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Sonicare Rechargeable Toothbrush I recommend:

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m gonna review these toothbrushes for you i just got this one and it’s a really really cheap battery-powered one this one is something i had a long time ago i’ve actually used this toothbrush handle for about six years now so you cannot really get this product anymore but they do sell something similar that is

Rechargeable i’ve actually made this rechargeable instead of using the alkaline batteries i come with this i just shove in some rechargeable and the loops let me tell you this really does not brush very well and i’m gonna show you why it’s basically a toothbrush like this batteries instruction manual just open the bottom like this put your batteries in you put the

Lid back on and then you just push the button and it turns on for two minutes while you’re brushing and it turns off by itself i do like the stand of this to pressure because that makes you want to put your toothbrush down like this and not straight up because you put it straight up and your toothbrushes wet all the water kind of drips down into all the mechanism

Over here and eventually the water seeps in and breaks your toothbrush here’s the one you can no longer get you get the handle and then you get the brush head you also get some double-a batteries some manual and a warranty card and we down on the bottom it says positive so you put the positive in there and you put the other one in there like that you put the lid

On you just twist this on and you’re ready to go now i’m gonna turn both of them on and show you how much the brush head moves you can see this cheap one barely moves left and right and when you’re using this you can actually feel it not brushing as well they say actually this is moving at 15,000 rpm whereas this one is moving at 31,000 rpm this eseries brush head

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Is actually moving the brush head about one third of the width of the brush head whereas this one you can barely see it move any when you’re holding the cheap one you can actually feel the handle move a little bit more than this eseries handle this vibrating toothbrush works so much worse than the e-series one that i can kind of compare it to this shaver which is

Using the triple-a battery here and then you just screw the cap in to close the cap and then you push the button to turn on and it just kind of vibrates the end of the razor blade this vibrating razor thing is kind of like a gimmick because it doesn’t actually make you shave better in fact they got sued by their competitors because they’re trying to gain market

Share and they claimed that it was going to make you shay better but in fact it didn’t so this toothbrush kind of reminds me of the same thing because this one and the e-series one they’re both sonicare but this one uses it appears to use a motor technology where it’s actually running a motor kind of spinning something to to make this move where is this one it

Has a transformer inside and a magnet over here part of the brush head and it moves that linearly left and right i don’t know that that has a lot to do with it being better but when i’m actually using it i can feel the brush head get in between my teeth compared to this one which just kind of like vibrates in there and doesn’t do much given that i actually use

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This particular model for six years is pretty reliable if every time after you brush you put it upside down because you let all the water drain out instead of going into the unit and they no longer sell this particular kind where it uses double-a batteries any more in fact they change it to something that looks similar but it uses a rechargeable battery and it

Has a rechargeable stand that you put this in straight up like this i recommend don’t do that no matter what don’t do that because if you do that every single day the water from the brush head is eventually going to leak because some of it leaks in the next day you use it and it vibrates and it leaks it kind of pushes in some more and if you do that for a couple

Of months or a year or something you’re gonna bound and have some water leakage inside the electronics and that’s what you don’t want anyway whenever i used enough of my toothpaste i kind of fold the end like this and wrap a rubber band on it i don’t have to push the toothpaste up all the time if i have it packed like this i just gotta press in the middle and the

Two-piece comes out so let me just show you my whole face is moving because the whole brush head is moving where’s this one it seems like it’s going like this it’s going like brushing like this so the back of this doesn’t really move this one it’s like the whole thing it’s going like this this one it’s going like that okay so just be aware of these cheap two brushes

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Is not going to brush your teeth all that well and it’s gonna affect your dental hygiene and you’re gonna get cavities and things like that so that’s always not good so trying to go for one of the sonic harry series one because they brush much better i’m gonna leave a link down below for where to get it but the one i showed is going to be a rechargeable version of

This one and don’t use the base right under after every single brush you can go for one of those diamond clean version of the sonic hair brand but they’re gonna be a lot more expensive i think it’s like $160 or something like that so it’s gonna be like hundred some dollars more expensive than this guy so to me this is a good way to get the best bang for your buck

Because you’re getting the core technology for the lowest price don’t forget to give me a like over here leave a comment down below let me know what you think of this method and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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