Smart Workers are Quiet Quitting

Quiet Quitting is the act of only working what you are required to do and nothing more. Some might think this is giving up or not being a team player. However, in my opinion, it is simply doing your job but not giving away your extra labor for free. Some have found that the extra work to get the next promotion is just not worth it. I mean it usually is literally not worth in in terms of hours worked. You might put in 25% more hours but only get 10% more pay. In effect, this is a REDUCTION of your effective hourly wage. Watch to hear more opinions on this topic. And know that these are JUST opinions and YMMV.

How’s it going everybody this is peter bush today i’m going to talk about quiet quitting what is it why are people getting so worked up over it but before i begin this video is brought to you by moomoo you can get up to 15 stocks now this is even better than their last best offer which was i think 13 free shares just sign up through my referral link down in the

Video description below you can help me out greatly first of all i think the phrase quiet quitting is just a new phrase attached to something that’s already been going on for many many years but now that there is a phrase attached to it it kind of is provocative the fact that you are quitting sounds like you’re not going to do any more work anyway let me describe

What the heck quiet quitting is it’s basically you are not really quitting your job you are just deciding to not push yourself too hard you’re just doing exactly what’s in the job description and no more when it’s time to go home you go home you’re not gonna go over and beyond and try to trip over over yourself in order to improve the entire organization which is

Basically what your boss really wants you to do because they want you to work more for free and essentially put all you’ve got into it but then not really pay you for that now there are different opinions on this and what i’ve seen on the news and on blog sites and stuff usually if you are a worker bee you are for quiet quitting most of the time but if you are an

Entrepreneur if you’re the boss you own the business you’re very much against quiet quitting because you want people to work more for free for you of course right so it’s like a divide between if you are the worker or if you’re the boss think about it this way let’s say you got two workers high-tech workers you both make 100k a year one person just works just barely


Enough 40 hours and another worker let’s say they go over beyond and they work 50 hours a week 10 hours a day roughly this is significantly more because instead of staying at work for eight nine hours you’re staying at work for 11 hours right you gotta add in the lunch hour one person is spending 25 percent more time at work therefore if you logically think about

It you probably should get paid 25 more in my opinion 40 hours versus 50 hours the 40 hour person is going to get let’s say like a three percent raise right they’re not gonna get all that much just kind of like a like a small pat on the back type of raise but then let’s say an overachiever working 50 hours or working very hard they’re not going to get a 25 raise

At most maybe 10 maybe 15 raise so in my opinion working 25 percent more to get a 15 raise is just not worth it the 40 hour per week person has a better work-life balance they’re going home earlier to spend time with friends and family and on top of this they’re getting paid more per hour i want to cover an interesting concept some people might have missed because

Of the pandemic people are able to work remotely and some tech workers are able to even wedge in two remote jobs at the same time if you are efficient enough if you work less than 50 percent of the total time per job you can actually squeeze in two jobs so if you are a mediocre player at two jobs two times the salary is certainly more than one over achieving job

Now how efficient you are really depends on your skill level let’s say you are a total genius you can just sit down and do a week’s worth of work in five hours right some people are able to do that or maybe 10 hours i’ve even heard of this one guy who was doing an i.t job and it’s basically calling up a bunch of scripts he wrote like a master script where he just

Kind of runs it every single day basically he doesn’t have to do anything he just runs a script it does what he is supposed to do with some automation and basically he doesn’t have to do anything so when you hear me say oh you only need to work like 25 percent of the time to be an average worker this really applies to i’d say white collar job for manual labor

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Jobs that say you pretty much just have to work the number of hours that’s required of you i had someone comment that asked about how much should you expect to get raises because inflation is really high recently right it’s like 8.3 percent and i believe it was some people at google or facebook or something and they were like look inflation is eight some percent

How come we’re not getting eight some percent of raises everybody should getting as much because they need to keep up with inflation you’re getting the same salary but then the same salary is not buying you as much so the buying power has been lowered now the question here is should you expect your raise to match your inflation in the point of view of a boss you

Most certainly don’t want to increase the salary because this is going to increase your cost so you’re going to try to not give races basically and just kind of wing it by pass off say three percent and you know hope everybody’s gonna be happy and if there’s a squeaky wheel that complains maybe they’re going to give them an eight percent raise but i think the

Default is most likely three percent or even zero percent if you have good enough resume may if you have enough skills you should most certainly look somewhere else and then you’re going to get your raise that way this is how i get my raises when i was still working as an engineer yeah i most certainly switched you know around every three years i never had a job for

More than three and a half years or so but every single time i switch i’m gonna get like a 10 to 25 percent raise and this is how you just kind of keep on increasing your salary very rarely do i ever see the boss voluntarily give you a raise that keeps up with your skill level so you actually do really need to switch around as a worker this is not a charity you’re

Trading the number of hours that you work for money now you want the highest amount per hour that you’re going to work so if you’re going to get paid a salary you want to work as little as possible for the same amount of salary some people like to cite that they really love their job so they’re gonna put in any amount of hours they really like hanging around there

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So i think this is what the employer wants you to think they spend a lot of time making the workplace a very inviting environment right they have the ac on they have a lot lot of amenities like gyms they would have food all kinds of nice amenities including car charging right some people might just go into work just so that they can charge their car so as the owner

Of a company you probably want to get people to work not directly but rather you have them work for a cause and altruistic cause probably and to get people really fired up you want people to think that they are working to connect the world or making life multi-planetary some big overarching goal that make you in awe and you’re like oh my gosh i really believe in

This so i’m gonna put all my time and hours into it and work towards it regardless of how much you’re getting paid so if you’re putting like a hundred hours in and getting the same exact salary you’re essentially reducing the amount that you get paid per hour by more than half while i do think that some of these companies have really worthwhile goals you really

Should not be working for free you really need to watch out for how much you’re getting paid by the hour one way to figure out if your employer will actually pay you more for the amount of extra time that you put in you should really keep track of how many hours you’re putting in and then watch for your next bonus watch for your next raise and see if you are being

Compensated proportionally to the amount of extra hours that you put in my experience is you probably won’t and if you’re not going to be compensated proportionally this is why people quiet quit they lower their effort in turn you increase the amount that you’re getting paid per hour thanks for watching this video it’s just a little bit of my opinion on how to get

Paid the most for your time we all have limited time and the more you get paid per hour of your time the less you have to work thanks for watching this video don’t forget to give me a like and subscribe for more thank you foreign

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