SOFI, NIO, DKNG, AMC, PLUS 8 MORE STOCKS TO BUY NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, June 30

SOFI, NIO, DKNG, AMC, PLUS 8 MORE STOCKS TO BUY NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, June 30

Hi guys it’s doc curry and today i’m going to give you a market update we’ve also got 12 stocks that we’re gonna cover but before we get into that real fast i know a lot of you are new and you’re kind of a new trader maybe you got into the stock market because of amc maybe you just got in because of some youtubers you’re finally getting your feet wet a lot of

People ask me some pretty basic questions like how to read charts and how to know when to buy stocks how to know when to sell stocks and if that’s you if you’re a brand new trader and you’re still trying to figure all this stuff out then what i would recommend is that you go and take a trading course uh the best trading course that i have found is called zip

Trader u it’s put on by a youtuber that we cover on this channel called ziptrader and i contacted ziptrader and i negotiated a 15 discount for you off of ziptraderu so if that’s something that you’re interested in if you want to learn how to trade stocks you can enroll in ziptraderu i have the discount code for that down in the description of this video alright

Uh for those of you who are new to this channel my name is stock curry i used to work as an analyst for some large investment banks and now i analyze stock picks from the top 10 youtubers each day i give you the cliff notes from every single stock pick from the top 10 youtubers as well as my analysis on their stock picks now if anything i talk about today piques

Your interest make sure you listen to who i see talked about that stock and then go watch their video to get the full details on what they said all i ask we’re putting all of this together for you is that you hit that like button subscribe and then click the bell icon and click all so that you can get notified when i release my next video in fact i’ll give you

Five seconds to do that right now all right before we get into today’s stock pick so just want to remind everyone that i am not a financial advisor and none of the youtubers at analytes are financial advisors either nothing i talk about today is a recommendation to buy sell or hold these are just my opinions which may or may not be accurate please do your own

Research before investing in any asset now for those of you who are wondering what you’re looking at right now you’re currently looking at the weeble desktop app weibo is the app that i use for my trading and it is also the app that i use in all of my videos if you’d like to get two free stocks worth up to two thousand three hundred dollars you can sign up for

Weeble using my link in the description below when you sign up using my link in the description below and deposit just one hundred dollars weeble is gonna send you two free stocks worth up to two thousand three hundred dollars and in full disclosure i do have a material connection with both weeble and interactive brokers now let’s get right into the market update

Today was kind of flat in the markets uh wednesday thursday and friday might also be flat as people kind of take a break going into the holiday by the way monday is a holiday in the stock market there is no trading on monday it is the united states independence day celebration and so next week is going to be a four day trading week but i do think this week will

Continue to be pretty flat going into next week now july is normally a good month for stocks long-term inflation fares have subsided a bit taking a look at the break-even rate which is the difference between treasury yields and inflation index bonds the five-year is at 2.45 while the 10-year is at 2.33 percent that points to inflation being short-term which is

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Good for both the economy and the stock market we’ll still have to deal with the feds slowing down its bond buybacks and eventually raising interest rates but those things are necessary to slow down inflation and prevent hyperinflation banking stocks should continue to perform well for the rest of this year they passed their stress tests with flying colors and

Now have plenty of cash on hand to raise dividends and do share buybacks both of those will push banking stocks higher and if interest rates start to rise that will be another upward catalyst for banking stocks travel stocks such as airlines and hotels are struggling right now that is because there is evidence the current vaccines are not effective against the

Delta variant of the pandemic virus vaccine manufacturers say they are but news is coming out of israel showing that half of the people getting infected with a delta variant were fully vaccinated already this is causing fear that travel will have to shut down again and in fact that is already starting to happen in places like uganda that said it also looks like

Although vaccinated people are getting the delta variant they are not getting the serious effects that would require hospitalization so there’s a chance that the fears are overblown and the travel stocks will rebound quickly okay let’s get into our stock picks and first up is a b and b this is airbnb stock mo listed a b and b as one of the best grow stocks to

Buy now stock mode thinks a b and b will perform well as the country reopens he also sees a lot of upside potential since airbnb ran up to nearly 220 dollars at one point a b b probably does have good long-term growth potential but in the short term it is looking very bearish the candles are below all of the emas the rsi is dropping and the macd is dropping i

Would not touch a b b until it starts showing some strength okay don’t skip this next one we’ve got the sec involved now next up is amc and this is amc movie theaters larry jones discussed how the numbers continue to not make sense at amc and how the market manipulation continues the short interest continues to rise and is currently around 19 percent however

The borrow fee is supposedly only 1.24 amc is a hard to borrow stock the borrow fee should be well above 30 percent so this is very suspicious in all of my years working in securities lending at major investment banks i have never seen a borrow fee this low on a hard to borrow stock something funny is going on here now larry jones also explained how amc is only

Going to go up in price if more people buy new people need to bring new money into amc in order for the stock price to go higher and of course once they buy they need a hold and not sell every time amc gets above 60 dollars now keena grace also shared some exciting news today amc just got added to the sec’s regulation sho threshold security list that list is a

List of securities whose transactions failed to clear during the previous five trading days settlement failures can be indicative of naked short selling and best of all now that amc has hit the threshold security list the sec regulators have to review amc to detect market manipulation isn’t that what apes have been asking for all along the fcc is finally going to

Investigate amc’s trading transactions for naked shorting and market manipulation but it’s not all rosie keenan grace also showed us how the motley fool released another article today saying that it’s actually the apes who are doing the market manipulation by artificially pushing the price of amc higher than it should be well we’re going to find out who the sec

Thinks is doing the market manipulation once their investigation into the failures to deliver is over next up is baba this is alibaba this is the chinese version of amazon baba is up quite a bit over the past six days it may be losing steam though as it’s approaching overbought on the rsi i think we may see baba get up to the 300-day ema at around 234 before

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Bouncing and having a small pullback in the long term though baba should perform well and ziptrader reiterated his 320 price targets the monopoly concerns the d-listing concerns and the missing jack ma concerns are all over now so it’s just a matter of time before confidence rebuilds in baba and people start buying the stock again next up is bark this is the

Original bark company they sell themed box subscriptions focusing on docks the traveling trader listed bark as one of three high-growth stocks that could take off soon the traveling trader likes how ba rk seems to have found support at around ten dollars bark has an average analyst price target of fifteen dollars and thirty three cents and if we scroll down you

Can see our citigroup just two days ago initiated coverage with a buy and a price target of 16 that represents a 50 upside from tuesday’s closing price by the way if you want to get access to tip ranks or if you currently have a free account and want to upgrade i have a link for 20 off in the description of this video that promotion ends thursday though so you

Only have a few hours left to take advantage of that offer next up is dkng and this is draftkings they’re an online sports betting company stock mode listed dkng is one of the best grow stocks to buy now stock mo has an 80 year-end price target on dkng that represents a 53 upside potential from tuesday’s closing price right now drafts king’s daily fantasy sports

Is available in all but six states but draftkings sports betting is only available in 11 states and draftkings online gambling is only available in four states so there is tremendous opportunity for growth as more and more states legalize online sports betting and online gambling next up is fsr this is fisker and they’re a car company getting into evs stock mode

Thinks fsr is one of the best growth stocks to buy now stockmo is a 40 price target for the end of next year meaning he thinks fsr will double in price over the next 18 months next up is icln this is a global clean energy etf the traveling trader listed icln as one of three high-growth stocks that could take off soon icln used to trade 34 and that was before the

Infrastructure bill the traveling trader thinks this etf will perform well once the infrastructure bill is passed this will be a long-term hold for the traveling trader next up is mara this is marathon digital holdings and they’re a bitcoin miner stock mode listed m-a-r-a is one of the best grow stocks to buy now mara should perform very well if bitcoin can turn

Around and have another bull run right now bitcoin is questionable and whether it is going to go up or down from here i personally see mara is a bit of a gamble and less secure than the other stocks stockmo included in his list of best gross stocks to buy now next up is nio this is neo and they’re a chinese ev manufacturer and well stockmo said he was wrong in

His prediction that nio would drop and i will say that i was also wrong nao was up today after citigroup increased their price target to 72 dollars that raises the average analyst price target to 65.67 ziptrader and i both agree that we may also be seeing a run-up into battery day next week in a buy the hype sell the news event but i’m not a hundred percent sure

About that we did have two news catalysts each day over the past two days to push the stock up if it is a run up into battery day though then nio could easily get to between 60 and 65 by july 9th before selling off i still feel like nio is in desperate need of a small correction though and whether we get that correction now or the correction doesn’t come until

After battery day i’m not sure because i’m not certain on where nio’s price is going to go in the short term i will not be trading in io for now i like to trade stocks that follow the technicals and nios not doing that i don’t like trading stocks that behave irrationally because they are so hard to predict in the long term i would rate in iowa buy as it still has


A 30 upside to the average analyst price target of 65 next up is plug this is plug power and there are hydrogen fuel cell manufacturer stock mo listed plug as one of the best grow stocks to buy now stockmo said he just recently added on more plug plug is still down over 50 percent from highs and should outperform the market over the next year as infrastructure

Spending focuses on renewable energy plug was down a little bit today and might be down again on wednesday a little also in the short term if plug can close above the current resistance level of 34.50 then it should be for you to run up to just under 40 next up is sofi and this is sofi they’re an online fintech startup stock mo listed sofi is one of the best

Grow stocks to buy now sofi is in a downtrend right now so i would personally wait for it to bottom out before buying but in the long term sofi should outperform the market stackmo believed in the long-term outlook of sofi enough to buy a leap call option on it that says a lot because stockmo only has leap call options on five stocks and sofi made the list by the

Way sofi is actually a great investing platform it’s not great for trading because it doesn’t have any charting capabilities but for long-term investing it’s great one feature i really like is that you can set an amount to deposit it into your portfolio every two weeks and then have sofi automatically buy shares and companies you select with the deposited funds

You can fully automate your long-term investing with sofi by doing this if you want to check it out i have a link to sofi along with an offer for fifty dollars in free stock on my promotions page and i have a link to my promotions page in the description of this video and finally we have vrtx this is veritex pharmaceuticals the traveling trader listed vrtx as one

Of three high-growth stocks that could take off soon specifically the traveling trader likes vrtx as a long-term recovery play it had some disappointing phase 2 results with one of their drugs but they still have a lot of other things that they do besides that one drug the traveling trader thinks vrtx sold off too much on the phase 2 results and he now expects a

Rebound vrtx already had a short-term rebounds so this does not work as a short-term play but the traveling trader does like it as a long-term play alright i hope you enjoyed this video and get a lot out of it comment down below what your favorite stock pick is and if you want to get some free stock so you can sign up for weeble using my link in the description

Below when you sign up using my link in the description below and deposit just 100 weeple’s gonna send you two free stocks worth up to thousand three hundred dollars they’re also going to give me one free stock so it helps you out and it also helps the channel out also if you’re not a us resident or if you’re interested in trading otc penny stocks then you can

Sign up for interactive brokers interactive brokers has extremely low trading fees all across the entire world and in the united states they also offer commission free trading both weibo and interactive brokers have full pre-marketed after hours trading from 4am until 8pm if you’re interested in either one of those i have a link for those in the description of

This video i hope you have a lot of success trading and i will see you tomorrow so you

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SOFI, NIO, DKNG, AMC, PLUS 8 MORE STOCKS TO BUY NOW – Top 10 YouTuber Stock Picks for Wed, June 30 By Stock Curry – We Profit Day and Night

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