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I want to share some serious stuff with you guys today i want to get into some details on some stuff that you probably don’t know that goes behind the scenes every single day here and what not that emails i get and whatnot and i’m gonna get into all that but what today’s video is about is everyone seems to have a price on them it’s not everyone everyone but i would

Say most people seem to have a price on them a price that they’re willing to sell out a price that they’re willing to you know throw away their dignity for a price a monetary value they have that if you gave them that price they would give up whatever they’re doing and they would say give me that money and you know we can go from there i’ve noticed that that’s

Almost everybody there they have literally a price on their head maybe it’s a hundred thousand dollars maybe it’s a million dollars maybe it’s ten million maybe it’s a hundred million maybe it’s a billion there’s some type of price on their head that they are willing to throw you know whatever it is they they have going on away for a certain amount of price okay

And i see it all the time and it’s a real issue out there and it will continue to be an issue and it will be something that goes on over time so every single day i wake up i wake up to tons of emails okay tons of emails in this is to my professional inbox which doesn’t get any junk mail there’s just like real inquiries and whatnot companies wanted to do sponsorships

I had people contact me every single day about i cos literally you know company managers or people that are coming out with i seos emailing me every single day asking oh can you you know pump are i ceo and whatnot can you do this i had one so i have one person offered me two bitcoins just to do one video on an ic o—- obviously i didn’t do it obviously i don’t do

Stuff like that but we’re talking about that’s real money guys it’s the bitcoins what 10,000 dollars or so two bitcoins were talking $20,000 ish there and they just want you to pump it out there and whatnot and you know who cares what persons watching or what not and i see this as a real issue guys today let’s talk about big connect everybody probably knows about

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It connect at that time i knew about they connect a long time ago i spoke against it and whatnot i spoke against it again on my tech channel before it you know the whole thing fell through and obviously i was in a position that i could have made at least at least a million plus dollars on if i wanted to pump it connect on this channel i could have made at least

A million dollars easy when i see what other people made off that and the fact that i had a way bigger more loyal base than those people right and some of those guys made seven hundred thousand nine hundred thousand i could have made easily a million dollars and i was like what for what to make a million dollars for what to look yourself in the mirror and say wow

I made a million dollars from pumping a bunch of garbage that lost everyone money a million dollars for what giving up your whole personal brand for giving up all your dignity for giving up your self-worth for pumping something like they’re out there like like it’s amazing to me what people will do to sell themselves if we see with companies all the time we see

Even just you know you know sell themselves for whatever price just to get out of it and the question for you watching this right now what is your price do you have a price do you really have a price i can tell you i don’t have a price at all someone could literally offer me a billion dollars right i’m not bull i’m not biessing with you if someone offered me a

Billion dollars and said jeremy don’t ever go on social media again you know you’re not allowed in the financial education channel i just want to buy all this out for a billion dollars i wouldn’t even think about i wouldn’t even contemplate that for one second i would say no in that we’re talking about a billion dollars it’s a lot of money it’s a whole lot more

Money than i have right and i would say no in a second there’s no price that could get me off of social media they say oh you know what we’ll give you this much money just don’t post any more financial education videos just you can’t go on social media you can’t do anything like that you just got to go you know the we’ll buy you an island buy you a private jet and

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You can go do whatever you want just don’t do anything social media related there’s no price i’m willing to sell out at nothing nothing and that’s another reason why i don’t do sponsorships on the channel just because you know a lot of people a lot of sponsors are crap one two i just not interested in selling other people’s stuff on my channel i just want to sell

Things that i actually believe in and i just want to say everyone that’s ever purchased anything that from me directly i just want to say thank you because you guys really helped make the whole channel go you make the whole system go you make me be able to literally not have to sell out and say oh man i didn’t make it any money this month i’m not making any money

Oh i guess i’ll pump this ico for you guys oh i guess i’ll talk about this random app over here that’s a little sketchy or this website or i’ll pump whatever i have to pump because i got to make numbers like i’m very very thankful that for everyone that supports the channel and everyone that supports me as far as you know buying products i come out with and whatnot

Because literally it makes the whole system go and it makes me not even ever have to question for a second oh man you know what i should go over there and do that guys we’re talking about there’s a lot of money you know these companies offer me these icy o’s and whatnot and they they want me to do it and there’s so much sketchy stuff out there just not interested i

Don’t have a price on my head i’m thinking long term i want i want you know to be remembered 20 30 40 years from now as someone that helped out a massive amount of people not the guy that made a quick million dollars you know pumpin some crap thing that’ll end up losing people a bunch of money like i want to speak about things i really believe in and go from there

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And that’s just where i’m at and sell my own products and you know i just challenge each one of you guys you know to not have that specific number on your head that you would sell your soul for that you would sell out for because it’s not worth it guys is it really worth it it’s a million dollars worth it 10 million 100 million to wake up and know you’re really

A piece of crap inside like is that really worth it to me it’s not into all you guys that you know i can almost guarantee you anyone who’s done things like that in the past it deep down inside maybe they like they’ll act like everything’s okay but deep down inside they know what they did they know the mistakes they made and whatnot in and it’s not a good feeling

It’s not a good feeling i don’t care what monetary thing i don’t care what ferrari you got i don’t care what you know private jet you got what yacht you got what you’re how big your house is there’s nothing that will justify it and make you feel good inside that man i did that you know it’s same thing with a drug dealer anybody that does anything bad that tries

To you know that ends up bring ton of people down with it right anyone that does anything like that like they don’t feel good in the inside guys they don’t feel good at all so i challenge you guys like don’t don’t have a price on your head don’t have a price on your head just you know don’t be a sellout things like that guys anyway so that’s kind of where i’m at

And what i’m feeling and i just want to speak on this today just what i felt like doing today so anyways i just want to speak on this thought it would be a good video so anyways thank you for watching as always guys and have a great day

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