Spending to Maximize Your Efficiency

When saving money we often times only think about the dollar saved but not with the efficient that potentially could be reduced. While certain methods may indeed be cheaper, it might also cost us more time to implement. Depend on how much you are worth each hour and if you will actually do something with that saved time, it might be worth it to spend a reasonable and estimable amount on this efficiency improving product.

How’s it going everybody visits beat the bush have you noticed how some people they’re just able to complete more tasks in a short period of time well today i’m gonna talk about maximizing your efficiency when you’re trying to maximize efficiencies mainly about removing the redundant and boring tasks from your life in order to do this we need to figure out how much

Your time is worth and also how much removing the frustration from your life is worth to you the average american spends about one hour day looking for things now this is not just looking for one single object yes sometimes we might have that one single object that we spend like half an hour one hour to look for i know this morning i misplaced my hot water bottle

It wasn’t at the two places i most frequently put it for some reason i left it somewhere else not just from this i spent ten minutes looking for one single item and i anticipate i might spend about half an hour a day looking for stuff just as well loosing efficiency is about making things that you do frequently go faster the question is how much should you spend

In order to make a certain thing faster for you and how much faster is it gonna make for you now let’s say you recently switch from using one product to another and using that new product saves you one minute a day every single day for our entire year this is 365 minutes 365 minutes a day means six hours a year you’re going to save six hours of your life from just

Convenience and you can apply the six hours to something else it is not worth spending money to reduce the time it takes you to do a certain task if you take those six hours and you just squander it somewhere else so let’s say you make $20 an hour outside of your regular job this is very important that you’re able to work additional hours and every single hour that

You work you’re gonna make an additional amount this is as opposed to if you are on a salary job every additional hour that you make is not going to make you an additional amount other than certain promises that you might get a raise now that’s a topic for a different discussion so let’s just assume it’s $20 an hour so let’s say you spend the six hours wisely and

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You use this to earn extra cash $20 an hour so that first single gear you’re gonna earn $120 which we’ll then pay for whatever product that you bought for itself so if you actually use this product and it’s gonna save you one minute every single day and you’re gonna apply this time towards making more money then you can actually spend $120 and recoup this money

Within the first year if let’s say this product that you buy is gonna last two years before it becomes too obsolete to use then well you can spend $240 now these calculations is kind of hand waving but it serves as a good purpose to just kind of go well yeah you know i use this product this often and this product looks like it’s gonna last me this long and you

Can just make some rough calculations to see if it’s gonna be worth it for you in generally the more time that you can use it the more you can afford to spend on it the more time that it can save you the more money that you can spend on this item now so far all of this has been sort of abstract let me apply it to a few examples for you guys i recently analyzed

My hard drive usage i have seven external hard drives i actually took out a timer and measured how much time it takes me to remove this hard drive search for the one i actually need connect it to a cable and then connect it to my computer it took me a total about thirty seconds to do this and this is assuming i know which hard drive the data i want is in now i do

This about once every single week mainly because it’s so hard to access the information in there that i kind of dread using those hard drives but i still end up using it once a week so thirty seconds once a week for one whole year is about twenty-six minutes so instead of fishing for all these hard drives i decided to get a usb hub to connect all of these hard

Drives together so that i can just power all of them on at the same time then it becomes only pushing one button it’ll take me a few seconds rather than trying to set up the hard drive connect the cables etc so this all means i’m gonna save up a half an hour every single year but it also gives me additional utility because as soon as i have this hub have this all

Connected and ready to go i probably will use it more than once a week i’ll probably switch to using it every single day there’s a compounding effect of efficiency here because if you make something highly accessible and easy to use then you’re likely going to use it more often boosting your productivity now let’s talk a little bit about personal versus work-life


At your regular salary job you’re likely not going to spend any money on the tools that you use at work i suggest a request from your boss certain things that boosts productivity monitors being one of them keyboards mice now if your boss does not approve of buying a keyboard or a mouse i would even consider buying my own a cheap version of course maybe twenty

Thirty dollars it’s well worth it this is very important to label all the things that you bring to work so that you can bring them with you when you leave your job now i probably would not buy a monitor for work purposes because it’s way too expensive but for our mouse and keyboard you can get generic versions that are very very good mechanical ones for $30 $40

Or so now here’s another example that i grappled with which is getting a high speed memory card making these 4k videos generates a lot of data when i transfer my data into my computer it takes about six minutes or so however if i get a faster memory card it will take about two minutes so this means every single day maybe three days a week i’m gonna save about four

Minutes that’s about 600 minutes every single year that’s about 10 hours of waiting now you can say okay i’m going to do this pipeline method while the data is transferring i’m gonna do something else useful but what i found myself doing when the data is transferring is i usually just browse the web or do something else so you can actually see the main thing that

I want to do is just transfer those files in and it’s keeping me from you know proceeding with whatever i need to do another example is a tripod this particular tripod that i’m using now where the camera is sitting on this is the only tripod that i’m using when i go record somewhere else i actually use the same tripod i actually you know move to all the adjustments

And then make it higher lower you know i do all kinds of adjustment but whenever i come back to this set i always have to readjust everything and it takes me a few minutes five minutes every single time this means that every single time i want to record something else i have to dread coming back to this set and readjusting this tripod just so that it would fit

You know the framing again i’m not going to go through all that calculations but you can imagine if i do this every single day that’s about five minutes and this time that is being taken up to readjust everything really really adds up especially for something that you use every single day so that’s why you see a lot of professionals things that they use appears

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To be a lot more streamlined than the usual for a person that uses only once and then you know just forgets about it or maybe you just have some new idea something that you’re trying out that you are not doing every single day again then that’s okay to you know go and do those things spends that extra time to do it but if you find yourself doing something over and

Over again every single day you might want to look at where you’re actually spending all your time and trying to minimize that time so that you save yourself that time and then you can work on more important things yeah another example is organization it’s so important to be organized so that you’re not looking for things as i said at the beginning of the video

People spend about one hour a day looking for things if you are so organized that at one glance you can see everything that you have you know where everything is there is no question of ever spending any time looking for things then you can be a more efficient person you can do more that you want to do it’s like gaining extra life for yourself if you are organized

Person you remove this need to ever search for anything so how do you become organized with everything you just label a lot of things label the cables label the boxes label your organizational drawers i personally got a label maker recently i used to just write on little pieces of paper get tape and then just use those as labels it turns out doing that takes too

Much time yes it kind of works there’s no way that i’m gonna make a hundred of those little labels by hand so therefore if you get a label maker it’s something that will speed this process up and allow you to just label a lot more item saving you time as well in the process of organizing yourself thanks for watching this video i hope these methods help you make

Yourself a more efficient person it’s sort of like super charging yourself think about it you can do so much more if you’re not looking for stuff if you’re interested in supporting the channel check i’m an audible link down in the video description below where you can get a free audiobook if you don’t like this audiobook or this service you can cancel it before

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