Sell, Donate, or Trash

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How’s it going everybody this is pete the bush if you have a lot of junk around in your house you might consider if you should sell it donate it or maybe just throw it in the trash altogether now for any given item that you want to get rid of you can sell them online through amazon or ebay for more local stuff you can sell them on craigslist or apps like clothes

5 or let go generally what i find to be most worth it is if you sell really heavy things you really want to go local in these items because the shipping will cost you a large amount and it might offset the profits that you would make if you do not have the person buying the item pay for the shipping what i want to concentrate on today is if you should spend your

Time trying to sell little tiny items like these where they might only go for $10 and then shipping you might charge $5 and at the end of the day after you pay all the fees pay all the shipping you might only knit like 2 $3 the point here comes all the way back down to how much your time is worth in i’ve talked about this in length on this channel how much will you

Be able to earn if you do not do this ebay activity and instead concentrate on something else perhaps if you’re a contractor you just use more of your time to earn more money you probably earn more than $10 an hour of you are a contractor for you know a web development or something you likely earn a lot more than that listening a certain item takes a finite amount

Of time and especially with personal goods you have to take a picture of every single item and you need to take a really good picture too if you want to item to sell by the time you upload the picture research how much is supposed to cost right the description and things like that by the time the person actually buys it by the time you put it all in a box and ship

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It you might have already spent maybe i’d say if you’re really efficient you probably can do all this let’s say 15 minutes let’s say you aggregate like 10 items all together and you’re able to do all of this let’s say in two and a half hours if let’s say you value your time incrementally at $10 an hour that means each item needs to make more than 250 per item and

Therefore if this thing only makes me $2 i – well just spend time instead working on whatever i’m better at maybe consulting maybe on my web stuff on youtube things so this is a purely trade-off of where you should put your time should you put your time on working on endeavors that make you more money or should you just try to get rid of little knickknacks that

Isn’t worth much which will take up your time instead if you find out that something is not worth your time it might be better to try to find similar items and group them together then perhaps you might be able to use less time and list it and maybe make a bigger profit because each item sorta takes up at the same time to list sort at the same time to deal with

If you’re dealing with craigslist people i find that a lot of people are flaky on craigslist you they might contact you ask you about it the deal might fall through and you might end up spending a lot of time dealing with a single transaction same thing with clothes five or let go it’s gonna take a certain amount of time for you to get rid of a certain item and if

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It’s a higher dollar value item it might be more worth your time however if if it’s things like you know ten dollars twenty dollars or less the profit that you gain from it it’s going to be low enough that it may not be worth your time the profit on clothes five let go or craigslist it’s going to be the dollar value that they pay you rather than minus any shipping

Costs or transaction costs because on amazon or ebay you have to pay a fee to amazon or ebay you have to pay a fee for using the shipping service if you get paid by paypal you also have to pay a certain fee to paypal as well now instead of selling these random little items it might be more worth your time to just pack all these together and donate them instead if

You are in an itemized deduction situation that means any incremental amount that you donate it’s going to reduce your income all that much more let’s say you itemize your deductions already because you have a pretty high mortgage interest so that it’ll push you into the itemized deduction area so then when you donate something let’s say this thing is ten dollars

You would effectively reduce your income by ten dollars that means ten dollars of your income is not paid in taxes therefore saving you about two dollars and fifty cents if i were to get 250 from this item then that means i could have saved a lot of time by just aggregating a lot of all these knickknacks and then just kind of writing it off on donations instead

This would essentially save you a lot of time and at the same time you can donate to a good cause as well now when should you actually trash something is when something is of zero value at all whatsoever to anybody things that are of zero value or likely maybe a hot water pot that do not work electronics that do not work all of those things yes they go in the

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Trash finally if anything that are still somewhat functional then you can donate still if you have a lot of stuff around like i do and especially the little items you might want to consider how it impacts your bottom line especially when you donate it therefore when you do donate it you can essentially remove all this work that you have to do that you’re trying to

Sell something and then you make a profit of twenty five cents or something you make a profit of one dollar it might just be better off if you just donate it instead don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if this helps you reduce the amount of work that you need to put in in trying to get rid of the stuff that you do not need

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