Snapchat = Snapcrap

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I’ve been in this game for about a decade now and i don’t believe i’ve ever seen a big company makes such a bad decision ever in the ten years i’ve been in this game and we were talking about snapchat with its latest update this has now been rolled out over the past week this has been rolled out to the masses okay before there were some early access to a few

People that had it and i heard a lot of negative rumblings about it but you know i just kind of thought oh you know what people are always tripping on the internet you know they always want something to complain about maybe it just takes some time to get used to you know maybe maybe it’s not that bad i would kind of looked at it from like the glass-half-full

Perspective like the optimistic type you know view point i have right and then i got to try it this past week as l pretty much everybody that has snapchat their phones automatically updated over this past week right my wife tried it everyone and my goodness gracious did they screw up a great thing did they screw up a great thing i didn’t think it was possible

To screw up something that was such a great app to screw it up so bad i didn’t think that was possible all there is is negativity about this now the ratings in the app store have dropped to about a 1.8 now and this was an app that was highly regarded had a huge cult-like fan base okay and they have changed this completely around as far as the design nothing but

Terrible reviews i have no i’m gonna get into why i do not care about snapchat and i’ve always been kind of a proponent of snapchat someone that’s been pushing snapchat i’m gonna get into that and in just a minute on why i do not care about snapchat anymore but there’s so much negativity around this right now and then and then yesterday this is ceo snapchat comes

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Out you know in an investor conference and basically says oh it’s just gonna take some time to get used to you know people are complaining about it but it’s just gonna take some time to get used to and it’s like what what man like the they have so much hate on this right now this is not a situation where it’s like you know some people hate it yeah and then a bunch

More people love it i can’t find a soul i could search the whole entire planet i know literally do not think i could find one person that likes us and i’m talking about big creators that are on snapchat okay whether we’re talking about celebrities and whatnot whether we’re talking about micro celebrities i’m talking about regular folks that just use snapchat is

It on a daily basis i can’t find anybody that is like little snapchats great i love this update so much i cannot find a soul the amount of one-star reviews it has is unreal unreal the amount of one-star reviews especially for an app that was loved so much guys and okay so why do why do i not care about snapchat as you guys know i’ve always like pumped my snapchat

And a lot of my videos that’s like the second main platform i have focused on building i you tube my main and then my backup was kind of like snapchat okay i could probably have you know it’s impossible to know how many i have but it’s probably between five and ten thousand people that follow me on snapchat i literally do not care about posting on snapchat anymore

Because with i have about 1,300 people that follow me on instagram okay which is kind of like a backup to the backup right and and i’m getting more views on when i do a story on instagram now then i am on snapchat literally over the past week since that snapchat update got rolled out my views on snaps have been cut in half literally 50% in a week ever since they

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Did that update and that’s across the board like i’m not the only one that that’s happened to pretty much everybody across the board because it basically what they did is some of us that are not really celebrities like i’m not a celebrity but they group me in like the celebrity tab with like the discover feature and whatnot i’m not a celebrity man like you cannot

Group me in that like i should be grouped with like the other regular folks right and they have screwed this up bad guys so all i will be focused on now as far as my backup is instagram so if you want to follow me as far as you know knowing what videos are coming out before they actually come out on the channel if you want to follow behind the scenes stuff if you

Want to follow my lifestyle and kind of things i do and you know a lot of the fun stuff i do sometimes i post pictures and and things like snaps i used to post now i’m gonna be moving all that over to instagram because they have was almost so much more to offer me there i haven’t even you know focused on building that at all really i’ve like you know giving it out

In the last couple videos but i have not focused on building that instagram at all that is my focus off of youtube for now and let this be a lesson to any of you guys who are like building something on social media who you know have a business on social media maybe you’re someone that’s you know a social media you know personality or whatnot let this be a lesson to

You guys that you know these platforms they can switch things up in a second and it can it can you know cause havoc too whatever you have going lucky enough i make zero income from snapchat so that i can just move from one thing to another but some of you guys that maybe you you made it may have had you know revenue tied to snapchat or you know maybe you’re making

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A lot of money on instagram or youtube or whatever you it’s always very important to understand that you know one of these places can switch up things in a snap of a finger and you’re screwed and you don’t think about that if if this was imagine if my youtube channel imagine if youtube switched up something and i got half the views i get also an overnight you know

Basically what happen when snapchat that basically means everything that i make would be cut in half overnight that’s a scary thing guys that’s why i’m focused on building not just youtube but things off of youtube for this risk factor and you know i’ve been saying it to people a long time now and i’m going to keep saying it you’ve got to be worried about these

Types of things because the minute they have all the power like these big social networks that we kind of build up on like they have all the power and as soon as they want to switch to the other side they can switch what a bad decision by snapchat here the company that i really believed in the long term that i don’t really believe in the long term now at this

Point you know who knows where the company will go over time i’m almost thinking about buying put options on it i probably won’t because i have money going toward other things right now but man what what a screw-up like like really and they can’t they can’t see this i just don’t get it i literally don’t get it no one gets it no one gets it but the ceo the things

Like like you know everybody just needs to get used to it we’re gonna see what happens there guys but anyways thank you for joining me as always follow me on instagram and have a great day

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Snapchat = Snapcrap By Financial Education

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