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Gasoline expands 1% every 19 degrees F or 10 degrees C. This means if you gas is cooler by that amount, you would be paying roughly 1% less. If a full tank of gas costs you about $50 then you would save $0.50 every time you refill!

Hey everybody this is beat the bush today we’re going to talk about how and when to pump the cheapest gas now some people think of you pump gas in the morning is cooler and so the gasoline is denser and so you get more bang for your money on the order of a few percent the whole theory behind us is that the gasoline will actually expand as you heated it up this

Translates to about 1% every 19 degrees fahrenheit and 1% every 10 degrees centigrade to visualize this you can have a beaker of gasoline at 60 degrees fahrenheit and if you heat it up the same amount here to 79 degrees it would increase by a little smidgen just 1% more here so the retailers pay at a temperature compensated price of 60 degrees fahrenheit but then

When they sell it to us it’s a little warmer and so it’s less dense and energy so there’s this argument that they’re selling us something that’s not as dense and so it doesn’t contain as much energy there’s this paper i’ll link it down in the video description below you don’t really need to read it or anything but it’s there if you need it for reference basically

What it says is that places like canada where it’s generally on average much cooler they actually use temperature compensated pumps so that they won’t actually lose money however in the united states they actually don’t have temperature compensated pumps says that the market forces are there and so even if they have a little bit more profits here they’ll probably

Squeeze it all out anyway so actually if we ever implement a temperature compensated pump across all of the united states it was just going to raise up in price accordingly it might go either way we implement this temperature compensated pump thing it might actually lower our gasoline prices it might actually equalize anyway with the market or the retailers might

Push that price of these pumps on to the consumer and so our gasoline prices might go up a little bit because they have to use this new equipment i don’t really care either way because this is kind of theoretical and they’re never going to implement this because it’s not to their advantage there’s just too much friction so i’m not even going to talk about that so

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The argument for pumping in the morning is that the gasoline would actually cool down enough so that when you pump in the morning you would actually get a denser gasoline and therefore you save money thing is that container underground is actually a double walled container kind of like your thermistor so that the temperature above it can vary very widely and it’s

Not going to change a temperature underground very much kind of like in a cave where the outside temperature changes a lot but then the inside kind of stays pretty cool you know no matter how hot it gets outside in that sense the temperature can fluctuate all you want but the degree change in the reservoir is not going to change very much now that’s a different

Story if some of the gasoline went up to the pump maybe a few gallons would be sitting there so for a gas station that doesn’t get fueled very much it might be advantageous for you to pull up to the gas station and when you see someone leave you can go right to the same pump because they already pump the hot gasoline into their car you go up behind them and you

Use the same pump and then you can extract the coolest temperature gasoline that’s the whole point now this only works for a gas station that is not very frequently refueled for a very busy gas station that is frequently refueled for example the one i go to i see the refueling truck there almost every single day it’s always putting more gas in there basically in

That case the fuel is a temperature of your fuel truck gasoline tank and it probably hasn’t cooled out it’s been above and you know the sun’s been beating on it’s probably a lot warmer on the order of you know like almost like room temperature because it’s been sitting in there for so long in that case once it goes in the reservoir is gonna say that temperatures

For freaking long like hours days or whatnot so because of that you can’t really wait around for it to cool so if you go to a gas station that has been refueled quite often every single day then there’s really not much you can do to get a cooler gasoline so that you get more density in your gasoline so for frequently refueled gasoline if it’s really really hot

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Then you might want to you the pump right after someone else it’s not going to cause you that much effort because you’re not going there in the morning purposely you’re just noticing that yeah you know whenever that happens you just go to the pump if no one is at the gas station you just have to you know deal with it and just take one of the pumps at random maybe

Someone used it before maybe not if you happen to get gas in the morning anyway sure and if you happen to get gas from a gas station that is infrequently used yes in the morning it would matter so how much does this matter anyway on order of a percent so we get like fifty dollars of gasoline you may save only like 50 cents each time so it may not be worthwhile to

Actually you know do anything about this because it’s so little now there are other ways less ad hoc in order to just save 1% on fuel for example you can use 5% cash back credit cards i always talk about another way is to use gas and find out what the cheapest gas station is on your route to and from work or to and from wherever you’re going you should

Really never go more than a few blocks out of your way to get to the gas station so just to run through an example if gasoline is $3 a gallon if your car gets 30 miles per gallon and you’re trying to drive to a gas station that’s one mile away that means each file costs you 10 cents in gasoline so you’ve got to go to the gas station and then come back so that’s 20

Cents and the car depreciation just from wear-and-tear you usually just double what you use in gas and it’s another 20 cents so this is costing you 40 cents just to go to a gas station and come back that is one mile away so the less you fill up the less you’re going to save let’s say you’re filling up 10 gallons it actually eats up four cents a gallon of saving so

It better be more than four cents cheaper if you’re driving one mile away the thing is driving one mile away it’s just a waste of energy and resources and your time so i really wouldn’t ever go out a mile ever even if it’s like 20 cents cheaper i’m is worth quite a bit and you’re sitting there idling waiting at the costco gas station is actually costing you quite a

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Bit you’re probably burning up in a fuel to negate all the savings that you are getting at costco so i actually never get fuel from costco because of the such long line another thing you can do is to check your tire pressure to make sure is inflated properly to the manufacturer recommended pressure you might wonder how much it matters it matters about point three

Percent per psi so if you need to fill it up to 30 psi and over time it locks some pressure to 20 psi you might not be able to see that the tire is you know like really low in pressure unless you check with a gauge this lower tire pressure actually causes your car to work harder in order to turn the wheel it’s kind of like whenever your tire pressure is a little

Low in a bicycle you have to work quite a bit harder so if it’s 10 psi lower you’re actually using 3 percent more gasoline so that’s just a way it is it matters quite a bit so in summary yes you can go to a gas station that is infrequently refueled and if you go in the morning you can save about less than 1% and that means it’s not very much you can do a lot of

Other things to save more than that 1% such as the credit card thing you can do 5% gasbuddy i think you can save like 3 to 5% if you’re not going to an expensive gas station and you just kind of you know just always go to the cheapest one and save up to 3% with proper tire pressure and i’m sure there’s other things that you can do but those are the main things so

I hope those tips really helps you get the cheapest gas possible don’t forget to give me a like over here comment down below if you have any other better ideas on how to get the cheapest gas and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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