Selling Most of My Things

I sold $1400 worth of my things I never used. It gets easier and easier. Here is my experience doing so.

Right now i’m in the process of really drastically downsizing all the things i own can anyone of you claim that you’ve sold everything that you have ever owned at least one time in your life today i’m going to talk about steps you can take to detach yourself from material things so that you can concentrate on more important things as well as make some cash while

You’re at it how’s it going everybody this is beat the bush liberating transcending and transforming all these sort of describe the process of when you get rid of all your stuff this is the feeling that you would get if you are not burdened with so many things i remember several years ago i used to buy things a lot more easily and for some reason really old game

Consoles i still have those so what tends to happen is everything that i could acquire just sort of attaches to myself and then you start to build up this katamari ball thing it gets bigger and bigger if you ask me back then to shed something maybe a really old game console i might go well you know maybe i kind of liked that thing just kind of relive the moment back

Then but really what happens is maybe okay i might have brought it out once or twice within a 10-15 year time span this infrequent usage i find out it’s just not worth having that thing laying around because if you’re keeping around one thing so you can use it for maybe an hour every 10 years you’re likely gonna have hundreds of other things that you’re likely want

To use very very infrequently over a really long period of time so you’re gonna end up having a lot more things if you were to ask me back then to get rid of that i would have thought it’s incomprehensible i would just refuse just outright refuse i would say no i don’t want to get rid of it i want to keep it it’s still valuable to me why would i want to throw it

Away or sell it even this is what i want to talk about today because right now maybe you’re sitting at home and you think that no you cannot do this this is what i thought too i just could not understand it’s like trying to teach a monkey calculus there’s no way it’s gonna do it so that’s what i felt like back then it’s incomprehensible like i can try to reason

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Through it and i can get reasoning from whoever that can get rid of their old stuff but i just did not understand back then years later i’ve evolved into such a person where i finally understand in fact over the past few months i specifically refused to go on any kind of travel i tend to think of this as kind of a delay in me getting rid of my stuff me getting my

Life in order back at home at home this might look kind of minimalistic on the set because it needs to be if i’m in front of a whole bunch of stuff it’s just too much clutter for a video but then in other rooms there’s a lot more stuff but it’s getting so much better i’d say 7080 percent better than when i first started so i treat staying at home a much higher

Priority than me going out and playing because i can go out to wherever a new country look at new stuff eat new foods and stuff and then when i come back i’ll still have the same mess me as a person me as the ownership of all these things did not change from me going traveling so this is more important in terms of self-improvement for me now i just started selling

Everything i owned over here is about $450 so far i think i’ve did it for two and a half weeks three weeks or so and i’ve sold much of the stuff not stuff that i actually use it’s mostly things i’ve been sitting idle for a year or more and the total has been about $1,400 or so and i’ve got a long ways to go still with every single item i sell it’s like oh my gosh

Why it’s like a piece of trash to me i don’t even want it and then i might get $5 $8 $40 for it and then when that transaction happened it’s like something gets erased from my life one way or another i brought on this item into my life maybe i purchased it maybe i got it as a gift maybe it was a hand-me-down i got a lot of hand-me-downs because usually whenever

Someone goes oh i don’t want this i’m like oh me maybe i wanted i want to take it because to me it’s like some sort of value i might use it or something and in fact most of the time these things are worth something i’m able to get like $5 $10 or something you might say beat the bush is not worth your time you really should be making more videos for us so that we


Can you know gain more insight and you know help other people’s financial life and then maybe i can make a lot more money on youtube this is something i must do all these things i would feel terrible just tossing these out or donating it i feel like i need to at least reclaim something it just feels like something i have to kind of slowly peel off like an onion

Out of you know my history just kind of reduce myself because i brought it on it’s my responsibility to shed it now here’s a method that works really really well for me this is kind of like that calamari method thing but for all the items that you have you might have too much of it just group them all into the same category for example if you have a bunch of

Vacuum cleaners i myself had seven vacuum cleaners i put them all together one time for a video but eventually i kind of dispersed them i put them in the most like to the least like and then i pick on the very least liked item and then i sell that generally you are not as attached to that and you’re more readily be able to let go of that so start with that don’t

Think about selling the best one that you like or the second best sell the least like one once you start doing this once you shed that one you’re gonna go you know what it it actually feels kind of good because you got the cash the cash you can take this to do whatever we want because it’s liquid already and this has a positive reinforcement it’ll help you sell

Other items as well in the very beginning i just looked around the house and picked at things that i really did not like i started selling those and after i sold those i’m like you know this is not so bad this actually feels great and i was able to kind of shed away the next layer and then the next layer i used to have a huge collection of legos i sold the least

Like stuff and just like what i said i sold up one layer at a time i thought i was gonna keep the best ones i still have two very good ones but then i intend to sell those as well let me talk a little bit about duplicate items i have two paper shredders why do i have two one paper shredder is for paper the other paper shredder is for credit cards and cds i thought

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This is this makes perfect sense right because then i would have all the paper in one and then all the plastic in another bin so that they won’t get mixed up and i can recycle them readily at the same time now i realize this might be a little bit ridiculous because i actually do not shred plastic all that often so in turn i am able to sell the paper shredder and

In fact i’m going to sell it this afternoon now about $400 over here there’s another thousand dollars that looks similar to this it was all in cash i did it all through facebook marketplace and most of the stuff was just junk laying around in my garage it turns out that’s about 25% of the stuffed i actually bought so all these things i never intended to buy them in

The first place i would say it’s harder if you actually go and buy a set item for example this steak thing i actually took $20 out of my wallet and bought this so four things that i intentionally bought i probably will delay them later i might eventually get rid of this stuff you guys let me know should i get rid of all these stuffed animals i mean i think the first

To go might be the piece maybe i’ll set up a bay account and you guys can bid on it maybe you want my old peas or something you guys also said that that mic was annoying well turns out that mike has a lot of backup equipment to support it it also needs like a mic stand and also like a mixer and then i also had a pair of headphones that went with it all these things

Is actually not right here ready let me show you see it used to go right here and there used to be a mixer right on my sofa right here anyhow i’m considering get rid of all of those as well so all of this is very liberating i never thought i would be such a person even when i started getting rid of my things in the beginning i always thought no you know what i’m

Gonna at least keep this and this and this let me just say if you go down this path start lightly it gets a little bit addicting thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like precess subscribe button and ring that bell icon

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