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Sokoman Minerals Corp. CEO Timothy Froude | RICH TV LIVE | Gold – June 22, 2021 – Sokoman Minerals Corp. (TSXV: SIC) (OTCQB: SICNF) (the “Company” or “Sokoman”) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an option agreement with Trans Canada Gold Corp. (TSXV: TTG) (“Trans Canada”), whereby Trans Canada can earn a 100% interest in the 121 claim (3,025 ha or 7,475 acres) Crippleback Lake Gold property (the “Property”), subject to a 1% net smelter returns royalty (“NSR”), by issuing a total of 1,250,000 shares of the company to Sokoman as well as cash and work commitments totaling $600,000 over a 4-year period. The Property is located in proximity to the Trans-Canada Highway in north-central Newfoundland, is easily accessible by a network of secondary logging roads and is only a short drive away from assaying and diamond drilling services in Springdale.

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Join our trading club at and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next 10 bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest tim the ceo of pokemon minerals corp how you doing today

Tim i’m doing just fine how are you very good excited to speak with you again today we’ve spoken before actually we were speaking earlier in the conference on february of 2020 uh before the world got really weird there was a conference and we got a chance to speak and and your stock has done quite well since then you’re up about over a thousand percent so uh

Why don’t we start by you telling us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with so come on minerals corp well um we’re a very tight-knit community here in in newfoundland and um of course we’ve worked for each other in the past the principles that founded this company it started out life actually as a different named company it was golden dory

Resources i wasn’t a founder but uh when kevin and steve and and the rest of the directors approached me they needed a vp exploration and this is back uh oh must be over 12 or 13 years ago now um i jumped at the opportunity i just happened to be in between positions myself and the opportunity to work with you know uh people that i’ve worked closely with and you

Know idolized even you know kevin’s dad allen is you know he’s found minds i mean just his family has found mine so you know the chance to hook your wagon up to these guys was a chance of a lifetime and uh you know i started out as vp expiration and you know over time i moved into the position of ceo where i am now and uh you know i’ve i’m i’m i think i’m the

Luckiest guy in the world uh i’m actually sitting in the apartment in the town of grand falls where i was born and raised and our flagship moosehead project is 15 minutes drive down the highway i mean that’s this is how this is how this has come full circle i mean you know geologists spend their whole lives and careers just chasing you know the dream around the

Planet and to have the opportunity to come home full circle uh it’s a dream come true really and to have a project like this and support you know from our team from our shareholders it’s just phenomenal yeah congratulations on all your success if there was one thing that you would want investors to know about so come on minerals today what would that be well

I think you know i think the best is yet to come for us and i know uh you know following the heels of your comment on you know we’re up a thousand percent or something in a year i think there’s still room to grow here i mean we’re we’re certainly well funded we’ve got you know our flagship project moosehead you know continues to deliver you know superior grade

Assay results with every phase we’ve drilled so far and as well with an alliance we just formed with a with a company called benton resources run by steven stairs you know we just acquired three district scale projects again all in newfoundland for basically staking costs that we feel could be yielding yielding the next one so well with our with our treasury

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Now at 15 million dollars estimated expenditures for the rest of 2021 at somewhere between seven and maybe eight million dollars i mean we’re still you know have lots of gas in the tank to advance you know even the newer projects you know maybe a second level this year although it will be tight based on the you know amount of manpower we have and and what’s

Available but uh you know i think uh you know i think the best is yet to come for sacrament really that’s great can you tell us what the company’s main goals are for 2021 and will most of the focus still be on your flagship moose head project yes clearly uh we will uh we’re in the middle now well not the middle but we’ve drilled about fifteen thousand meters of

Our phase six fifty thousand meter program at moosehead we’re currently sitting with two drills we hope to have a barge based program starting sometime later this summer um again it’s a trying time in the business right now you know uh machines and people are very very hard to come by so timelines are getting a little sketchy at present but you know uh we’ll

Get to we’ll get the meter it’s drilled one way or the other supposing it takes a little longer with with a drill or two less but you know we do feel that you know we’ll get this done comfortably and at the same time you know make a new discovery or two not just a moose head but as well maybe an early stage discovery on one of our three new exciting projects

That we have currently with with benton so uh there’s a lot to look forward to from this company in the next six to eight months can we dwell a little bit more on your recently announced jv which you just mentioned with benton resources which our community actually knows very well do you have big hopes for the three newly acquired projects in newfoundland

Which you mentioned a little bit and is there any work planned on them for this year uh well yes i will answer your second question first uh we do plan on uh well basically doing the the paperwork compiling all the historical data these three projects sit in in geographic and well geologically different sort of settings they’re not all chasing the same sort

Of target although ultimately they are all gold projects they’re just chasing different styles of gold mineralization and we expect to start an airborne survey once all permits are in hand within the next four to six weeks depending on aircraft availability so you know we’ll have our first year commitment certainly well in hand and hopefully results back from

Not just the airborne but as well as our ongoing data collection you know to to start a ground-based program you know before before the fourth quarter starts this year so um you know they’re large projects so i mean it’s going to take an effort but we feel that with uh with our combined resources and again we’re sharing the risk sharing the reward too uh but

As well it’s easier with the support of you know a great company like bentham you know to to move these projects forward and uh you know i i’m really expecting us to come up with something it may you may not hear you know news on discovery in the next couple of months but certainly uh going forward i mean we staked these projects for reasons i mean they sit on

Major goal bearing structures in newfoundland the opportunities were sitting there and we said why let someone else come in and and stake up our backyard you know when we know this area so well so uh we’re very pleased with the results we will be putting out further updates on these projects as we as we gain more knowledge about them about the hidden details

That are buried in the files so um you know look forward to some very interesting news releases coming out periodically on all three of these projects by the way golden hope is uh one cap and keck is the second and gray river is is the third project for those that were looking for names we have addressed them in a previous press release fantastic now you have two

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Gold projects in the central newfoundland gold belt the east alder and the crippleback lake that you have recently optioned to other exploration companies what does that mean for sokomen and do you view these agreements as beneficial for the company well yes to all of those questions they were predecessor properties to us acquiring the moosehead project so

When we went all in basically back in 2018 early 2018 and acquired moosehead you know they unfortunately had to take a little bit of a back seat even though they were you know they’re they’re basically in in the belt uh they’re they’re basically halfway or closer than halfway in some cases to uh to marathon gold’s you know five i think they’ve got five million

Ounces there now but maybe soon we’ll hear something on that but you know certainly a mine in in the future and so they’re they’re perfectly positioned uh they’re sitting right on the major structure but we weren’t doing them justice because of our focus on on moosehead and then when you know the opportunities came to acquire you know district scale projects

I mean the other two uh east alders is a 30 claim project and crippleback lake is 121 claim so so they’re modestly smaller and you know we really weren’t focusing on them the way we should so in this market we decided to avail of strong interest in newfoundland acquire you know uh stock in a couple of very hungry you know aggressive juniors and uh you know let

Our shareholders benefit from the properties being advanced uh on someone else’s tab while also you know getting hopefully appreciation through the stock that we’ll get as as payments for for optioning these properties so there’s there’s still very important properties to to sacrament and our shareholders but we just weren’t doing them justice so this way at

Least they’ll get a fair shot in a very hot market one of the biggest investors in mining companies in canada is eric sprott and he’s known for silver but he owns more than 25 of the stock of sokomon minerals and is it true that this is his first major investment into newfoundland gold exploration well i would say we were certainly one of the first uh i’d

Like to think we were the first um i know he has uh positions in other companies that he may have had you know prior to to 2018 but if we’re not first we’re certainly second i would think and you know what that that’s that’s a real shot in the arm and uh you know he’s been there for us pretty well every other step of the way every financing we’ve done maybe

Except one or two small ones you know he’s been there and you know you know he he really uh thinks newfoundland is the place to be and and i agree with him and in fact when we do chat i keep reminding him that i think newfoundland is right now where timmins was in 1910 you know dawn of you know our golden age here in newfoundland is just beginning and i firmly

Believe that you know and i think you know over time uh you’ll see other discoveries i mean not just the work that we’re doing in newfound but you know other companies in this belt um because i know this area i mean you know i grew up here i know the history of this area you know land was always tied up and you didn’t always have the opportunity to get you know

Some of the properties that maybe you wanted to get because they weren’t available but you know what i have stood on a lot of them and several of them i know will produce results and i think we’re starting to see signs of that from some of the other players here and it’s all good because you know the more discoveries that are made i mean there’s nothing worse

Than a one-hit wonder you know or one camp wonder sort of thing you know uh we need more discoveries and uh you know i think more will come and uh i think we’ll be part of the team part of the parade as well uh with with other discoveries uh you know uh coming down the road that’s great now if so come on minerals were to compare itself to other industry players

In the region where would you say you guys compare and what would set you apart well i think i’ll start with what sets us apart um you know certainly in terms of market cap um you know there’s a big gap between us and the elephant in the room which of course everybody knows is nfg and you know they’ve done a lot of good work they’ve certainly pulled some really

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Good holes uh and you know they they deserve you know all the accolades uh that they’ve received and uh um you know our market cap has been the source of a little bit of um criticism uh i don’t know about criticism but you know has been a bit of a sore point for us because you know we do feel that based on results and this is where i think we do compare with

Newfound uh you know uh pound for pounds you know yes they’ve got a couple of stellar intercepts and in fact someone sent me a a chart today of of uh intercepts best intercepts in newfoundland uh i’m not sure the time frame but you know newfound is number one and we are number two so you know if that puts us second in the race in terms of you know uh one of

The main metrics that a lot of people use when they value goal projects is the gram meters which is basically the gold intersection in terms of its sickness times its grade and you know we’ve got you know we’ve got almost you know uh double digits numbers of holes you know with with uh gram meters greater than 100 and you know there aren’t too many companies

Around that that can say that so you know you know i think our market cap deserves to be higher even though we’re finishing today i think with a 52 week probably an all-time high i think i still think there’s lots of room to grow and and we deserve it you know not that i’m saying anyone else is overvalued i’m just saying you know based on results if you stack

Theirs up against ours i think most people would agree that you know we should have a higher market cap and that’s my goal well that’s a great goal as a ceo we’re going to have investors from all over the world that will see this interview today what is the best way for them to get in contact with the company well um every press release i put my email address

And my telephone number on i make myself very accessible because i think it’s important not just to get the the spin on a story which you often get from from ir i’m not not criticizing ir at all but you know a lot of people want to know technical stuff so you know i love talking geology i mean you know i come home from the pedak you know when when we used to go

To the pedec remember that yeah and and of course you know the roundup in vancouver and i i couldn’t speak because you know i was just you know yak yak all the time because i love talking about rocks right so i mean i put my name and number there as well as our corporate vice president cassie hugh right in toronto uh you know she’s a brilliant lady and i’m very

Honored to have her on my board and her team have done a phenomenal job and i think the recent you know run up in the stock is in no small part to the efforts that you know our our team our our team sorry i have put forth on on shareholders behalf and i’m very proud of them well thank you so much for your time today tim freud the ceo of sokomon minerals corp if

You guys like the video please smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere and subscribe remember rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about here in rich tv live thank you for your time today tim thank you very much for

Having me and uh let’s hope for another thousand percent uh in a year or less maybe that would be phenomenal keep up your great work and we look forward to talking to you soon very much it means a lot it means a lot always a pleasure and thank you guys for watching have a great day everybody you

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