Selling on Facebook Marketplace [BenQ Laptop Lightbar]

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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna share some tips and tricks with you on how to successfully sell on amazon marketplace but first check out this benq screen bar lite this screen bar is just like your bigger desktop version except we can carry it around with you it comes with a case plugs right into the usb port of your laptop and clips

Right onto the screen it has auto dimming you can change the brightness as well as the color temperature if you guys are interested in this product check out affiliate link down in the video description below before jump into all of this i want to cover this at a high level you just think about how you should be selling stuff because sometimes let’s say you have

This p’s thing and retail price is $25 and you think you’d be you should be selling it at a certain price maybe you think it’s worth $20 because it’s used but the thing you have to realize is you shouldn’t really sell things by how much you value them you have to get engaged of how much the market values it for a new stuffed animal people might not value it that

Much it might be worth very very little maybe $10 or $5 because no one really wants like something that’s been touched something that’s been used so keep this in mind when you’re selling something if you want to sell as much volume as possible you need to lower the price until it’s at the demand level which is the price which is basically market price really and

Sometimes you might get caught up of like getting too attached to a certain item and you think oh you know i would only let this go for a certain amount but you have to also take a step back and think about if you didn’t sell it what’s gonna happen to that item it’s just gonna sit there so sometimes it’s a lot more valuable to you as cash because then you can

Take this cash invest it you can do all so much different things with cash right it’s it’s universal you can go on vacation with it you can do so much more stuff with this cash other than this item if you no not talking about this piece thing because for me it’s just sitting here and it’s actually decoration for this thing but if you have something that’s just

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Stored somewhere in the closet somewhere and i you’re not using then you can take this out liquify it in terms of you know selling it to someone else and then this money can then work for you so in a in the name of efficiency it’s kind of good to try to liquify everything into cash so that you can make it do something for you so just take a look around your place

Everything that you haven’t touched for quite a while everything that’s just sitting there idle something that is you haven’t used for a year or something you might actually want to sell this you know i’m using facebook marketplace right now and it’s working very well for me it’s actually work a lot better for me then let go or closed five so i’m very glad that i

Started selling on this so let me go on to what else you should sell on there such as heavy stuff i’ve been a very big ebay seller all this time as you can see here there’s a package right here i need to deliver i need to send out some at some point and usually when someone buys something heavy you might be burdening that amount where you’re shipping it out or you

Might be increasing the price so whatever market value it is that’s floating around out there you have to charge that amount and people generally sort of expect almost to not pay for shipping so if let’s say you’re selling something for $50 and it cost $20 a ship people only want to pay $50 so they want the item to be $30 and $20 shipping or they want it to be $50

And then free shipping whereas if you’re selling it to someone local they might not want to take you know all of the credit for the shipping so instead of you pocketing $30 – fees and stuff you could sell this $50 item for like $40 okay so you split the difference you know some of it gets to the person that’s buying it so then they get a little bit better deal and

Then some of it comes to you so you get a little bit more profit or you can use this extra leeway in in free shipping because you know you’re going somewhere to deliver this id or you’re reading somewhere someplace and you can lower the price of the item and then you can essentially make the item go a lot faster what i’ve noticed is sometimes there are a lot of

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Items that you cannot even sell on ebay sometimes they’re too heavy you have you know i have a roll of cables or something and it’s like 10 15 pounds or something and if someone were to pay for that into the absolutely can’t because shipping will cost more than the item itself so this is something to be very we’re aware of and you just kind of have to deal with

It and i feel like i don’t know it’s work it’s been working a lot better than craigslist and i don’t know it’s because of this this interface where you can just snap a picture and stuff it’s really really fast on facebook marketplace you just snap a picture with your smartphone and then you just say what category it is how much it is and within like a minute i can

Like list one item every single minute almost generally i want to list stuff for five dollars or more because you really don’t want to meet someone somewhere because it takes new time and effort depending on how far you want to go to the meeting place it’s gonna cost you i don’t know 50 cent’s or something to to in terms of fuel for you to get to that meeting place

So you know they might not show up there might be flakes and stuff so you want to group things so that if it’s less than $5 you want to you know make it more like if it’s something very cheap and then you know maybe they would someone would pay more for that amount and then you can also group buyers i’ve said it in the vlog yesterday where you don’t want to have

Too many times on a day because because then you would end up going to this meeting spot multiple times you don’t want to keep on going like 10 times or something so what i try to do is try to set a certain time of the day once or twice and then just say okay i’m gonna be here at this time do you want to meet me at this time well some people cannot some people can

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But then if they can you can try to group more people together so then you might have a higher chance of actually selling something versus you showing up and then they’re not even there that this would be like a tragedy you go there to meet just one single person and then no one shows up a thing and to know about pictures over here because i took some professional

Quality pictures because i do have these studio lights and i have some like kind of paper that’s really nice and make it so that there’s no border behind there’s no kind of like shadows and stuff and people kind of remark people like thought that like all this is is this your picture so what i would recommend is you really don’t want to be too professional about

It yes have good lighting but you don’t need to have like a backdrop or anything with with no creases in the background you want to make it look like that you know you just it’s just something laying around the house and then you just snap a picture of it thanks for watching this video i hope you guys enjoyed and this helps you sell your stuff especially all those

Things that’s just sitting around i know i certainly have so much of it and eventually you might see me have less and less around here as well which is kind of freeing if you have a hard time selling things that you’re too attached to i recommend to sell the things that you’re not attached to first the stuff that’s least attaching and then for me it helped a lot

Because once i got to those i kind of like have this enthusiasm and i’m like oh yeah this is great i realize how great it feels selling those things because it’s no longer a burden to me i don’t look at it anymore in fact if you try to you know ask me to recall all that stuff i sold on ebay sometimes i pull up the old pictures i sold i’m like oh my gosh i can’t

Believe i had all that it you know if i collected all that it would have been a huge pile so thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like precise subscribe button and ring that bell icon

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