Sousa Dominican Republic – Travel Vlog #5

Naved is walking on the major Sosua strip where all the clubs are during the day in the Dominican Republic

What’s up guys it’s a naveed here reporting live from the dominican republic and sosua i just finished my lunch and i decided to go to the beach now so thinking about maybe taking you guys along with me if you guys want to come by the beach show you guys how far it is actually from a hotel and what a nice day and a walk and you can see this is actually a baseball

Diamond right behind my hotel room it’s actually pretty crazy so been doing some scouting for the blue jays lately some good pictures good players coming up so it’s just the hotel grounds here cool i got a restaurant so like there it’s one of the nicest hotels there’s the owner the owner just children relaxing how about a nice day use the bulbs so oh here we go

Front reception asthma galena and the may staff very friendly people very nice people they take care of you slow alright so you got this way oh that’s the other part of the hotel across the street there it’s a newer side so now we got this way so we’re gonna go this way that’s will be a shorter live a shorter walk so to the beach oh damn huh so there’s a nice

Little jamaican spot restaurant right up in here so just want sure you guys it look like and across the street so words of advice safety rose make sure you look both way five times okay nobody coming so all my boys right here to change guys subway’s so oh oh shoot there we go hey what’s up okay damn ambien you want a video right now son you’re a live tv right

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Now rich tv alive so making a video it’s my boy daniel man is one of the moto guys here yeah he wants he wants a business guys so come on down right on the back one second oh look so he has a little new motorcycle there yeah what do you got there oh a nice nice ride one egg that’s very nice man good work buddy i’m just i’m just going to be trainer so yeah so i’ll

See it no i’m going to walk up making the video we live on tv right now so yeah maybe all right buddy no i’m good i’m good right now okay all right man so he’s gonna keep it moving all right everyone’s hustling trying to make a dollar oh look at this little thing right my something right there that’s going there we go guys live on rich tv all right i’ve got a

Clean bucket all right man so let’s just keep it moving i was so that’s bailey’s restaurant right there on the right where i was uh for lunch today it’s pretty pretty close so this right there so it’s a lot of hustle and bustle okay fella bunch of shops restaurants and little plazas and stuff some rental car bike place right here so obviously motos is

The number one way of transportation but if you are going to drive here i suggest not getting a small car you need like a 4×4 jeeps the roads are just very very bad a lot of potholes and and they don’t fix stuff like that and so okay right now i’m just on the corner over the major intersection so it’s such a casino right there that oldest building right there

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Casino oh another another crackhead there we go my boy say what’s up so right now i’m on the can alright man perfect perfect thanks buddy this is the main street right here but we’re going to the beach so i’ll take you guys there another time so it’s crossing the street there’s a western union right there such a good place to change money exchange rate is

Better so just remember to bring your passport and id or something so it’s required so because the guys that give change on the corner and on the street they don’t give you the best rate so so right now it was going through a little corridor of little strips and puzzles couple places even for a rent up in here anybody’s interested feel free to hesitate me i am

Also a real estate agent so i can help you out with the real estate needs office this is a new bar this wasn’t here before i know what my fingers looks very nice my cell another spot here on the left okay so i took a little shortcut and from what it came over there but cut through there little strip and this is one of the entrances down to the beach so it’s a nice

Little path and it has all a bunch of shops and stuff so all limited independent shops it’s like a flea market a strip a flea market flow to avoid and look crazy always walk on this side so i don’t get harassed as much so oh hey ola no way interested so you see they’re very busy she lit in there relaxing we’ve got a tour companies and something cause they’ve got


A tattoo shop here i really don’t know if i really recommend getting a tattoo in a third-world country but a lot of people do man a lot of people do so so here you got a lot of the excursions and stuff scuba activities boat fishing thanks man so we got fishing guys yellow note aqua adventures all the snorkeling rental gears all that stuff you can get all that here

So and this is the one of the parking lots for the beach and here i am so boom on the right you’ll see there it is so this is one of the main entrances see all the moto’s and all the people set up in the front so guys in the orange t-shirts are the ones that usually work so snorkelling place it was a chillin chillin on the bikes so here we go almost all my father

So now we own the beach this is a front entrance one thing you guys will notice is are you sure this guy’s on the beach man what’s your trees yeah this is only the one of the beaches in the world that has trees and on it which i love because it is shade so the bathroom right here

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Sousa Dominican Republic – Travel Vlog #5 By RICH TV LIVE

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