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Sea snails are absolutely delicious! Just wash them several times and cook them in a pan for a few minutes.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today we’re gonna cook and eat something that’s actually pretty gross for most people is actually wild caught sea snails right here i guess you can equate this to escargot but then you don’t really need all that you just really stick a toothpick in there pull it out and eat it they kind of have this chewy earthy

Texture that’s something if you like it would be very good the first thing you need to do is take this and rinse it a couple of times because if you don’t i’ll have this too deep and earthy flavor you want to rinse all this dirt off so that you’re not eating dirt submerge them in some water this is the third time i’m rinsing it so let’s just let it see so here’s

What it looks like close up you can see they have like this little door at the end to close off anything from the outside when we cook these a little door will actually loosen and then you just stick a toothpick in there to eat them heat a skillet add a little bit of oil on the bottom and then you just pour in your snails a little bit of this thing lying and then

You want to add a generous amount of ground gingers to cover up that seafood smell and then a little bit of soy sauce to give it some taste it’s good enough and then you just stir this and then cook it for about eight minutes or so you just want all the snailed or things to come off and then you know that they’re cooked keep on tossing them around until they’re

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Evenly cooked a little bit of garlic powder now i’m adding a little bit of water here because you don’t want it to just have it dry when the little doors come off of the snail it’s pretty much cooked and then you just transfer this into a ball and then you just eat this with some toothpicks and some beer do you take one of these and you take the toothpick then

You shove it inside like this to hold on to one of the snails and then you pull it kind of in a in a circular fashion and it all comes out and yes it looks a bit scary to eat but i assure you it tastes pretty good so you just keep on going after you eat one you just take another knot insert your toothpick like this and pull them out so i’m not just kidding around

Here i’m gonna eat it in front of the camera hey thanks good it’s a very unique taste to it some people will probably not eat this unless maybe they’re in a survival situation for me i just eat this regularly every now and then i mean it doesn’t look gross my kiss as a child i ate snails before and you get used to it when you’re little and you know when you grow

Up you just eat anything no for me i just eat pretty much anything including snails i guess this tastes like a little piece of squid um i guess that’s the closest i can compare it to if you’re thinking the snail stuff is really slimy it’s not it’s chewy like a squid and sometimes i’ve had escargot before and those are actually slimy these sea snails are actually

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Chewy and not slimy at all so if you’re afraid that they’re slimy you know they’re not and they’re actually tasted good this is kind of like a beer food because it’s really tasty and you don’t have much to eat so then you just kind of end up you know picking it a little bit you have to do a lot of work in order to eat it and then you know you just kind of munch

On it so i have this whole bowl i can probably finish this whole thing there’s not much meat in it this is about three pounds and at four dollars a pound and came out to be ten twelve dollars for this whole thing that’s all i have for you for today i’m gonna go eat this go have some beer with it and actually enjoy it i’m not eating this because i’m just trying to

Show you you know shop people into eating snails and stuff it’s actually good so don’t forget to comment down below what you think of eating snails click like for this even if you’re disgusted by snails please click like and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel thanks for watching

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Snails are Delicious Yum! | BeatTheBush By BeatTheBush

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