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How’s it going everybody this is betta bush today i’m going to unbox for you this star cube puzzle it’s really called a yoshimoto cube you’ll see previously in the video i had this yoshimoto cube it’s actually much more expensive than this one this one runs about $68 it’s from the mole must or museum of modern art it’s purely silver and gold so it looks kind of neat

This one is really really colorful almost too colorful to the point where you can’t really tell what’s going on because it’s just a mixture of colors but let me open this up and compare to this one to show you what’s inside it runs for about $20 you can check out my affiliate link down below in the video description this is a little bit expensive because a rubik’s

Cube is actually only about $10 and you know this is all plastic and stuff so composition wise in terms of materials about the same so it’s a little bit more expensive because it’s not quite mainstream i opened this box already but you can open it through the side here if you don’t want to tear open the package cut the two tape right here cut the paper along the top

Here and also the bottom here’s the back it shows various transformations it’s made in the philippines california creations in tustin california alright really and this thing is sort of just taped in place just like most toys on the back here if you want to keep the packaging nice and clean you can cut along the tabs here like this to open them up like i already

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Did and then this should just come right off sometimes you might see tradeshow giveaways where there are eight cubes stuck together like this and there are photos on each side and then when you flip them over you can transform the various photos but instead of a complete cube inside is somewhat hollow and the way one of these is made is that another one of the same

Exact shape can fit together nicely like this if i take one side and i start flipping it you’ll see one cavity open like this and then if i start flipping it some more and then again it’ll turn into a star and then if i flip it open you can see it turns into two halves of the star and then you can just go on and on and on the cool part about this is that you can

Fit one side into the other now i have two hold here so i got to make that shape to make it look like that so it looks like this now and then i can just spit that right in and then it would still become one block and then it can still transform it and you can just partially transform a little bit of it and then you can take it out and perhaps if i attacked it in

A different way you know crisscross like this you can see that i can’t really transform it anymore because it’s kind of stuck so in order to really transform it you’re going to make sure all eight cubes attached to all eight of this side it doesn’t quite fit right now so before i had two holes here not had one in the center so let me transform it until it looks

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Like that here i have a star shape and then the two sides and i put this in and now i have the cube again here actually made a wooden model to resemble one of these sides i noticed that this took way too long so i kind of gave up after making one anyway here’s the yoshimoto version it’s the same thing you can see in this more expensive version there’s a little bit

Less slack here it’s kind of a little bit more perfectly made than this one there’s a little bit of slop here and it just doesn’t fit together quite as nicely that’s a more expensive one it just kind of fits together just a little bit nicer there is a little bit of slop in this one but it does look great as a display piece this one is more like a toy but if you

Play with this $68 one and it breaks then you know it’s not going to be so fun so here it is two cubes i’m going to transform these out this one this way and then i can put that one in and one cube so one more time you can see this cube all six sides is solid i can transform it out and all of a sudden now all the cube sides are different color i transform it again

Now i’ll turn back now i can remove the inside and this thing is solid color on all sides and if i transform it into the star all sudden is silver now all of a sudden is gold and then silver again whoa i hope you enjoyed checking out these yoshimoto cubes don’t forget to check out my patreon link over here comment down below let me know if you had one of these

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Yoshimoto cubes before and don’t forget to subscribe over here thanks for watching

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