Space Capsule Hotel in Hong Kong

A space capsule hotel is all you need to sleep right? You only need a small space to crash and you are off exploring the city right after. It is actually very comfortable with vents and privacy.

How’s it goin everybody this is beat the bush today i am in one of these sleeping capsules it looks very futuristic thanks for the subscriber who actually owns this place he doesn’t really want to appear on camera or anything but this thing is actually really cool i really wanted to check out one of these pods so you guys can now see it too so here’s the pod it’s

Only one sleeping spot over here now the pair of headphones over here you got two vents and you can adjust a vent speed over here there’s a keycard if i remove it it’s gonna start to try to go into sleep mode turn everything off like that over here there’s the brightness you can kind of dim down this thing or if i don’t want it all blue i just kind of touched that

Turn off the blue thing and you can see it looks just like a spaceship there’s a pillow we’re here and also a blanket this is kind of like a memory foam mattress over here and if you look up there’s a smoke detector and also a reading light well you gotta press that red part red part a reading light over there being light over there and then there’s a wakeup light

I’m not quite sure how to turn that one with this alarm clock thing i assumed this thing will turn on really bright when it’s time to wake up this is the back of the pod over here you see various fans that was doing the ventilation and then you look at the bottom it’s all powered and stuff i thought i’ll answer various comments on my channel they come in various

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Different videos i get a feed of brand new comments so let me just go through a few of them tarrance she asked what year boxer would be best i don’t know i only have the 2001 apparently it might have the ims bearing failure but mine apparently doesn’t so apparently the more money that you have the earlier one that you should get i’d say about five six years old

Then that would not be too expensive so you know you just buy something that you can afford but i still recommend to not buy a to newer model because the amount it costs exponentially increases max power says you trust central bank’s mp had cash system way too much this is in response to the i sold on my bitcoin video well do i trust central banks and stuff well

It’s not about trust or anything i just see it as okay you know there’s a higher risk on the bitcoin assets i sold it it’s not really about trusting us dollars or so but i mean i do have most my assets in us dollars but you know this is the way it goes it’s not me you know it’s not me saying oh i trusted you know completely the peirong says nice next time i’ll mug

The poor looking guy this is in response to my video of importance of looking poor no you need to look poor sometimes so that people won’t try to wedge money out of you sometimes you want to look poor and then a lot of people to try to troll this video by saying oh yeah now now that i know that you’re trying to look poor i’m gonna especially try to rob you you know

It’s kind of like directly trying to threaten me as a person it’s like oh i’m gonna go and rob you now but my response to this is you know if someone goes and tries to rob all the poor looking people statistically they’re going to lose out because they’re gonna average have a lot less take-home mugging money while the risk is gonna stay roughly the same let’s say

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The robbed 10 person they’re all rich looking maybe their average return will be i don’t know what it would be twenty thirty dollars per person or something and if they keep on trying to mug the poor looking people well there might be one or two that are you know pretty well-off and maybe they have cold a lot of cash but on average they’re mugging returns it’s

Going to be lower so technically statistically if you’re going to do that it’s not a good thing to do so that’s another reason looking at these comments it’s like well you know they didn’t really think it through they just kind of want to attack me another one is you are very knowledgeable and established can i ask your age or age bracket i have not given out my

Age or age bracket and this is rude and response to how to look rich but be frugal video so yeah i haven’t given out my age although i am coming very very close to giving it out because i’m like you know i feel more and more comfortable on youtube as i have this channel so as time goes on i give a little bit more information about myself as i feel comfortable and

I think i will be comfortable enough soon to give my actual age this other one is chang chau dried fish golden computer arcade hong kong which i just released you know a day or two ago it says elia no one says thanks for the video francis you look skinnier when you’re you are in hong kong take good care of yourself i might look skinnier or whatnot but most of the

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Time my weight actually stays very very constant i would weigh myself throughout the year and you know it’s about 145 pounds you it’s very very little hum i never go over 150 i never go below like 143 or something so it’s in a very tight bracket so if i look skinnier it just might be camera angles or what not truth be sold asks what’s the name of the music use at

The 3-minute mark in the same video i don’t remember i really have to go back to look that up and then i’ll respond to you in the comments so i think that’s long-winded enough and enough usage of this nice background of this spaceship looking sleeping pod so thanks for watching everybody don’t forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know

If you have any more questions for me if you’re interested in supporting my channel i have an audible link down in the video description below and don’t forget i still have that t-shirt sale thing that says infinite ocation with the honey badger on it i’ll leave a link down in the video description below that t-shirt sale is gonna end in roughly two weeks so when

That closes that is when they’re gonna start producing it and start sending a mouse so if you guys want to support my channel go ahead and get that t-shirt i also have the audible link down in the video description below i have a peach here and over here and don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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Space Capsule Hotel in Hong Kong By BeatTheBush

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