Srax Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX) CEO Christopher Miglino

Srax Inc. (NASDAQ: SRAX) CEO Christopher Miglino – RICH TV LIVE – July 6, 2021 – We are an Internet advertising company that provides digital media campaigns to agencies and companies and we develop platforms that automate the digital advertising market. Through our Steel Media Group, we provide display, mobile, video and email advertising to brands and advertising agencies. We have also built and leveraged technologies that service the social media and real-time bidding, or RTB, markets. We provide access to these platforms to publishers of web content and to brand marketers. We generate revenue from a number of sources, including Steel Media, SRAX, GroupAd, SRAX DI, SRAX MD and SRAX Delta platforms.

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Analysis join our trading club at and don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell for notifications to get alerted when our next co interview is released so you can discover the next ten bagger hi how’s everybody doing today i’m your host rich here we have rich tv live with our very special guest it’s chris miglino the ceo of shrek’s inc

How you doing today chris really good rich thanks for having me i appreciate it always a pleasure excited to have you on the show and learn more about your company today why don’t we get started chris and you can tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with shrek’s inc so i started tracks um around 10 years ago i’ve always been in the data

Business always been focused around building businesses that were in the data arena so i’ve started three separate companies in my life all of which have ended up in uh in the public arena this company inside of shrek’s were you know really focused on building a product called suquire which is a tool that helps public companies understand who their investors

Are and what they’re doing so i’ve always been focused around you know figuring out ways to take data uh reformat it so it’s more useful for the end user and how to use it to then market to and then figure out a better way to create something that the you know in our this case the public company could market to right so market to their investors and things

Of the sort so always really been focused always been an entrepreneur and really focused around building companies and businesses that are uh highly focused around leveraging data we love entrepreneurs i’ve been a serial entrepreneur my entire life my whole adult life really and we interview companies every day and we love meeting with entrepreneurs and the

Entrepreneurial spirit is very very powerful especially in north america that’s pretty much been built on entrepreneurialism can you tell us a little bit about what your main goals are for shrax inc for the last two quarters of 2021 yeah so we’re in the business of of building a platform it’s a sas platform that we license to public issuers of stock so

Public companies that have come on the show many of times license our product and it enables them to see who their investors are how many shares they own what price they bought those shares more information on those users their facebook account their linkedin account their twitter account their phone number their email address and it provides them tools to

Then communicate with them sms them to email them and you can pre-define tools to say okay if certain criteria are met uh we want to email these people so our goal really is to is to get to uh you know as close to 300 companies on the platform as possible this year uh the last report we had we were around 200 companies on the platform um so now we’re just

Seeing some accelerated growth we’ve had we upped our guidance for you know for the year uh twice so far this year now we’re between 25 and 27 million dollars for this year um we think that uh we’ll continue to you know see growth in that um so we we’re going to be reporting our second quarter earnings uh here pretty soon but you know obviously in the uh

Sometime in the in the beginning of august and i think that you know this well i think we’ll have some good numbers there and i think that we’ll have some uh good projections as far as what we’re going to be building into the second half of the year so we have this is our most exciting build year we’ve built more cool stuff this year than ever in the history

Of the company because you know we’ve been working on a lot of it for a long time and a lot of the teams are coming together now and we’re releasing a lot of stuff and so it’s uh we’re really excited about seeing a lot of releases of new product enhancements into the second part of uh of 21. so that’s really our goal is you know more customers on the platform

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Happy customers on the platform and uh and more products in the platform creating more value for the people that are using the platform here rich tv live we love disruptive technologies we love innovation and you guys have a team and i’m sure it’s a strong team and in order for a company to be successful you need a strong team can you give us a little sense

Of who are the key members of your team and what type of experience they bring to the table yeah so um we have a 145 people in the entire organization so it’s quite quite large yeah we have a lot of developers that are constantly building for us and um our goal is just to keep building and building you know non-stop so we’re ro the teams are working small

Units but are building small pieces to the entire platform um so we have a head of technology we have uh you know ceo cto cfo you know we have lots of team members that are that are contributing to the entire infrastructure of the uh of what we’re building but really everybody’s as important as as uh you know the most senior people in the company because

They’re the programmers that are working every single day to build the tools that we’re bringing to market are uh you know just as important as the the cfo or the ceo or you know our top sales people because they’re really uh they’re really bringing the uh you know they’re bringing the knowledge and expertise to the table to uh to make it happen so i you know

Instead of defining each individual person individually and saying like look there’s our cfo with amazing experience or here’s our ceo with amazing experience i’d say like you know the the entire team is uh we have a close knit team and they they work closely together they have a good uh we have a good culture inside the organization um you know when when people

Don’t work out they quickly move out of the organization and but the core team and that’s been there with us has been uh you know we have employees that have been with us close to 10 years now so it’s exciting stuff that’s very impressive now we touch base a little bit about your suquire platform and that is really the the essence of what shrek’s inc is all

About can you talk a little bit about how the saquire platform works and how ai technology has really allowed your platform to predict human behavior based on traditional methods yeah so um we have 200 public companies on the platform or more than that but last report we did we had 200 public companies and we ingest shareholder data around all 200 companies

And we take that data and we put it through a lot of machine learning to understand who are these people what do their demographics look like what are their characteristics look like and what kind of people are willing to invest in uh pharma stocks what kind of people are willing to invest into technology or cannabis or into you know you name the sector of

Industry who’s investing in these different companies just otc stocks on their own are companies that uh you know those individuals have a unique profile to them and there’s only a subset of them that can actually do it right you can’t not everybody can call their broker and say hey buy me xyz stock in the otc that brokers would say no i can’t even buy that

Stock you know i’m not allowed to do that and so it was just a subset of those people but we have a good look of what all those people look like and we have the ability to then create community around all of those people and provide educational services so we we provide uh tools for uh conferences we own a conference called ld micro where we have this last

One we had a couple weeks ago we had 200 companies present at the conference they all get a half an hour to present their story and then we we have around 100 000 investors came and watched that event and watched the the difference you know the different stories from all these amazing entrepreneurs that came so and then inside of the sequoia platform itself

We help these public companies just understand who it is that is who are these investors and using ai to to help them optimize that data and uh we then say okay if this person crosses over a threshold of owning this many shares i want you to send them an email so if you know so you don’t miss somebody that bought a million shares right you want to communicate

With that person that bought a million shares or a hundred thousand or whatever the price may be that you’re interested in you can set those thresholds within our system and it’ll automatically start the engagement with that individual and say like hey the ceo of the company would really like to have a call with you you know we see that you’re increasing your

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Position in the company and then start texting them start emailing them and keep that communication going and we provide a bunch of other tools that are really important for public companies we help them manage their warrants their employee options we help them manage their contact list over time people they meet that want to be investors in the company we

Help them manage that we help them understand who their institutional ownership is how that’s changing over time who are the people that are making those investments at those institutions who are registered investment advisors that they should be speaking to and should be reaching out to that’s all integrated into the platform and a bunch of other things that

Are very technical in nature that are good for public companies we have a whole virtual platform that allows them to do earnings calls and conference calls and uh you know annual shareholder calls we just had our annual shareholder call before this call on our platform so we can uh you know we can uh then track who came who engaged and we can watch are they

You know coming back and visiting the company are they engaging with the company are they a shareholder are they increasing their position in owning shares in the company are they decreasing that what price are they buying it at what price are they selling it at so it’s all it’s very valuable data for public companies absolutely this is extremely valuable i

Think what you guys doing is brilliant actually and we talk to public companies daily i think we’ve done about 200 interviews in the last year so i think a lot of our clients will be very interested in this product and we’re going to try to make some introductions what is the projected growth of this sector and how much of it do you think shrek’s inc can

Capture so there’s around 8 000 public companies in the united states out there right so we think that uh our goal is to be at a thousand companies within three years wow so we want we want a thousand companies in three years 300 companies this year and we’re just highly focused on making that happen that is our a number one goal and i think if we hit that uh

Thousand company mark that we are a billion dollar business wow it sounds like you guys are well on your way if shraps were to compare itself to its competitors in the sector where would you say set you guys apart um i think that you know a lot of the people that are in this space now were built a long time ago for institutional ownership of stock and as you

Know that’s changed a lot your audience is all is retail oriented investors and and the retailer investor has the power just as much as the uh just as much as the institutional player does if there enough of them are coming to the plate and so i think our tool really helps uh identify those people helps communicate with those people it gives them a voice

Inside a company gives them an opportunity to ask questions to management you know they’re not ignored anymore it’s a tool that crosses that chasm wall giving them the same tools that are kind of table stakes from the institutional side we’re giving them the uh this extra retail data as well and so i think that’s one piece that defines us and also a lot

Of our competitors have mature products that have been built a long time ago we’re constantly evolving and adding to our platform there’s you know there’s not a month that goes by where there’s not a release that happens on the platform that’s a that’s a new amazing feature that uh is of interest to some subset of the of our audience and so we’re constantly

Enhancing improving the the platform itself that’s really impressive now here at rich tv live we really are fundamental traders we love tight float stocks can you explain your share structure and how you plan to engage more retail and institutional investors yeah so our institutional investor ownership this quarter this all public data has tripled so we

Went from seven million shares uh uh i mean i’m sorry uh 700 000 shares being owned by institutions to over 2.1 as of the last reporting there’s more than that that’s happened because we got it added to the to the russell now so there’s there’ll be more ownership there um but there’s there’s 23 million shares in the in the float total if you back out what

I own and what some really closely help people own within it you’re really down to around 8 million shares that actually can float that are trading inside the uh you know inside the public float so it’s super tight and it moves uh you know when it had when it has buy-in it can move very quickly and so um we i think we’ve done a good job on maintaining the

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Structure of the of the stock because you know that’s our expertise we help clients do that all the time we’re marketing out to uh get information out about the stock constantly and so we’re putting in uh new hands all the time so i think our goal is more more retail investors in the stock you know while while enhancing that uh that institutional ownership

Making sure that the retail people understand what we’re doing because the data that we’re providing is invaluable and every time we show it to people like well you know we shared it with with yourself they’re like wow i didn’t even know that’s available that’s incredible data you know i know a bunch of people that would like that or i i would you know ceos

Just see it and they go oh yeah sign me up for that right away so it’s it’s uh it’s a thing that you know people don’t understand exist and uh so it’s just a matter of getting the story out there and telling them what we’re doing yeah in 2021 data is more valuable than ever available data right when you have data on your shareholders you can get their phone

Numbers their email addresses it makes it easy for the company to get in contact with their shareholders i think what you’re doing is brilliant actually thank you and we’ve gone through it and we’ve got a chance to see it and maybe in the future we could actually go through it in more detail with our members so they can actually see what exactly you’re doing

And i would love to show it to a few companies because i know that there’s probably a long list of companies that we work with that we’ve interviewed that would love your service and i’m sure in the future we’ll be able to make those introductions now in saying that if there was one thing that you would want a shareholder that’s either a current shareholder or

Potential future shareholder to know about shrek’s inc what would it be you know we have a lot of cash on hand and we have a lot of stock on it and we you know we take a lot of stock for services and so as of our our last quarter we had around 23 million dollars in in stock on hand and uh we had 13 million in cash on hand so we have plenty of cash plenty of uh

Stock in in the past uh what plagues a lot of these small cap companies is their need to continue to raise capital to kind of take it to the next level i think we’re we’re at a point now where you know we’re looking at what what can we take back not what what can we issue more of right so we’re um we have plenty of cash out there and i think that’s something

Important for everybody to to realize we also own an asset we started a company we spun it off into its own public company that is worth our piece of that company is worth more than when i say worth i mean it currently trades at with the more than the market cap of our company wow so uh this company yeah it’s a it’s very uh you know it’s a the company has a

Billion dollar valuation um now that company does not have a tight float that company has uh you know billions of shares outstanding uh but we own a lot of them and uh if it trades and trades like crazy and um so that’s a unique thing that people need to see as well so if we ever able to monetize our asset there it could be you know we could get at least

The value of where shrax is today out of it um so it’s kind of interesting yeah that sounds extremely interesting what is the best way for shareholders to get in touch with the company if they have any questions so they can just go to uh investors that’s a great way to to get in touch our ir tracks dot com it’s a great way as well you know our

Team uh formulates the information gets questions and they’ll get back to you right away fantastic thank you so much for your time today keep up all the great work chris miglino the ceo of shrek’s inc thank you very much rich i appreciate it always a pleasure chris now remember guys rich tv live is strictly for information education purposes please do your

Due diligence do your research before you invest in anything that we talk about or discuss here in rich tv live now in saying that i do believe that this company is very exciting i believe that they’re undervalued underappreciated underexposed and i believe there’s incredible upside if you like the video please smash the like button comment down below share

The video everywhere and subscribe remember if you’re not winning you’re not watching we bring you the winners and we’ll bring them to you first thank you for watching everybody and have a nice day you

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