Should You Invest in the Metaverse

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How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today we’re going to talk about investing in a metaverse mark zuckerberg is investing billions into it so should you today we are joined by irisa dog she is an alaskan ki kai is my sister’s dog she likes to put her feet kind of like cross leg like this she kind of refuses to sit on this little weird one seeder because maybe

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With two thousand dollars or more you can get three free additional shares each worth up to 3 500 check out my referral link down in the video description below there’s an internal message board for employees only and it’s kind of like reddit where you can upvote certain questions one of the highest ranking questions is this how could we avoid a dystopian reality

Where the metaverse is used as an opium for the masses it’s sad that this is true if you look around there is a lot of social media where people spend a crazy amount of time on it if you have a cell phone where it tracks how much time you spend on each application man it’s ridiculous how much any single person spends on any single day on facebook instagram tick tock

All those social media thing it just draws you in and then boom before you know it a few hours has gone by and you did nothing nothing productive at all you just kept on getting all these things fed into your brain and then you don’t even remember any of it really kind of like the weeping angels where if you ever see them you’re automatically transported forward in

Time and you don’t know what you did so in a way social media is like the weeping angels this is like kind of dark so what do you do with any new thing i’m thinking about investing in it this is probably investing in the facebook stock the fb ticker symbol what do you actually do you have to do your research behind virtual reality augmented reality and all those

Other things they’re trying to meld together the question here is are they going to be successful they’re pouring billions and billions of dollars in it if you think about the stage at which this is at it’s kind of like tesla but in the very early stages before they have the model s come out or even before they have the roadster come out except the situation’s

A little different because facebook is an established company they have a bunch of money coming in so they have billions of funding just kind of behind this it’s almost like a brute force thing you pour enough money in it maybe it’s gonna work investing in metaverse or the associated companies that may join into this thing people hear this and might think this is

The next biggest thing and they just pop money right into it but i am a little bit more skeptical of this the stock right now is that 341 dollars i remember back in around 2012 when it ipo it was like 20 some dollars 25 at the time i have to admit i didn’t have very high faith in it i thought oh my gosh 25 that’s expensive but of course it’s multiplied itself by

Eight or nine times since its ipo price it doesn’t go up very fast but it’s a very very steady increase over these many years let’s look at their annual revenues and profits 21 year-over-year increase in revenue 57 year-over-year increase in profits that’s a crazy amount of increase in profits 50 in 2021 they’re gonna be earning about 110 billion in revenue but

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This is all what they’re currently doing with you know facebook instagram all that this is not in vr this is just their established company so far it’s a great thing of course to have a company that’s generating profits and then you take some of those profits and reinvest it in something brand new maybe in the future it’s going to bear fruit and then it’s going to

Generate them even more money if it does this of course the stock price is going to increase even more keep in mind facebook like a lot of other fan companies they’ve been acquiring companies left and right there’s a huge list of more than 100 companies they’ve acquired already this includes oculus vr whatsapp instagram mark zuckerberg has announced a name change

From facebook to meta it seems like now they’re going to concentrate on creating a virtual world they’re going to spend about 10 billion dollars this year and in total they estimate they’re going to spend about 50 billion dollars to achieve this goal to really understand if this is gonna pan out you have to understand the challenges of vr right now i’ve used these

Myself and this is the htc cosmos elite this is quite chunky and you put this on your head and if there is rapid head movement no matter how tight you put it on your head it’s going to move around a little bit this and other things gives rise to motion sickness when you are using these vr things so right now a huge challenge is actually for people to put these

Things on and feel comfortable for a long period of time i personally cannot use this for more than say 30 minutes or one hour at a time whenever you see the motion does not correspond to how your body feels because you could just be sitting down but then your your body is just kind of like being moved around all over the place in vr space another thing is the

Lag in the system itself so they need faster and faster processors they got to make sure whenever you move your head just slightly the screen gets updated almost immediately there’s also a thing called phobiated rendering it does some eye tracking so they’re gonna have like a camera right here looking at your eyeballs and it’s gonna track where you’re looking at

And then it uses this information to only render that part where you’re looking at with high detail and everywhere else is a little bit less detailed when done correctly you will not notice that there is a reduction in resolution however gpu power is going to be significantly reduced and a maximum of up to 10 fold decrease so i think doing the foveated rendering

Is absolutely critical unless you want to wait several generations out for the cpu or gpu to be able to render everything just fine if you add in this technology it’s kind of like trying to get ahead of the cpu technology this one in particular they just render the entire field of view let’s say i’m looking at iris right i’m not looking at that wall over there

Directly right i’m staring over here but within the vr goggles they still have to render that but you definitely don’t have to render that in like full resolution right it just needs to be like a blob of stuff that’s kind of white and just kind of approximate another issue is also the screen door effect these might be nitpicky but a lot of people do complain it’s

Basically a result of the low resolution of the screen that’s inside these things when you put it inside a headset and you magnify it so that it covers your entire field of view it’s not enough resolution for your eye but this is the best they can do right now if you increase the resolution let’s say four fold right it’s gonna dramatically increase the gpu power


That’s needed right now it’s already state of the r and they’re already having a hard time rendering you know whatever resolution is in these things what does screen door effect look like so every single pixel is generated by a couple of colors right red green blue within the chip they have to put them next to each other and when they put them next to each other

It’s gonna have like spaces where there are dead spaces and it doesn’t actually transmit any light so those dead spaces is going to look like a grid when you blow this up with the optics inside these headset it’s going to look like a screen door inside the vr when you put these things on what does it really look like for those people that have never used it before

It’s kind of like a spherical screen door with no frame or anything just think of a spherical screen that is attached to your head like let’s say it’s attached on the back of your head and this spherical bubble it’s just right right there like all across you so as you move your head the entire screen door bubble is gonna move with your head for earlier version of

These headsets i’d say it’s noticeable for this one it seems like as a resolution goes up higher the screen door it’s finer in detail so the screen door effect is a little bit less apparent it’s kind of like you going to the movie theater when you’re in the movie theater you notice you know the seats the speakers right that you’re in a theater but once you get

Immersed in it you kind of forget about the screen door effect right and then you’re just immersed in it so it takes a little bit of believing and you wanting to believe and then that’s gonna go away but whenever you just kind of step out of it and go okay i have a vr goggles on you know you know it’s there if you look for it it’s gonna be there it’s always gonna

Be ever present for gpu power to be powerful enough it needs probably two or three more generations so this is definitely going to take longer than the five year time frame that facebook has planned i’ve mentioned before the headset weight here you can see it’s quite hefty and it actually gets kind of uncomfortable if you were for a long period of time another

Thing is that this thing is not cheap if you want to experience this it’s going to be you know probably like two or three thousand dollars by the time you buy the computer the gpu card that’s necessary this thing and then all the sensors that goes with it so not a lot of people is gonna go around trying these things buying it for themselves at the home in order

For this to happen in the mass consumer market they have to make this really really cheap under 300 maybe and it needs to include all the processing power it needs to be you know one-third the weight within the next five years i am not certain if they can you know get the technology to be sleek enough to be fast enough it’s like a tiny little bit too early maybe

10 years would be a good time frame it needs a little bit longer so they’re really pushing the boundaries here if they work fast maybe but you really have to wait for the moore’s law to catch up probably in five years the technology would still be just at the starting point when you invest in something like this you have to think about the future it’s not certain

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Right now it’s kind of like the early stages of tesla at the time people are not certain that they can even make a car at the time they did have a ceo who has proven himself multiple times in many different companies that he was able to bring his magic and make things happen but for mark zuckerberg it’s like a one-hit wonder so far right it’s like one really really

Successful company and now it’s still the same company but then they’re introducing a brand new product line here let me mention their competitors they have google which made google glass that failed and this is a really big company and then we poured a lot of money into it and even a really big company can fail they also made a very very cheap version of vr which

Is cardboard and they just put a phone into this thing and it kind of works of course it has really low resolution because you’re sticking your phone in there microsoft has holo lens which is more towards a enterprise grade thing apple actually has ar if you get the iphone 13 pro it has ar built in if you ever go on amazon sometimes they have an ar option you can

Actually look at a mouse in augmented reality so you can place the mouse on some surface and then you can look at it move the phone around and look at it in 3d you can zoom in zoom out i think it’s really cool the point here really is that there are other companies looking at something similar and like apple they have products out right now doing ar there’s also

The valve index which is a thousand dollars magic leap has a ar headset although this is not you know not really in the news or anything it hasn’t gone really popular so here’s my conclusion i think this is actually a bit very very early stage investing if you’re going to invest in the metaverse because it’s not a proven thing yet of course this is how you get the

Biggest gains is if you invest in an improving technology that somehow you have the foresight to know this is it this is going to happen and if it does happen you’re going to benefit greatly something like a 20 to 50x gain if you wait 10 years and then it actually happens but with facebook it’s a little different story here because they are a really big company

Already if let’s say they’re correct and they make a whole bunch of money and people are using this as a platform in the future let’s say they make a hundred billion dollars a year right they already make 50 billion dollars a year and if this comes true you’re only gonna two or three x your money there’s no action items here i am not actually going to invest right

Away my investing style is i don’t want to put money in somewhere where it’s essentially dead money i want to put it in somewhere where i can see results within you know six months to a year or so i’m going to wait just kind of monitor the scene monitor the entire thing to see where the industry is gonna go part of the reason why i get these things is to experience

Firsthand because after i actually use this myself i can tell well you know it’s there’s some ways to go for this technology so i hope you guys enjoyed this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thanks for watching she’s just sleeping i think i talk i talk way too much hey oh now you’re sleeping again okay you

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