to 94 cents in canada sona look at the symbol sona it’s gone from a penny to 96 cents in canada 94 cents in canada it’s gone from 6 cents to 45 cents in america if this goes up higher tomorrow in canada i made by the american one because the american one hasn’t gone up that high yet

I believe there’s an opportunity for an arbitrage here if it continues to go up in canada and it stays at 45 cents i’m gonna try to buy some at 45 cents in america because then if it goes for like a buck 50 in canada and still at 45 cents then you know it’s gonna move up to at least $1 dollar 25 in america so there’s really nobody on the market right now there’s

Nobody on the box there’s nobody buying the stock cuz nobody knows and one of our members sam said rich you gotta let the people know rich here we are letting the people know so guys if you like this video smash the like button we’re live and interactive just brought you guys another potential screamer that is screamed from one cent to 94 cents and just did a deal

With general electric that’s right they just did a with general electric sona in canada lm tcf screamer they’re screaming what do you guys think about this i think it goes higher just on the momentum alone general electric is almost a twenty billion dollar company so stay tuned guys i’ll keep you guys updated i got more tricks up my sleeves i got more picks up

My sleeves your boys out peace big winner keep your eyes on the prize guys there’s more winners coming your boys out

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