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Shorten a cold by coating your throat with alcohol and taking cold medicine at the same time. Normal Nyquil limits the frequency you can coat your throat since you can only take it once every 6 hours. With this method, you can beat down the germs every 2-4 hours and shorten you cold duration by killing the germs at the source.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to talk about getting over a cold and shortening the duration of it before you even get a cold if you exercise well and you get lots of sleep and you eat well you’re gonna have a stronger immune system to fight it off but what if you got it already then you need to still need to sleep a good amount

In order for to help your immune system fight it off you need plenty of water for me whenever i start to get a cold i would feel a little bit of scratchiness in the back of my throat a lot of times i wouldn’t know what to do i just drink some water but then you know you just wait around until you take some medicine and you can tell i’m a little bit sick because

I started getting sick about four days ago but today it’s probably around the one or two days left before i would be completely well and all this time i’ve been experimenting on myself i’m trying to figure out how i can assure them the duration of a cold and not just wait for it to take over and then i’ll be like ah you know sick and then you touch the sniffles

And then you’re out for like a week what are the things i want to talk about is this medicine called oscillococcinum it’s by borlaug it’s made in france or something the claim for this thing is is that if you take it right at the onset of your cold you would shorten the duration the thing is if you look up the information on this medicine is actually a placebo

Pill that’s right like whatever’s inside inside here there’s like about 200 little tiny sugar pills and it would say these complicated things like contains anna’s barbary kept this at cordis extract them 200 c khp us whatever that means it’s really some sort of like liver thing diluted 200 times which basically means there’s nothing in it other than sugar and i’m

Surprised they sell these things at reputable retail stores and also they sell them on amazon and each vial of these things is about like a dollar so if you take it and you think you’re getting better from it great you know keep on doing it but it’s a sugar pill and it’s not really doing anything what i want to talk about today is something that would actually do

Something and actually help you normally i get sick about seven eight days from the very beginning and i haven’t been able to control this very much so when you get it cold one of the things you can do is take some vitamin c help boost your immune system that’s obvious you can eat some oranges and stuff get more vitamin c the amount of vitamin c and one of these

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Packets is close to sixteen times what you need every day so you know you’re like really putting a lot of vitamins in there but there’s no guarantee that you’re actually gonna absorb it because a lot of times when people take vitamin c just it just kind of flushes through your system i’ve taken these before and for me i notice no there’s no shorten their duration

Of my col but you know you can just do all of this at once just to try it another thing i tried is trying to take these zinc lozenges supposed to coat your throw and make you heal faster or whatnot i did take these before and i haven’t noticed any noticeable difference but yes it’s another thing that you can take in combination to try to get your cold duration

Short now i’m gonna get to the crazy revelation i had but a little disclaimer this is medicine stuff right so i cannot legally tell you what to do these are over-the-counter medicine and stuff and this is alcohol after all so i cannot legally tell you what to do about this this is just what i did right here i got a big-ass bottle of patron 40% alcohol now for

The last two times i got sick i was swinging this alcohol whenever i felt like a little thing to going in the back of my throat i swing it i’m not actually drinking it like i’m not alcoholic or anything even though i have this big bottle i would swing about one ounce of it every two to four hours you put a little bit in the back of your throat and then you gargle

It and then you try to move it around don’t just drink the stuff right you just move it around your throat and sometimes i would just just like lay there on the ground with the alcohol and it burns but it’s a good burn because it’s actually killing all the germs so for me when i did if the first few times seems like yes i got rid of it in my throat but it kept on

Seeping through the rest of the body and then i get a fever and then get sick and then i get like a stuffy nose afterwards then it will no longer be in my throat but then kind of everywhere else so what i noticed was gargling the alcohol didn’t reduce the amount of time that i got sick it just kind of relieved the symptoms it appears so this was patron at 80 proof

40 percent alcohol and i have southern comfort here this is 35 percent alcohol which means it’s 70 proof when i gargle this i actually use this to gargle this time around when i got sick and i felt like it needed a little bit more alcohol content this is probably the lowest you should go 35 percent alcohol in order to kill the germs now i said it didn’t help gargling

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The alcohol but this time i did something different when i first noticed that my throat was getting a little bit itchy i gargled the alcohol and at the same time i took a cold medicine so my thinking is that yes it’s gonna retreat into my body the germs is gonna retreat into my body but having take the acetaminophen in the day quilt which is 325 milligrams or whatnot

Inside this if i take it at the same time then my body is ready as soon as the germs retreat into my body so doing both at the same time actually reduce my duration of a cold that usually lasts 810 days even to only four days you see i’m well right now i got my cold four days ago and now i’m standing i don’t feel a feverish or anything you can still hear a little

Bit in the back of my throat but the important thing was i wasn’t incapacitated this whole time these four days i was a little bit slower but i wasn’t like feverish where you know i was bedridden i was still functional this whole time so i gargle it about once every two to four hours i might gargoyle right before i go to bed and then me i might wake up you know a

Couple hours later and i gargle it out some more so as soon as long as you feel some sort of itchy nuts in the back of your throat you just keep on putting a little thin layer of alcohol back there don’t go drink this up of course you need to be old enough to drink alcohol in order to gargle the alcohol but that’s what i do and i think i’m gonna keep on repeating

This and i probably get sick you know within another year or so and i’ll update in the comment section how well it works every time i do it i think this is really great i did get a flu shot this year although four days ago i heard someone sneeze about 10 feet away from me and as soon as i heard that i was like oh great you know i’m like trying to block it out but

I guess i couldn’t because you know about midday you know way later i started feeling the scratchy throat so i really hope this method other people can try this method and maybe maybe say that yes it did help or it did not help you know there’s a little bit of science behind because you know i’m using myself as a guinea pig and it finally worked this is the first

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Time it worked for me usually i get sick and you know i’m like uh dead for like a whole week so this is really great for me that i’m even standing here for days after i got sick and then liquid knight quill virgin for cold relief you actually have acetaminophen and other ingredients other active ingredients and also alcohol the liquid form actually has 25% alcohol

In it they say are the alcohol is there to be able to mix up all the ingredients and not really for anything other than mixing the ingredients but really the alcohol will kill the germs in your throat and it’s kind of thing so that it coats it but the thing is you can only have one dose every six hours for that and you know in order to not overdose because if you

Eat too much acetaminophen it’s actually hard on your liver and you’re not supposed to do that you coat your mouth and people are not actually leaving it in their mouth you should try to leave the alcohol on your mouth as much as possible that’s why if you take nighttime medicine if you just take the gel cap there’s no alcohol in this you just swing your throat

With and do it whenever it feels like you know it’s coming back to really kill off the germs for me it works well because i can just keep on attacking the throat part directly where the germs are and you can’t get more direct in that than actually attacking it with alcohol and killing the germs one thing to note is that the germs are actually along your breathing

Throat not along the part where you would ingest food so you got to really get the alcohol all the way back there so what i do is i kind of lay back on the ground i take a swig of this maybe just one ounce i don’t want to get drunk or anything of course especially when i’m sick just enough to coat the back of my mouth and i just leave it there and now they’d lay

There for maybe thirty seconds 60 seconds and just kind of like swing it around move your throat down so that you can kind of get it as far down as you can without choking and you know just kind of feel it feel it let it burn let the germs die and it’s a good thing so thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like over here and if you decide to try

This method out at your own risk of course leave a comment down below and let me know that you reduce the duration of your sickness and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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