Sneaky Way to Get Half Off Amazon and Mail Time

Stacking discounts is where it is at. The more you can stack the more discounts you can get. Eventually… you’re hitting close to 47% off and I do this pretty often as the need to buy things arise. Watch to see what I do to get so much discount.

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna show you how i basically got more than 47 percent off of my computer system on amazon i’m doing this by stacking tax write-offs credit card bonuses and store card bonuses on top of each other on top of this i’m making a video so it possibly could potentially pay for itself before i begin i received a

Letter and also a package coming from japan from someone i actually recognized this is from tom and becca be happy holidays it’s the happiest time of the year dear francis aka beat the bush merry christmas and happy new year best wishes this holiday season enjoy your channel looking forward to what you come up with in the new year sincerely subscriber rebecca b in

South carolina i have no idea what it’s like over there i kind of imagined it to be not as diverse as in california so i sort of have my reservations to going somewhere where i’ll stick out like a sore thumb be like the only asian person there is it like that for those of you that’s been to south carolina please let me know it comes from japan it says chips and i can

See this squiggled alice’s eyeliner now she was very nice and when i visited japan she gave me some treats along with that godzilla face mask my vlog in japan you’ll see me testing those products out i’m looking at this and the postage is crazy about six us dollars to send this thing over here thank you jeanne nobody tried to poison me okay don’t send stuff poisoning

Me beep the bush over here it has little dollar signs on it oh boy there’s something written in here it’s one of these little 3d ones let me go get the other one i leave this letter just over there over my fireplace let me go get the other letter here it is see i keep it around this is really cool i actually keep all the letter so far hi francis congratulations on

Your booming channel just one day say thanks for inspiring me to create my own content and to wish you happy holidays i feel the need to supply you with rare character team face masks from time to time so here you are best strawberry something so here’s the face mask okay this over here on top uh says chicken stock and show you flavored ramen grilled cheese burger

Flavored ah it says disgusting but i don’t know i think it’s gonna be pretty good actually minion face mask over here kind of hungry actually i kind of want to eat these chips it smells fine to me it tastes like cheese flavor to me it tastes a little meat in there yeah a little meat flavor look at these chips start quite a bit smaller than us chips and they’re not

As curved it seems this tastes like the cheddar cheddar pringles i feel like i have to have a few in order to figure out the taste here i’m gonna taste it now you know the cheeseburger tastes like the the melted cheese with a little bit of savory beef it says disgusting i don’t think it’s disgusting it tastes pretty good look at this even the stationery has grilled


Cheese burger on it i’m tokyo disney resort now this chicken stock and show you flavored ramen this one smells a little funny it smells like soy sauce oh a little bit okay ramen pringles so the chicken tastes like chicken in the biscuit type of chicken a little salty show you it has this japanesey smell to it china when you go into those who don shops you smell

To show you kind of like that tastes pretty good to me anyway today i want to talk about how i needed to get a computer for this youtube channel i have a pretty powerful computer it’s an i7 4 7702 it can edit 4k videos except it cannot edit it very well it stutters a little bit so i look to upgrading it so that it has about twice the power with an eye nine-nine

Zero-zero okay i don’t need to buy absolutely all the components but basically all the stuff that i need in order to upgrade it costs about $1,300 i ran out of amazon credits basically i had about $1,200 of amazon credits in my account because i’ve been using my sears credit card several months already and basically filling up the requirements until i can get that

Ten percent rebate by the way you cannot get this card anymore but i’ve been enjoying it for like years already where every couple months of the year they would say oh you get ten percent cashback if you spent up to this amount or whatever they always change the promotion a little bit but lately over the past year they’ve gone a little crazy on this over the past

Four or five months every single month they had this ten percent off thing so i’ve been loading up on amazon gift cards and not really spending it because i don’t have that much that i need to buy on amazon until today all of that money that’s in my amazon credits has already gotten more than 10% of cashback already this time i needed to buy a total combined of

$800 of gas groceries and restaurants i spent about $300 so far so i needed to fill it up so i bought a $500 gift card from safeway $500 gift card filling the rest of that requirement up means i get $50 back in cash back this is 10% already so safeway happened to run this promotion where if you spend $500 on gift cards you’re going to get double and then double

In terms of points so you get 2,000 points what this means is that you have to keep on redeeming it and i went back three times the first thing i redeemed was 1,000 of those 2,000 points 1000 points gets you $20 off that’s really really good and you just have to spend more than $20 so what i did what did i do i bought this lamb chop rack of lamb chop grass-fed

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Frenched this thing costs $14.99 a pound 2608 so i walked out the door with this french lamb chop for six dollars and eight cents now i’m not gonna have all of that because i’m gonna have a dinner party so not only me is gonna have the lamb chops i’m gonna have a bite of course i think the next thing i did was redeem another 700 points which gets me $10 off now you

Cannot keep on redeeming the $20 off thing you can only you know use it once so then there’s the next here which is 700 points for $10 off and then i went in there and bought carrots which is four dollars retail grapes seven dollars retail so at the end i paid 98 cents for these two things and then after this you have to keep on going in and out because when you

Apply these coupons it’s kind of strict because you can’t just go oh i want to use all three coupons at the same time i’m not too sure if that works or not so in order to place safe i just went in went out went in went out so the third time i go in this thing is five dollar special spots which it’s two pounds in here so 250 a pound not too terrible for brussels

Sprouts four dollars off of that because i redeem another 300 points that used it all up and i only paid $1 so one dollar one dollar $6 so eight dollars or so for you know these four items over here so all of this 20 dollars ten dollars four dollars it’s thirty four dollars so this works out to be about 7% 6.8% in reduction of what i actually have to pay so ten

Percent cash back through my credit card plus another 7% so this is 17% off of stuff i was gonna buy anyway you can reduce it by let’s say 2% because maybe some of these items i bought were a little bit too expensive and at the beginning i said it’s about 47% so where does the rest of the 30% comes from it’s because all those things i bought is actually for this

Youtube channel therefore this is a complete business expense i can write this off along with the miles that i drove to safeway i can write off about 50 cents per mile on top of that as well for example let’s say you spend a thousand dollars i really spent $1,300 or so i might spend more i don’t know but let’s say you spend a thousand dollars it’s really as if i

Was spending $700 this is because when you spend something as a business expense it comes off the top so whatever you make as revenue let’s say making this video and then i get some ad revenue from google so let’s say i made $10,000 and then i spent $1000 on the computer then it’s as if i only made $9,000 and i never have to pay taxes for that amount so this gift

Card thing is really tax free all because this is an actual business expense now to recap the mileage i went to safeway is written off the gift card credits i buy gets 10% off through the point i obtain through that grocery store i get another 7% off through tax write-offs because whatever i bought is a business expense it’s roughly another 30% so 30 plus 10 plus

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7 is 47 percent off because i made a youtube video i’m also going to gain youtube ad revenue from this so i would guess i don’t usually make it enough from one single video to pay for that whole computer system but it would most likely offset it a little bit more as well now right now you can’t get my sears credit card for 10 percent cash back anymore right now

They converted over to this point system so if you do the same thing you’re only gonna get points and you can only spend this at the sears store so this makes it so that it’s almost worthless but you can most likely still use a bunch of other credit cards that gets 5% or 6% off of groceries as long as you have five or more percent off of groceries it’s still sort

Of worth it to do because you can just go to the grocery store buy your amazon gift cards and then you know get your 5% at 10% off and then if you happen to have a safeway then you can get the 7% off the rebate that you get from this grocery store fluctuates of the bid i got a little bit lucky during today because somehow they doubled it so then i got a lot more

Cash back even if it’s like three four percent i’m still very happy with that cheeseburger delicious okay jean is trying to tell me something here because maybe my complexion is not too well minion face pack here we go it’s actually colored cool i suppose this will be good for my face but you know i would have to say i never regularly do face masks i only do these

Because they’re sent to me they could give me a sec while i arrange this properly using a mirror so maybe i need to wear blue because it seems like it’s not coming out that well you know when i look at it in the mirror i don’t go mmm minion but then the godzilla one i see that you know it comes out really easily mmm cheeseburger doesn’t work too well when you have

A nice box don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know if this gives you some ideas on doing your own write-offs it is so advantageous to have your own little side business going on because as long as you have some profits you can completely almost write it all off when you do of course you make no profits but then you also pay no

Taxes that takes off a huge chunk of what you actually have to pay for every day real items that you would use anyway especially it has something to do with you generating income and making money don’t forget to subscribe over here and ring that bell icon thanks for watching you

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Sneaky Way to Get Half Off Amazon and Mail Time By BeatTheBush

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