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How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush it seems like my ocd got the best of me and i had to get the last and final shaver from dollar shave club which is the executive version here’s an executive razor to use to ship these in these boxes it seems like they reduce the cost and shipped it in these envelopes instead it looks like they’re also trying to reduce

Costs in printing their bathroom in its thing because they want you to download this app and read this instead of them shipping this bathroom minutes on paper to you so this is the shipping label this is flip over your snail mail and let’s get digital so it wants you to do that on the side so let’s just open this up now here’s a razor they sent me an email about

Getting free charli wipes that’s why this is in here you have to click on the email in order to get this and sometimes they would ask you to include another handle that is not free so watch out for that trick because it does not say it’s costs anything in the email so it’s a shark can detect blood a mile away i assume if you shave and cut yourself the sharks can

Detect that so these look noticeably beefier on this corner there’s another razor blade just one of them for edging apparently and you can count here one two three four five six this is rubber and this is like a moisturizing strip here and again you got the bathroom minutes i’m not gonna go over everything in the bathroom minutes and a card about the charli wipes

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So here’s a whole lineup this is the twin this is a 4x this is the executive two blade four blade six blade with another plus one edging blade so here it is again the twin 4x and the executive the twin comes with five blades every single month this 4x comes with four blades every single month the executive comes with also four blades every single month i have an

Extra cartridge here because i had an extra month of this this one you see the head moves about 45 degrees the advertising says it moves by 90 degrees but you see it only also moves 45 degrees the advertising doesn’t say how much the executive moves but it looks like it also moves only 45 degrees it doesn’t tilt left and right it only tilts foreign and back now

This one has a rubbery grip it feels nice in your hand it’s a bit light this one also has a rubbery grip but it covers more of the handle this one is also a rubbery grip and you can feel more of the metal here it’s kind of painted the metal i think to me the feel of both handles is similar except the executive is more expensive at $9 whereas this 4x is $6 this one

Just has more blades and quite a bit more expensive the monthly cost of this twin is $1 and you don’t get free shipping so you have to pay $2 on top of that so it’s $3 this one is 6 dollars with free shipping and this one is $9 switch free shipping it seems buying this $9 one it’s just as expensive as the name brian wants to me now i’ve used the twin and the 4x

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But not the executive so let me just go and give this a try of course i’m not gonna do it in the bathroom i’m just gonna do it right here all right in front of you they almost seems like this executive the that there’s too many blades i mean i don’t have that much facial hair there’s this other edging blade here so i think you go like this i can feel it cutting

Something i almost feel like the six blade is too long because the contours of my face whenever i’m shaving this way it’s only using the center 3 or 4 blades unless if i’m going to the flat part right here then then it’s using all of them but for the mustache here where it has the most hair where i need to concentrate it’s using the only descender blades i guess

I don’t need that many blades myself but the 4 blades is pretty good and i actually don’t even need the 4 blades i can just go with the twin yeah for me the executive is definitely overkill so i’m probably gonna switch it back to this twin so they don’t really charge you for the first handle so i got the first handle for free when i switched to the 4x i got the

Handle for free when i switched executive i also got the handle for free but what do you think what’s gonna happen when i switch it back to the twin do you think they’re gonna send me another handle or are they just gonna send me the blades let me know in the comment section down below so i hope you enjoy the review of all these three it was only possible because

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Of my ocd of trying to get all of them here if you’re interested in getting your own don’t forget to check out my referral link down in the video description below and don’t forget to give me a like in this video and subscribe over here thanks for watching

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