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Soon to be CEO Jim Morrison – Emergent Health Corp. (OTC PINK:EMGE) – RICH TV LIVE – August 11, 2022 – #emergenthealthcorp #interview #richtvlive #ceo #jimmorrison #emge

Want to learn about stocks cryptocurrencies nfts and the metaverse join rich tv dot io hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich from be have a rich tv live with our very special guest the ceo of emergent health jim morrison how you doing today jim i’m great rich thanks for having me always a pleasure very excited to have you on the show and i have

A few questions for you first of all can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your previous experience with region biowellness evolutionary biologics and the recent announcement of your companies being acquired by emergent health corporation and why you decided to join emergence board as a board of directors and become the ceo to run the day-to-day

Operations so listen in terms of just a little bit about my background um this past june marked 41 years of managing companies in the personal care industry so uh it’s been quite a track record and a resume but it’s been all sizes of companies startups large companies one of the highlights of that of that run literally for almost 10 years from 1992 until 2001

I was the president of l’oreal here in new york during a time of unprecedented growth for the company we just had amazing results during that period um but i’ve run big companies and small companies so startups are are real natural to me um and basically emge who we’re here to talk about today is is a roll-up it’s uh it’s a roll-up of several different uh new

Corporations that that all have one thing in common and that is health and wellness um so the overall theme is really that ultimately emergent health will be a leader in the health and wellness industry yeah and based on your track record i see you doing really really well with emge and emergent health what is your individual let’s touch on that what is your

Individual past track record of success can you touch on business and entrepreneurial success from the past great great question one of the things that i’ve been able to do my entire career is to drive revenue and it’s it’s an interesting story but back in 2015 a private equity firm actually did a project and took a look at the 30 previous years of my financial

Results and those that three decade run showed a 20 year over year increase in revenue every single year so it’s honestly one of the things that i’m most proud of is that in every kind of economy and every kind of you know with every kind of obstacle we’ve been able to grow businesses and so we’re obviously very bullish about the idea of growing this company um

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Really because of the space because of the group of people that i have and because of the portfolio products that we have to work with so jim how are things going today with the company you know rich we’re really in a building mode right now um as you may or may not know there’s been several key milestones that have happened over the last 60 days because emer we

Took emergent health and we actually merged it with regen bio wellness which we had previously announced this week we actually acquired another vertical called evolutionary biologics and a third vertical called pharma zoo was already part of the company so we’ve taken these three individual units and created almost an umbrella corporation with emergent which

Literally will have its feet in several different areas of the health and wellness area but all of them very much new age futuristic forward-looking parts of of that niche can you define the problem that your company solves so right now and i gotta say that i do think covet had something to do with this there’s never been a period that that the consumer

And the individual has thought more about their health and wellness than today i mean it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to they want better appearance they want better nutrition they want better fitness they have a better sleep they want better um a better quality of life really and that in a nutshell is the problem that we solve i mean every one of these

Divisions is designed to be the solution for problems that individuals have with their physicality their health their nutrition their sleep all of those areas we ultimately believe will be a partner product and we will have a product specific to the solution of those problems that sounds fantastic and jim why is your company’s culture unique what’s your secret

Sauce so we really do have a secret sauce rich and that is i’ve surrounded myself with some very talented um executive management and i’ll touch on some of them in a second all of us are absolute experts in in various channels of distribution um during my career in in the consumer area in you know personal care goods in particular um i’ve i’ve been able to

Succeed in virtually every channel of distribution that that exists in including some of the new age channels the you know the b2c the the the amazons those kind of channels and we have the ability to to laser beam where our products should be sold where we can maximize our strength with that distribution partner and put the right combination of those channels

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Together to support revenue growth and the proliferation of those products jim tell us a little bit about some of your products what makes them unique and different and how do you plan on marketing selling and distributing them good question so what we’ve put together and we’ve already got over 30 products in the pipeline but it’s a great combination of science

And marketing um we’ve got six products that are either patented or have a patent pending we’ve got dozens of products with trademarks a tremendous amount of ip in our portfolio but i believe what our as you referred to before secret sauce is is that we really know how to market those products um we are big believers in the use of video and the use of content

Creation as we basically get our message out to consumers of what these products do and we believe that the future really will revolve around the right combination of different channels of distribution being able to maximize the sales and revenue of different products what are your key milestones for the next 12 months so if you look at what we’ve already put

Together we want to close on an acquisition which will happen very quickly called fusion pharmacy which will be a support mechanism for our pharma zoo platform so close on fusion we want to get pharma zoo up and running which will give the the consuming public a platform to buy their pets prescription products and supplies on we want to complete the rebranding

Of the holistic company which is the combination of the old region by a wellness with the portfolio that came from emergent health and wellness we want to continue the development of evolutionary biologics and we basically want to create this human pet portfolio of products that will touch the lives of every consumer not only in this country but around the

World ultimately jim why would an investor want to invest into a merchant can you talk about the growing marketplace for health and wellness products yeah great question rich you know i believe that in the last three years and it probably was accelerated by covid the health and wellness industry has literally become the most dynamic segment of consumer products


If you look at the numbers the the industry itself is valued at over 4 trillion dollars growing at an annual rate of between six and seven percent with no signs at all of slowing down we have positioned ourselves even as a new company to become a real significant player in that industry and ultimately again based on my track record in the group of executive

Managers that we put together we will become a leader in that industry as well and we there will be no stone left unturned i mean i believe that we’ll be involved in digital health the nutritional health as we’ve said regenerative health workplace wellness wearable health there’s so many areas that we’ll have our tentacles into that we will be able to ride

That wave of growth in the health and wellness industry jim how can a shareholder potential shareholder client or potential client get in contact with you if they have any questions any questions very simply uh info at is the quickest way to get instant information um and uh we’ll give you more contact information as we go through the

Show fantastic we are here with the ceo of emergent health the symbol is e-m-g-e on the otc markets we’re here with the ceo jim morrison thank you for joining us today jim and i must remind everyone that rich tv live is strictly for information and education purposes please do your due diligence do your research before you invest in anything we talk about or

Discuss here on rich tv live in saying that we believe that this is a company that is undervalued under appreciated underexposed put them on your radar put them on your watch list and we’d love to invite you back jim if you ever have any big breaking news or anything you want to discuss we’d love to invite you back here at rich tv live rich we will and i would

Look forward to being back fantastic thank you so much for your time today everybody go and learn about emge put on your radar put on your watch list if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring you the winners we bring you the news we bring you co interviews analysis and we bring it to you first thank you for watching everybody and have a nice day you

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