Stanley Park Vancouver – rich tv live – VLOG #20

Stanley Park Vancouver – rich tv live – VLOG #20

This is the vancouver skyline people is rich from rich tv live in stanley park seawall hi guys this is rich from rich tv live we have some really cool totem poles here at stanley park let’s take a look at these real closely sup guys is this indian totem poles the totem was the british columbia indians goat of arms wow pretty cool guys look at this give the

Detail credible art impressive this is rich for just to be live yes what wow look at this guys look at the quality oh nice good the view here guys i’m stanley park here’s mr. katan guys i’m rocks of course the dog is on right around the fire hugging that’s what dogs do to that boat over there beautiful day this totem pole is just incredible look at the

Detail let’s take a look at the water look at the mountains guys i still have they still have snow on them and look at all the houses on the mountains that is some of the most expensive real estate of our world right there like i said people from all over the world here so picture there there’s grouse mountain north vancouver mount seymour west vancouver capilano

Watershed lions gate bridge that’s the view that you’re seeing right now guys do this where’s mr. ketchum and bronx where will he go next yucatan could you help that person off that rock over there i think you should help that person off that rock over there what do you think guys there’s somebody sitting on a rock over there and i don’t just don’t know what we’re

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In vancouver at stanley park we’re on the seawall somebody’s sitting there this good time doesn’t want to help them we’ll get to the bottom of this guys hi guys this is rich here from rich tv live reporting from stanley park at the sea wall we have identified a dragon here look at this dragon it’s true there is a dragon at stanley park let’s take a look at it really

Closely okay pretty crazy guys zoom out here first let’s read what it says here pretty interesting paste replica a figurehead of ss empress hug japan which applied these waters 31 years yeah is he contemplating the end we seem to have somebody sitting on a rock here i don’t know what they’re contemplating there’s the dragon everybody it’s beautiful hi guys this

Is rich from rich tv live apparently mr. kadam is saying that he has climbed the top of this bridge this huge bridge apparently when he was a child scaled that wall swam in the water and went up oh to the top well his friends the legend mr. katan i don’t know if i believe him though doesn’t seem very realistic that seems very high let’s do a mr. gitano has to

Say about it mr. khattab is it true that you scale this it’s true how did you get get like you seen the top you swam so you swam in the why you how did you get all how did you get on there well it was your was how did you get on there mr. khattab how did you get on there that’s what i’m trying to pick her hola release my secrets but if you were there that that


Year 1990 how long it’s true the legend of mr. khattab he scaled the bridge there he is miska tap the men who scaled the bridge i went right to the top what would you guys do at the top there let’s zoom so we gathered in a circle you gathered in a circle how many of your friends were there tour of you wow heroes guys heroes it’s true but young and quite stupid

When you’re young you do crazy things to get there the one and only mr. catan folks and bronx

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Stanley Park Vancouver – rich tv live – VLOG #20 By RICH TV LIVE

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