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Same selfie pole I had in the video:

Hey what’s up everybody this is beat the bush again and today we’re going to talk about the selfie pole so you probably know what the selfie pole is it’s a thing that allows you to clip on your phone like this and extend the pole so you can take a picture of yourself this is the close-up of the stick so there’s a swivel right here that allows you to adjust the

Angle and then this thing attaches to here you gotta tighten this real good and then this thing expands and contracts you’re supposed to use this thing i guess just put it in like that and then you plug it in and then this thing extends out and then you can push this button so the selfie stick comes in three kinds you can either have just the stick that holds the

Camera and then you have to make the camera go in self-timer mode and then stick it out there and and bring it back and forth it gets a little hard so i opted for this um this audio connector one where you can just connect it to the audio port of your phone and there’s a button here so when it’s extended you can just push it whenever you’re ready there are the

Bluetooth kinds where it’s wireless either um there’s the bluetooth is built into the pole so that it can connect to your phone and you can push it or there’s a separate button where the remote is actually bluetooth and you can remote trigger your phone i opted to not get the bluetooth kind because it’s a bit of a hassle to pair every time for me i’m actually

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Too embarrassed to use this in public so i’m only getting this just to show you guys so the selfie stick phenomenon started somewhere in indonesia in 2013 and quickly spread to philippines and malaysia and right now it’s actually really popular in taiwan china korea and singapore hence why i got this in china because it was just everywhere on the streets i have

This plugged in you can extend it to push it to take your picture when it’s at a right angle you tend to be able to take a picture of yourself and then you can see the pull if you extend it a little bit to maybe a 45 degree angle like this you would see that your hand is a little lower and then you won’t be able to see that uh your hand is in the picture a lot

Of times a picture taken with a selfie pole is kind of obvious from the picture because you have your hand kind of um you know towards the bottom holding holding the pole out of the frame but you can generally kind of tell okay so these things are kind of generic no matter where you get it from there’s no name brand really so depending on the features you’re gonna

Have to pay more especially if you have a remote button like this it’ll cost more and if you have bluetooth they’ll cost you even more because there’s electronics in it what i see is on amazon there’s a roughly 12 to 40 dollars for one of these selfie sticks looks exactly the same i actually went to china recently and the street price is 59 rmb would translate to

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About 10 u.s when i went to taiwan’s street price it was just 165 nt which translates to only 550. so my friend from china was saying i got ripped off because you can actually go to taobao and buy these things for only 18 rmb to get it shipped to an address in china somewhere with two day free shipping that’s only three dollar us dollars but um well i don’t live

There so i can’t take advantage of that generally what’s happening with the selfie stick is when you’re pushing the button you’re really connecting the third ring to the fourth ring with a resistor the button closes the switch and it connects something to the ground you’re not shorting it because it the phone needs to know um if there’s a button or you’re just

Really shorting the things out the resistor actually lets the phone know that oh there’s something going on you actually want the shutter to close so the phone will actually be able to tell a variety of resistors that are being connected to ground i like this ugly dangling cable more than bluetooth because it only takes two seconds to plug this in whereas bluetooth

It may take you maybe a minute or two to get it working so you gotta really like yourself in order to use this product because you like to take pictures of yourself a lot right my friend actually says you he’d rather wear assless chaps than use this in public i tend to think that azlis chaps is actually a little bit worse than using this quite a bit worse so to me

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Is it is a little bit embarrassing taking this out i carry this round but i was way too embarrassed to get out of my bag to actually use this thing in public i think it’s just because it’s a bit too new for everyone maybe people will get used to it when you really think about it how much worse is using a selfie stick than asking a stranger to take a picture of you

When you think of it that way it kind of seems not so bad right because then you’re not bothering some random person to help you take a picture of yourself so it turns out that these things are such a nuisance that new york museums are actually banning these it’s probably because these sticks are such a hazard that when people take pictures they’ll just accident

Accidentally knock them in the face let’s take one and see how that works out go like this smile so i’m not sure if the selfie stick thing is gonna gain much traction in the u.s it might the people using selfie sticks today in 2050 they’ll be using selfie canes oh my back let me take a selfie that’s the future i tell you oh look at this it’s the selfie cane

It allows you to not fall over while you’re walking and allows you to take selfies credit goes to my friend ronnie who thought of this idea while we’re having a couple beers don’t forget to click like over here comment down below and subscribe to my channel thanks for watching everybody

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