Oh man i got some stuff i got to get off my chest in this video here today oh boy do i have some stuff to get off my chest okay um it’s interesting so it’s so fun when you’ve been doing this for so for so long to see these the cycles go in the stock market and the vibes of the market change and the thought process change in the market and the consensus on what

Is good and what is bad in the stock market change right and so if we go back to a year ago right let’s say we go back to january and february of 2021 for instance right very very speculative time in the market it was the meme stocks were the hot ones right the crazier the the business model the more outlandish the company like the better the stocks did and that

Came crumbling down very quickly that was the closest time period we had to um the to the pretty much i don’t call it the great recession because a great recession was a whole different deal those are closest time period to me we’ve had since the tech bubble essentially where companies just you know were trading at insane valuations everything was going crazy the

Hype cycle was on and all those sorts of things right the great recession that was a totally different deal because that was a fundamental deterioration in the entire financial system you had investment banks going down you had nearly the entire financial system going down followed by a massive recession so what we had happened here recently that is a very very

Different than 0.809 this was much more akin to essentially what happened in the tech bubble right not to quite that epic level but man we were pretty darn close okay so you had that happen right now what has happened since then well all those meme stocks are gone pretty much now you know some of them are still listed and things like that and uh that’s fine but a

Lot of those stocks have been absolutely decimated growth stocks have been absolutely decimated anything that is seen as a riskier play on even on profitable companies even if they’re not losing a ton of money but they’re unprofitable right those stocks have been destroyed even if they have great long-term futures and visions for the companies those stocks have

Been destroyed right so you’re looking at countless stocks in the market i believe you know even recently the russell hit bearer market recently right not only that but recently we had the most stocks trading 50 plus down from 52-week highs in stock market history right so it got ugly out there now when you’re in one of these sorts of time periods where stocks

Have been devastated right and beaten down you have a couple things happening in the market okay one of these groups i’m not even going to really address in this video the other group i do want to address because it’s just it’s funny to watch this play out okay the first thing you’re going to have is you’re going to have folks saying see this is why you need to

Start short stocks this is why you need to start buying put options things like that i’m not even going to address that group in this particular video right that you understand when it comes to shorting you’re taking literally unlimited risk when it comes to put options you know you’re buying put options straight up and those you know the market flips also you’re

Done in those you’re devastated right and uh you lose 100 of your money so i’m going to address that group that’s a whole different group right but we have another group that starts to pop out of the bushes in these sorts of markets when stocks are being devastated left and right you know who it is it’s an index fund crowd see you idiot you don’t know how to pick

Your own stocks this is why you just put your money in an index fund and you’re gonna be fed that time and time again this is why you put your money in an index fund and you’re gonna hear it from wall street you’re gonna hear from the investment banks you’re not smart enough to control your own money this is constantly fed out there let a professional take it from

Here right let an index fund uh you know take it from here get their cut of that or let a professional take your take their cut at this right because you can’t do it yourself and and you hear this fed out there constantly it kind of reminds me of of um you know i didn’t grow up like this but there’s some kids that grow up and um they essentially have parents that

Make them have to do something right like you’re gonna be a doctor you don’t have a choice or you’re going to be a lawyer or you’re you’re going this college and things like that right and so some parents really try to dictate exactly what their children are going to do right and you have the same thing happen as a society where society tries to funnel you through

This funnel of like go to college you know take your money put in an index fund and uh you know you know live your life and you know watch netflix and stuff like that right and rather than invest your own money and take that money into your your own hands and say ah you know what i rather than just throw it off and put in whatever stocks right i would rather pick

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My own stocks and i would rather pick this stock and put pick this stock right if my children came to me and they said hey dad you know i don’t want to do what you do i don’t want to listen to conference calls i don’t want to read annual reports i don’t want to do any research on stocks but i want to go up with the stock market over time cool index fund next best

Thing for you right but for myself and a massive amount of people like pretty much everybody that watches my channel we don’t we don’t prescribe to that notion we’re doing our own thing we’re going to pick our own stocks okay and we’re going to we’re going to try our best at that game and whether we outperform the market or underperform the market we love to do

What we love to do right and you know we don’t just like to be in this like uh zombie mindset of like you know get a decent job put your money in an index fund you know or give it to somebody on wall street because you know we don’t know how to do it at the end of the day we love to do this but when your times get tough when the market gets tough you’re going

To be constantly fed this from it can be from the internet right it can be from uh you know friends family members people like that look at you should be buying index funds what are you doing messing around with this talk imagine there’s this guy over here right uh let’s call him uh christopher okay christopher buys netflix stock last week for you know five or

A few weeks ago for five hundred dollars a share netflix crashes next thing he knows 390 dollars he just lost a ton of money right you had the index fund crowd come out and say man see you idiot that’s why you should have just put in an index fund that’s why you should have a professional managing your money because you don’t know what to do right and whenever

It goes wrong they’re right there to point the finger at you and tell you how much of an idiot you are you don’t know what you’re doing your clue this and all those sorts of things you have to listen to this time and time again right and you can choose to believe it right or you can choose to say you know what i like what i do i’m a believer in what i do i’m a

Believer in controlling my own money and where i put my own money i’m not a zombie i’m not like oh i don’t know what to do i take my money i don’t know what to do like at the end of the day like if we go ahead and i pulled up the uh public account right so public account i’ve gotten decimated with a lot of stocks just as uh pretty much you know i would say most

Most folks have right i’ve been deaf you know just decimate it you know avon down 54 corsair down 34 uh if we look at honest down 21 tattoo chef down 27 percent uh voyager down 42 i’ve been destroyed okay never mind that a lot of my stocks that uh you know are a little older possession because those are just the ones i’ve been buying for the last i don’t know

Six nine months or so right never mind that i’ve lost a lot ton of gains on a lot of stocks right tesla has lost like four hundred dollars a share from its 52-week high roughly right so my gain is not nearly what it used to be skyward solution same exact thing my gain is not nearly what it used to be revolved my gain’s not nearly what it used to be revolve peaked

Out you know way above 59 i can tell you that right the planet that one’s been devastated right meta we see we saw what happened with meta recently that stock’s absolutely destroyed it’s trading as cheap as p e in the company’s history and by a mile right now right and you know look at this i mean stock after stock i’ve been devastated on but i’m not going to be

Like oh gosh i got to go pick index funds now because this is the same thing i have to go through every single time i have a new group of stocks and they do bad in the short term it happened with tesla it happened with elf it happened with revolve but tesla was the biggest case to this at the end of the day tesla you know when i was buying that stock stock didn’t

Do a thing for the first year and a lot of times it down trended and i had to listen to a lot of people laugh at me and tell me oh you’re such an idiot you should just put your money in an index fund or put your money in apple stock or whatever right and you have to listen that trash constantly constantly and for me being on youtube that’s the price i i sign up

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For right of being a big person on the on the internet right and so i have to listen to that all the time every time one of my stocks does bad oh you’re an idiot you’re bad at picking stocks uh you know you’re washed up you can’t do it anymore uh put your money in index fund but the problem is other people have to listen as garbage as well and they’re like ah you

Know yeah i did do bad on stocks for the past year so you know what you’re right let me put my money in index fund if you love to do this um there’s a high probability you’ll make money if you’re doing the research work and you’re staying with the fundamentals over time right if i look at in a public account over the past three years you know we outperformed two

Years massively and we underperformed last year last year this is calculated by fidelity investments by the way not calculated by me investment rate of return was about 15 so we got outperformed by the s p 500 last year we got beat okay cool i’d still rather i would still rather be a stock picker and get beat by the s p 500 than invest in index funds i would

Rather do that because i actually enjoy this i actually like lesser earnings calls i like to actually don’t do the research but we also let’s not forget about when we absolutely devastated the s p 500 and 2020 let’s not forget about when we obliterated the s p 500 in 2019 either let’s not forget about those times and let’s not forget about all the future years

Where i’m going to absolutely devastate the s p 500 and absolutely devastate index funds because that will come and i will destroy it and i will outperform the market and that will be that but even if even if i didn’t outperform the market i would still love to do this because it’s what i like to do and i like to control wherever my money goes at the end of the

Day i’m not just like a zombie that just wants to be like ah i don’t know what to do take my money index funds take your cut of this take my money wall street i can’t do this but you gotta hear it over and over so you gotta understand in this sort of market you’re gonna be brainwashed three core things right now you’re gonna be constantly as long as this market

Stays rough you’re gonna be brainwashed three core things okay the first thing is negativity i went on cnbc last night everything on the front page all negative headlines all bad stuff all the russia situation all the market just fell the nasdaq was down three percent on friday every single thing had a negative tone to it and it was just it was just that right

Negative everything you’re going to go online you’re going to see oh why the market’s going to crash 50 80 percent oh why i sold all my stocks you’re going to see this constantly you’re going to get a bombard of this as long as this market is weak you’re going to constantly just be bombarded with that stuff and even when we flip and we start up trending let’s say

The russell starts to uptrend some of these stocks start coming together and things like that even when that happens you’re still going to be bombarded with negativity because they’re not going to believe it’s real essentially at that point and so they’re going to constantly bombard you with kind of the negative stuff okay that’s the first thing the second thing

You’re going to be bombarded with is hey you should be buying puts you should be um you know going short on the queues as they say right hey short kathy woods fund everybody’s piling into that right now right and um my gosh is that a dangerous move that’s all i have to say about that the only way you can really win in that is if we do get an absolute you know like

A massive global recession like we did in oh 809 the thing is we’ve already been through the devastation and the stock prices so now if you’re talking about getting them lower than they are you really have to have devastation and overall economy and just complete devastation out there okay and if you have that then then certainly you know you can get a once in

Every 10 year or once in every 20 year event where you can short stocks and by the way the folks that really made a lot of money they they already took advantage of that in 2020 people forget we had the fastest stock market crash in history it didn’t last very long and so that’s why people don’t even register that one but don’t forget we just had that so you’re

Gonna be brainwashed to think like oh puts of the way short to the play and that’s why you see so many people piling in to put options right now so many people piling in short to short selling socks because they’re looking and they’re like wait the loans aren’t making money we’re buying the debt not really making anything right now or if anything we’re going down

We’re losing money so why not flip to the other side hmm let’s go ahead and go short or you know the other thing is obviously go cash right and so that’s going to be kind of fed out to you over and over and over again as long as this market stays weak and the third thing you’re going to constantly have fed you in a weak market is index funds is index funds intel

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The the indexes act you know actually start falling in major way and then it kind of lay off of that a little bit because then it’s like oh boy you know if the s p also is down 20 or something like that but when the s ps kind of held up because oil and gas stocks have held up and obviously you know apple microsoft and some of those stocks have held up in that

Sort of market folks go ahead and they say you know uh you got to be in you got to be in the index funds put your money in the index funds and things like that and and also you’re going to be fed this right now is the rotation of money you’re going to they’re gonna try to get you into a lot more short-term trading in the sort of market right now hey why aren’t you

Rotating your money look at the oil and gas stocks that’s where the money’s at right now look at all the russia situation oil is going up rotate your money over to these stocks right and so you’re gonna be brainwashed this whole road rotate your money over here oh you do want to pick stocks well then you need to learn how to rotate every three months six months that’s

A bunch of bs man then the date if there’s great companies that you believe in over the next five ten years and they got great revenue profiles and you believe in their business models you buy those stocks you put them in the filing cabinet they go down you buy some more you increase your ownership position over and over again and as long as you’re right about that

Business model they’re going to make a ton of money i haven’t ever i haven’t ever been in a stock in which i was uh right about the business model and lost money never has happened okay if i was wrong about the business model then i end up losing money in that stock right and so when it comes to me like all these stocks have gone up because their business models are

Good right and they’re like i said all those stocks are massively off 52 week highs uh like like massively massively and uh you know that’s that’s another thing you’ll be fed out there right now is like oh see that’s why you should be trading more often because you could have sold tesla at 1200 you could have sold revolve at 75 or whatever price you know and uh 80.

And uh you know that’s just kind of another thing that you’re going to be fed out there right now and do not prescribe to that notion you know just stay away from that and if you love picking stocks and you love doing this stuff and you love putting in the research work the thing is nowadays all the tools are out there for you you can listen to conference calls

Right through my app the hungry bull right or go to a company’s investor relations page all the investor presentations are there the 10 qs are there the 10ks are there the annual reports everything is there for you nowadays we’re in this you know you can get news like in a snap of a finger you don’t have to wait like a month for it like it’s never been easier to

Be somebody that is a stock picker and like to control your own money and put your money in stocks you believe in over the next three five seven years so do not prescribe to that notion if you don’t want to put in any work and you don’t want to do this then index funds are the way to go right and if you don’t want to take any risk in index funds then i guess you

Can put your money in a savings account okay and uh by the way there’s a huge risk with savings accounts as well because guess what there’s something called inflation that constantly eats your money day by day month by month year by year decade by decade and uh you know if you put your money in a savings account 10 years ago uh yeah your money’s worth a whole lot

Less than it is uh today basically okay guys so yeah why this market’s weak just understand you’re going to be kind of you know brainwashed to think certain things shorting of stocks is good put options are good uh index fund is good uh you can’t pick stocks you’re an idiot you’re gonna be fed that constantly and um you’re gonna be constantly fed negative stuff in

In your face and you’re gonna go onto the internet constantly and you’re just gonna be negative negative negative stuff everywhere and just understand let me break out of this okay so anyway guys much love as always hope you enjoyed this don’t forget to subscribe have a great day peace

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