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I actually haven’t been in morning commute there’s actually a lot of people oh my gosh i have to weave through a lot of cars today anyway today i’m gonna visit chris from daily refinement okay i don’t know if this is gonna work nope nice to meet you chris how’s it going good got in the car over here you were in sold this car it’s really cool gets income from it over

At his channel he made a great video about it how to hack your car i guess yeah basically kind of car heck we are going to this place over here out of closet so i used to sell cars in fremont i was a lexus internet manager and then my boss wanted us to do facebook marketing for car dealerships so i did that and then this is when pokemons go became very popular i

Was out here with five ipads making a counselor what the heck and catching magikarp you actually made a living no no that was just for fun okay but then after that i thought what else can i sell on ebay and that’s what started this reselling okay i was selling the water pokemons accounts on ebay basically i was managing social media accounts for dealerships and

I really did not like that i didn’t like writing ads to get people to go to the store i didn’t then i discovered youtube although youtube was just for fun at the beginning now taking youtube a little more seriously but mainly with just the document building a big ebay store random stuff i actually didn’t know they sold used kids so it’s cool that we’re making

Full circle back good i got a thirst story again today because we can find some this recycles so i think they open they open that okay so listen we’re gonna go in let’s get go going checked out so we found this it’s called a bookshelf system and right now and even people are asking between 50 50 and maybe $65 there’s 60 available and 11 have sold so i can kind

Of reverse engineer that this would take like six months to sell oh my god i’m so probably not not necessarily a good fine if you are worried about your capital turn and this also takes up a lot of space so i don’t know oh my goodness does it go go through okay wow this is really great system it’s like all numbered and super organized how much is renting one

Of these storage units and this is 600 square feet and that’s because i’m using some of the space for work it’s cheaper if you don’t work in it how do you get back there that’s a good question so right now it’s obviously very messy but normally this right here which is the shipping station is pulled out front and this goes all the way to the back so that this is

Completely open but right now it’s messy you do if you need to use the restroom starbucks next door i see next door so you you probably have to drive what did you just do did jesus like oh i need a ship such-and-such and it’s at well that’s a good question sever so i know that there’s ever been so this is a tank top that’s sold right it’s a chubby’s skies out with

Eyes out oh but you just you knew where it was i knew where it was but that’s because i just remember but normally the labels have a code on them which is related to where it is so this is the 37 so i would rename the label d 37 and then i would know where to get it and then i’m going to pack it up load it in normally i have a setup here but i no longer have wi-fi

So i printed the labels at home oh you’re pretty pre-printed to pdf or something yeah i’ll pdf and i’m gonna print them one of the time this is these 63 84 so let’s go get it hopefully 81 so 84 hey hey hey let me let me do the next one it’s gonna be pretty embarrassing it’s not there h 2 h 2 which is over here this is a different system h 2 16 104 h 2 16 h 2 is

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Right here right here because it’s a different system so we’re looking for 16 104 h 2 are they all the same different sizes so clearly sometimes i have them filed like that files inside which makes it a lot easier to find but if they’re puffy and the higher organizing things it’s okay purchase these special ebay bags to then you get bags with your special account

Your store of subscription and then what will happen is i take these packages to the post office or you can schedule and have them come pick it up but i like to bring them there because it’s kind of like a artificial cutoff of the day so don’t end up working too much yeah that’s important minimize working that’s what so how many items you got today i think we have

Around 35 today well so it’s gonna be like three bins in the box 19 when you take pictures how many do you take for each around 8 a lot even though this is only 18 shipments it’s 31 items and then we didn’t fulfill a couple of because some of them are more than one item oh i see so i think ebay allows is it 12 pictures they allow up to 12 well we went to the thrift

Store and a whole bunch of so we were in there for about 15 20 minutes or 15 20 minutes and you just instinctively picked a whole bunch of stuff i didn’t know why we don’t you had like this whole thing in your mind that like how much certain things are valued at whatever what can sell and things and so he picked up ernests own jeans this is a very high-end like

Kind of custom jean maker these were these were a dollar their size 1 26 26 women’s this is a nice cut this we paid up we put $8 for i’m gonna ask 40 got some nice factory distressing in it some beautiful sorel boots very very good condition we paid up we paid $20 for these but this is a very popular style i am okay waiting until the winter to sell these it’s very

Warm right now but i’m in no hurry so we’ll get the money for these and then finally some nike skate shoes hundred dollars retail these actually still have the retail sticker on them so not too worn back pretty decent but these are clean up almost new 25 net for the we need 40 note for these or d that’s 65 conservatively 25 for the nice so we’re at 90 roughly

Roughly yes this pair at least i mean being very conservative here 15 so 105 turning 37 bucks in the 105 and 20 minutes not too bad not counting the time we’ll take the list this so let’s just say a couple hours of your time to make 60 70 bucks about hours what do you mean couple i mean if it takes me that long to photograph them and put them okay okay i think it

Takes you much less probably much less but we are here at goodwill so what are we looking for here today are you gonna buy some more stuff we’re looking for stuff that sells fur that we can buy for a quarter of a sold value okay where do you think about the golf clubs depends on which one we just sold a vintage paper cutter for $40 but this one is not german made

So it’s a piece of crap actually you can tell it’s made in china no offense to myself i think this takes experience looking for popular styles about like newish oh not as important as style what if i have no style you have to learn you can do the bend test aha see this has got some if it were to collapse they actually probably back or crack then you know they’re

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Not in good condition so what do you mean bend test like you and any place if you can see them center will start to crack or indent if i see overly useful that you’re still checking for a little bit of quality a little bit if you were training for a lower margin it would be fine because they’re asking 1099 you could sell them for 30 bucks easily but i’m looking

For i want to net twice my investment so that’s gonna be pretty tight so i’m gonna pass do you normally charge shipping i dunno i used to charge shipping but now i build the end of the cost so my customer doesn’t have to think about i’m gonna try and find a pair that chris will approve pretty pretty nice see kenneth cole’s one of those brands that doesn’t have very

Good resale value but very expensive me so these would be a hundred in the store no good but you would struggle to get twenty on line i see and this is another example these are a pair of asics running shoes one of the top brands right excellent condition liking you actually probably worn once or twice somebody gave up on their new year’s resolution but the thing

Is because who would donate shoes that are almost brand new but even though this is just not a popular running style note phonology new these are only 30 bucks but somebody may get sucked into the good brand because lots of be sick so for over a hundred uh-huh but don’t just buy only on the brand you to check the style okay so those are no good no no go go we

Found one really yeah okay so these are allen edmonds kind of a dead giveaway because they have shoe trees in them people don’t put these in crappy shoes so these shoes are probably three to six hundred dollars retail oh very expensive and i want francis to test the quality here okay let’s see if you can tell the difference $600 shoe versus $40 shoe can you feel

The difference in construction it feels like the soles heavier here and it’s stiffer the toe tip i mean this is dirtier so i might be biased also shoe trees also worth money okay let me look for some shoe trees those shoehorn one more one more style guide for you guys this is very popular in the sales industry these are called cap toe i do not know that what what

Do you mean just the line right here so this is two pieces of leather sewn together also it’s thicker like yeah tip here a little more production i’ll look for a little more fancy and you know if there’s a design it might be a brogue but this is just a straightforward classic guy shoot chris used to collect a lot of shoes these are the collectors so and he likes

You he knows a lot about you and i used to wear a lot of nice shoes when i had a real job and the condition is good there’s no major damage on the shoes there’s none and with some simple shoe polish he’s going to look like liking you we paid $8.99 i’m gonna ask 65 for them but here’s a bonus these are actually my sides actually when i clean these up these are

Perfect wedding shoes sometimes you might get tempted to like keep keep whatever actually look pretty good if you guys have an issue with that then definitely buy not your size oh on purpose we did it like hang out and like doing random just messing around what do you think what does this feel like real work to you know is this kind of like shopping – shopping mind

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Exploring you just said you bought a pair of shoes for $1 yeah and then you sold it for 2,500 so i actually bought it’s less than a dollar because less than that i paid $300 for 400 pairs of shoes oh you bought it you bought them all got a big lot and then one of them happens to be like some special right so collector i actually kept i kept it because it’s a pair

Of apple sneakers okay so apple has know we live in the bay area apple is huge here apple only issues clothing to employees okay so apple company apple comforters for companies leave yourself i just kept them because they’re cool and then my friend mary called me she said hey there’s a pair of apple sneakers for auction right number 12,500 don’t you have a pair

Oh i would think you would like every single pair that you have you would look it up normally i look at that you just haven’t but these as a collector of hard i just thought it was cool and plus there are no apple shoes so from experience there’s no cut there’s no comparables so like i also you couldn’t look you can’t go on ebay and then just kind of find out what

Would it’s worth nothing to compare it to well something cool i just keep it so i actually because of the condition i saw them for 2500 i think that’s fair because like could they be worth more maybe but like they’re they’re 30 years old and in average conditions 25 accepted the offer of 2500 that’s crazy okay and i pay the authentication which which is 500 bucks

So i mean what do you mean you have to pay someone to authenticate it i sold it to poshmark and they wanted to authenticate down in part also you have to pay money to poshmark too so of the 2500 are kept mm wow so it’s a big chunk but that includes shipping and so so what did you do with it did you just save it invest it or something kind of percent saving this

Is you know what i’m not gonna bolt you’re not gonna blow it off i’m gonna blow it on something go gold vacation so you could have paid for part of my honeymoon but you just know my favourite club legs with chris from daily retirement check out this channel somewhere down below we actually did a live stream right now have you guys are interested i’ll put a link

To that live stream down in the video description below thank you chris for showing me your mancave yeah and almost ebay stuff those are quite interesting we actually went to the thrift store sold well he showed me his ability to find really good goods so that he can sell them online and he has this huge ebay store so thanks for showing me around thanks for coming

Out it’s cool always cool to meet other youtubers and beat the bushes no stranger to selling stuff online so it’s nice to see someone that has a little bit of experience tonight like completely oblivious to recently just in just a little bit yep thanks for watching everybody guys don’t forget to give me a like push that subscribe button and check out his channel

Too i’ll leave it down below along with vacation bill oh no a defecation though thanks for watching

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