Should you go to College

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Should you go to college that is a question every single person in the world ask themselves at some point in their life should i go to college should i not i believe i have some ideas on why you should and why you shouldn’t hello subscribers thank you so much for joining me today on the first ever official personal finance friday so every friday from now on i’m going

To start doing a personal finance video on all the other days i talk a lot about stocks a lot about financial markets on businesses that are making big plans big stories that are out there and whatnot but every friday i want to reserve that just for personal finance and a personal finance subject and today what we’re talking about is something that everybody asks

Themselves at some point in their life so it’s a very important subject and it is should you go to college should you go to college that’s something everybody asks themselves at some point in their life and i have a few ideas on why you should or why you shouldn’t so let’s talk first about myself i am kind of a college dropout i did get my associates but everybody

With your associates degree you don’t even like figure that in everybody’s got to get at least a bachelor’s to really be considered a graduate of college and whatnot so the reason i dropped out is because i had a specific plan i was getting into investing and i want it to get as much money as possible in my hands and use that to invest so i could better my future

And i had already proven before i dropped out that i could do that successfully so i just want to get a job where i can make as much money as possible and i can save as much put as much money toward investing as possible i had a specific plan that’s a very important thing a specific plan i picked out and that’s why i decided not to go on any further to get my

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Bachelor’s and whatnot because it would have gone against my very specific plan now if your say you’re in high school and you’re thinking about going to college why should you and why should you not you should if you don’t know what you want to do in life yeah i would say absolutely if you don’t want to go to a university and spend all that money you should at

Least go to community college because you’re going to be in a place with a lot of other people where they’re going to have ideas where everybody’s trying to better themselves and where you can really figure out things where do you want to go with your life do you want to be a biologist do you want to be a scientist do you want to be a businessperson do you want to

Be a teacher you’ll be able to conceptualize and figure out what you want to do because a lot of people in high school they don’t really think about this kind of stuff in high school you’re just trying to get by in your classes and maybe you’re doing sports and things like that or other activities and you got the social scene you’re not really worried about what

Am i going to do in life so college and specifically community college is a great place to go figure that out where you can do it for pretty cheap well relatively cheap now if you also have a specific plan like you want to be a doctor or a lawyer or something that you absolutely have to go to school then you should absolutely go to school an accountant something

Like that you absolutely need to go to college for that you have no way around that now if you have a specific plan you want to start a specific business or you already started a business while you’re in high school and it’s doing well and you want to keep expanding on that and what not and you don’t want to take up your time with college and go do that that is

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What’s most important if you in your heart feel like you’ve really got something that’s going to work and you’re very passionate about it go pursue that absolutely go pursue that if you’re a musician and you’re getting a lot of views on youtube but your songs and whatnot people are loving it go pursue that screw college it’s always going to be there if whatever

You do doesn’t work out if you’ve already proven that you’re on the right track go do it look at some of the biggest companies in all the world and they are filled up people that stardom who were dropouts of college look at facebook one of the biggest companies in the world mark zuckerberg a dropout look at apple apple the biggest most profitable company in the

History of the world steve jobs a dropout and i could go on for days and days talking about billion dollar businesses that were built on the backs of guys and gals who decided school wasn’t for them and they had bigger plans that is why you should leave college now i want to talk a little bit to my older viewers you folks that are in your 30s 40s and 50s who could

Be questioning yourself you know his job i’m working it feels like a dead-end job every day i wake up and i just dread the day winds the weekend coming that’s no way to live now that might be a situation where you might want to rethink if you didn’t go to college you might wanna rethink may be going to college and maybe at least taken some community college courses

And when i was in community college and i would go to night courses they were filled with people in their 30s 40s and 50s they were filled with them it’s more of them than it is the kids that are fresh out of high school if you go during the day you get a lot of kids that are fresh out of high school at night is totally different it’s a lot of the older crowd who


Are looking to better themselves and are looking to maybe take their job title to the next the next level up or they’re just trying to learn new skills to expand on and that’s a very great thing and you will be inspired because you’ll be about you’ll be around a bunch of other people that want to better themselves also so i would say if you feel like that situation

You’re in a dead-end job you don’t know what to do go to community college because you will become inspired you will learn new skills and what not and that will help get you out of that situation where you hit that snooze button you’re just like oh i just don’t want to go to work today why do i have to go to work oh that’s no way to live every day your life you

Should wake up happy and you should wake up ready to go to your job or do whatever you’re doing if you wake up dreading the day that’s no way to live life so i hope you guys enjoyed this on why you should or maybe shouldn’t go to college leave comments in the comments section if you want to comment on maybe why you think i’m right while you think i’m wrong and

Subscribers thank you for watching this video as always you guys are awesome share with your family and friends because i’m sure there might be interested in the subject as well and have a great day

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