Secrets to a Higher Salary with Data

It’s not often a salary increase video is paired with actual salary history but this is what I am doing with this video. Rather than propose what could be done, I am proposing what I have done in terms of salary negotiation. I increased my salary through various ways and have the year over year percentage increase data to back this up. I go over the defining moment at which a deal is struck and the negotiating method I used.

How’s it going everyday business be the bush today i’m going to show you the secrets of getting a higher salary using my own data as proof in this video i’m going to outline the methods that i use in order to get higher salary not necessary all the methods that you can use this is 8 consecutive years of my salary increases and they’re not necessarily in order and

I also added a random factor of less than 0.5% to it just to kind of randomize my data a little bit so as to protect my private information a little bit this is not divided right when i have a salary increase but this is by fiscal year i pulled this data from my tax medicare earnings straight from my social security report now tax medicare earnings is basically

There’s no cap to it and it’s basically your gross income from all the different sources that you have from this chart you can see i have a minus 16% decrease in salary at one point i’m going to talk about this dib later and you can see even with this minus 16% dip if you cancel it out with one of the other years it’s still a dramatic increase you can see this is

On a by year basis one year is five percent another is 8 percent the year after that is 12 percent 16 percent 18 percent nineteen percent 21 percent at any given year if you’re getting about 15 to 20 percent in gross income increases this is a huge deal so enough of my proof let me get into the meat of how you actually negotiate all the salary increase i work in

The tech industry and i’m an engineer i generally recommend any engineer anybody in the tech industry to switch their job anywhere between one and three years earlier on in their career however after you jump ship maybe three to five times you want to slow this down because you don’t want your resume to look like you’re changing jobs every couple years so once you

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Reach this three or four job threshold you may want to stay a little bit longer maybe three to seven years on each job instead the reason we’re jumping ship so much is because i find that companies rarely want to pay the market value for what you are worth every time you jump ship another company wants to pay you a little bit more for the skills that you have and

Therefore it’s a little bit easier to get a much bigger salary increase rather than them giving you a raise we all know that companies generally like to give you raises on the order of inflation which is like two three four five percent and it’s basically a really rare event for any company to give you ten fifteen twenty five percent raise so what’s the secret

Other than just negotiation tactics you have to have some solid background so that you can negotiate with the first thing of course when you are at a brand-new job you want to work hard very hard so much so that you absorb all the material there is you get really good at whatever you do including other people’s job even if you don’t know how to do certain skills

You don’t know how to program something you don’t know how to operate some machine or something well grab the manual learning just learn everything inside even if it’s not your primary job in other words go over and beyond what your normal job description describes you to do and just kind of be like a rock star of your company the second thing is do your job and

Do it very very well most people do not learn anything on a day to day basis however if you train yourself to learn something for an hour every single day you are going to easily easily get better than anybody else in the industry just by spending one hour every single day of making yourself better and learning whatever that’s on your job the third thing to get

Good at your job is to find a niche and be an expert at this get very good at this and ideally this is a skill that is transferable to another job because if you learn something that’s proprietary it’s not transferable and therefore your market value at a different job will not be as high so if you go or something that you’re trying to learn some extracurricular

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Thing that you’re learning you want it to be portable to the next job okay enough of my on the job suggestions let me talk about my salary increases whenever i do jump ship or whenever i made a negotiation tactic the first one i like to talk about is i negotiated an interposition where they offered me a certain set salary this job was a start-up and i anticipated

That they’re going to make me work a lot so my question to them when they gave me the offer is well what’s the expected number of hours that you expect to me to work they said 50 i’m like okay i’m okay with working 50 hours a week but the normal standard is 40 hours so this is a 25% increase so i’m like well can you increase my salary by 25% guess what they did

They just said yes and they got 25% increase right off the bat the second instance is not really a salary increase because i was really low-balled on this one from my knowledge of the company they actually pay everyone below average so my ability to get something just at average or a little below that is actually the best they ever offered anybody else so i had my

Own very urgent reasons to switch from one job to another at that point so i was willing to take a little bit of a paper cut because it was so urgent they low-balled me a lot and i remember me getting kind of angry even and i read my voice a little bit and i was like oh my gosh do you know how much i’m getting paid right now i said so and so and then there’s like

Okay okay you know well we’re trying to see what we can do and they met me in the middle so i was like well okay i really wanted to switch and therefore i took the job that’s why you see a little bit of a dip in salary over there the lesson here is that the more urgent you are at switching your job the let’s leverage you’re going to have at negotiating a higher

Salary if you have no job at all and you’re looking for a brand new job you’re going to be tempted to take any kind of offer that comes your way because you have nothing something is better than nothing of course this is a difficult situation because you might be able to wait a little bit longer and wait for another job offer or whatnot so that you can get the

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Best deal the third instance is i applied to a brand-new job from a hiring manager that i actually know he actually offered me something very very good compared to the previous job which is 25% on top of what i currently was getting so the offer was really good and naturally i did not have to do any negotiation and just took it right away now the tactic here even

Though i did not do any negotiation is actually networking because i know someone at some company and they were happy to give me what i am worse now out of these i worked at two additional places and each time when i jumped or when i applied for a brand new job there’s always a spot on the application that says what salary do you desire i’m just recreationally

Browsing somewhere else and if they give me something really good it has to be somewhat more than what i currently have and i determined that at least 10% is what it is worth for me to actually move from one place to another i hope all these real-life instances of me negotiating a salary or not of getting somehow higher salary helps you guys out don’t forget to

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Secrets to a Higher Salary with Data By BeatTheBush

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