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Hey guys how you doing this is your boy rich from rich tv live and you too can join the club at where you can learn how to win and trade hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from rich tv live with our very special guest chris shaber the ceo of sologenics how you doing today chris great rich thanks for having me my pleasure

Excited to learn more about you and your company can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with sologenics sure sure i’m i’m going to show my age a little bit now but i’ve been in this business quite some time 32 years in both big pharma as well as startup biotech and with most of my time in the startup biotech arena really dealing

With very novel drugs uh in mainly in rare disease settings uh and really a part of myself over those 32 years to really learning the business and especially the drug development business from pre-clinical research through to commercialization so it’s really allowed me as as a uh as a ceo of a startup company to really understand the different aspects of what

We’re doing here and really be able to move those forward effectively um with regard to sologenics believe it or not almost half my career has been at sologenics i’ve been here quite some time i knew some of the board members and they asked me to really build out a pipeline and from my background that’s what i had done i came and joined the ceo and really with

A pretty much a clean slate build out a very robust pipeline uh that i i think is now uh you know pretty exciting in late stage congratulations on all your success thus far my next question is can you tell us what are some of the milestones for sologenics has set for 2022 which shareholders can really look forward to you know as i noted the robust pipeline

Really allows for a number of milestones our lead program is a drug brand name hybrid for a cancer or chronic cancer called cutaneous t cell lymphoma or ctcl for short and there we’ve already completed a phase three clinical trial successfully so those not familiar phase three is that registration study that you then submit to the fda or help any worldwide

Health authority for potential approval with that successful study now this year we’re preparing that new drug application to file to the fda and we’ll be filing that in the second half of this year so a very exciting time for us after a lot of a number of years of drug development to really be able to position the the uh the program to file to the fda and

Ctcl is a rare cancer where lesions or plaques tumors on the skin develop and you need to treat them and we treat them with a very novel topical agent you apply to the lesion or a plaque and you activate it with a proprietary like device which is essentially fluorescent light safe visible fluorescent light to reduce or shrink uh the lesion on the skin so a

Very safe efficacious approach from the data we’ve seen so that’s our lead program we then behind that with that same uh active ingredient in hybrid we’re also looking to do the same thing in mild to moderate psoriasis a much larger indication than ctcl but an area of unmet medical need a phase two study will start in the second half of this year for that and

So that’s where a lot of our focus has been i think what’s unique with solargenix we also have a separate segment of our business that we call our public health solutions segment this focuses on a number of heat stable vaccines for infectious disease for biodefense applications that are funded entirely by the government while i’ve been with the company over

My 16 years we’ve received an excess of 75 million dollars of non-pollutive government funding to manage our programs offset our burn so as you imagine with that additional funding in addition to raising capital uh in the open markets it really has to build out a more robust pipeline multiple shots on goal and mitigate risk like a financial portfolio actually

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Chris can you tell us about the management here at rich tv live we really love to understand the fundamentals and the team behind the projects so can you explain a little bit about the management at sologenics especially their past success in the public markets no it’s a great question and as you would imagine in a sarp company uh whether it’s biotech or any

Other area there’s multitasking right you really need individuals that have expertise not only a core competency in in one particular area but can wear multiple hats and advancing the company forward and what i’ve done over the years is uh worked with a number of individuals that we’ve successfully developed a number of drugs together and i brought many of

Them along with me so they’re here at sologenics from previous previous companies some even have followed me two companies uh so my chief medical officer has been with me for for a number of years we worked together and brought a very novel therapy uh to market and uh in a previous company we’re looking to do it again here with hybrid and ctcl in addition to

My chief scientific officer my my vice president of regulatory affairs so i think to your point it’s uh into the question it’s really to find people that have that competency that can do that that have that expertise and uh it really allows for an acceleration when you actually know the folks because you’ve worked with them before it’s seamless right you move

Quickly it’s not that that usual when you hire someone new you’re evaluating them we have a team we know what we need to do and we drive forward with it and uh we’ve been able to demonstrate in previous successes of advancing technology in sharp company myself i’ve done it with a number of companies including one i co-founded which was known as discovery

Laboratories that developed the technology for for newborn babies where i led the charge of that development my chief medical officer and i developed the therapy which he then went and was involved with starting a company around that around again another neonatal indication so we’ve done that we’ve had our successes and uh you know that’s what you want to

See right is not only the successes in the in the drug development but have these successes translated to commercial value for shareholders and we’ve been able to do that and are hoping to do it again here at souljacks even though right now there’s some difficult markets out there yeah they’ve definitely been difficult markets now in this difficult market you

Guys have still been able to announce approximately 1.4 million in non-dilutive funding via government tax programs multiple government tax programs can you tell us about this and what it means for the company you know as i noted earlier we’ve been we’ve had a level of success in securing non-diluted government funding and uh just as we’re aggressive in drug

Development we’re also aggressive in trying to pursue that non-diluted funding because as as we we noted these markets you know they they’re volatile and at any time during the drug development process drug development takes a lot of time right so you really need to be able to fuel an engine to really advance therapies uh and enroll patients and get the studies

Done and so we’ve looked at a number of ways where we could secure non-diluted funding not over dilute the shareholder and really extend cash runway and the reason asked me that was was through our uh the new jersey state tax credit program you get monies uh for your r d selling your r d tax credits so we’ve been in that program for a number of years we brought

In roughly you know seven and a half eight million dollars through that program so it all adds up right and it’s very helpful and has really gotten us in part to where we are today chris if sologenics were to compare itself to its competitors in the biopharmaceutical sector what would you say sets you guys apart you know i the one thing to point out something

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That i i’ve mentioned a couple times now it’s that uh it’s that non-diluted government funding right a lot of times you’ll see startup companies and they cannot extend cash runway where you know the the markets become difficult and they can’t raise capital or continue we’ve tried to structure a pipeline that allows uh allows for multiple opportunities to fund

In addition to advance good technology and we’ve been able with that 75 in excess of 75 million dollars have been able to really uh extend that cash ratio and more importantly to weather these little storms of market volatility to continue to move the company forward and advance uh and advance programs so i think that’s one unique measure of not only of having

This two-segment business where we have this government funding uh uh instrument that that continues to allow us to to defray expense and and build out a robust pipeline now here rich tv live we love to understand your share structure so can you go through the capital structure of solid gen x for our viewers and how you plan on attracting more institutional

Investment alongside more retail investors great question rich uh yeah roughly we’re at about uh 23 million dollar market cap extremely low for where we are with a essentially filing a new drug application uh for potential approval later this year uh our shares outstanding roughly about 43 million uh we have some stock options in addition around 2.2 million

Very little warrants a lot of times with stark companies especially in biotech you’ll hear a lot of warrant coverage we have roughly 60 000 warrants extremely extremely low we do have a portion of debt through a very well-known uh fund called pontifax about 10 million which is convertible at 4.10 fully diluted roughly about 48 million no preferred shares out

There and nothing outstanding we have the grant revenue as i noted cash as of march 20 uh march 22nd 2022 of roughly 23 million dollars and a quarterly average burn of about 3.2 million so relatively low quarterly burn for the pipeline we have that extends our cash runway into mid 2023 uh the only other thing i’ll add is that you’re always willing to maintain

Potential instruments that allow for additional funding to come in not only that non-diluted government grant and contract funding but we do have an at the market vehicle that we can sell shares on the market through b riley roughly about 26 million at our disposal we don’t use it as a primary funding source just to supplement cash but that adds another 26

Million potentially uh to uh to our cash runway if needed and one thing that we are doing to your point about attracting institutional investors as you know many times these institutional investors are looking for deals right they want the discounts they want the warrants we don’t need cash today right we’re we don’t we’re not selling a deal we’re advancing

The pipeline with the deal to come uh potentially in 2023 but i’m very active on the investor relations public relations run speaking to a number of investors uh both institutional and retail family office just getting the story out there the message out there uh and i think that’s something that’s very important now especially with the markets currently and

We’ve seen a little bit of momentum in in our our stock uh recently over the last few days with some of those discussions hopefully more to follow and uh one thing is i will be in front of those institutional investors and if a good fundamental institutional investor says to me hey chris i i want to take a position in your company i’m sure my board and i will

Entertain that depending on the quality of the name and if they’re long in the stock but uh it’s really to get the message out to as many folks as possible institutional and retail and family office and just continue to increase awareness on what we’re doing here chris if there was one thing you would want shareholders to know about sologenics today what would

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That be uh you know i have to say i mean if those those individuals that are familiar with the drug development process how long it takes and the risk profile associated with it where we sit today with our hybrid in cutaneous t-cell cellobomb or ctcl this is about as de-risked as you get uh after being through all the clinical trials showing success now having

To file that data with the fda we’re at a at a very nice inflection point unfortunately the frustrating thing for me is is is a potential uh positive for an investor right is the stock price is is severely depressed uh we’re trading below cash with an asset that’s already demonstrated positive data and facebook we’re filing an nda it’s a nice entry point at

Roughly about 55 cents to get into this to this uh get into this uh stock what is the best way for investors to get in touch with the company if they have any questions about sologenics uh obviously you could always call directly uh at our the company number and we we make it a point to make sure we’re very active with our investors keeping them updated on our

Website at we also in the upper right hand corner there’s a contacts and if you click that you can write an email and if you put investor relations or business development depending on what it is those come directly to me and i respond or my one of my associates responds but we’re very we’re very prompt in responding to any inquiries we’re also

Very good i think as a public we’re putting a lot of information out there we have on our website we have a lot of information presentations fact sheets uh we have a youtube channel with short videos that summarizes uh what we’re doing here and where we are and to the some of the questions you asked rich what are the key milestones and i i hit those in a short

Video very carefully so we try to put as much information out as possible so that people are informed and kind of know where we are we’re an exciting uh inflection point right now and uh there’s a lot of momentum uh behind us internally to drive to file and uh you know we’re expecting important things good things in the next uh six to 12 months well thank you

So much for your time today the ceo of solid gen x chris shaber thank you for joining us today chris oh rich thanks for having me i’d love to uh to join again and keep you updated on on our accomplishments always a pleasure and we wish you all the best of luck on your future endeavors i want to make sure everybody puts solidgenix on their radar and on their

Watch list symbol is sngx on the nasdaq you can also go and learn more at rich tv dot io a community ecosystem built by investors for investors now i must remind you guys that rich tv live is strictly for information education and entertainment purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or discuss here on

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You first what do you guys think about sologenics love to know what you guys think comment on the video this is rich from rich tv live with chris schaeber the ceo of sologenics saying have a nice day everybody we’ll see you soon you

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