Stillcanna Interview CEO Jason Dussault

Stillcanna Interview CEO Jason Dussault – RICH TV LIVE – JULY 9, 2019 – IN THIS VIDEO I SPEAK WITH CEO JASON DUSSAULT OF STILLCANNA INC. – StillCanna Inc. (CSE:STIL) (OTC:SCNNF) (FRA: 484) (“STIL” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that final preparation for the harvesting of its 2019 crop are being implemented by its Olimax team in Poland.

Hi guys how you doing this is rich here if you have a rich tv live and i’m here with a very special guest it’s jason though how you doing today good i do very good and we’re here to talk about still can ink so why don’t we just get started how why don’t you tell us a little bit of boats locating the cabin well stuff ken has only been still canada really for the

Last four months and what we are and what we’re trying to do is become a leader in the bulk sale of cbd isolate in europe in the world not only sale but obviously manufacture so we’ve got the hem fields in poland and we’ll have two extractions sillies online in europe for the fourth quarter of this year and why the focus on the european markets well there’s a

Number of reasons one is very big the last estimate for 2021 i believe was 66 billion it’s also 28 separate companies that were sort of countries that we can freely move our help and related products across borders and i guess the third reason is that you know we’re one of the leaders in the space because we were there before everybody started talking about cbd

Cbd is quite new a lot of people and a lot of companies are jumping into it headlong right now but my farmers have been farming in poland for the last 20 years but their parents were farming hemp even prior to that so really comes down to experience also cbd has been legally available on the shelves in europe for the last five years whereas the us just came online

Now canada you still really can’t buy cb related products yeah you can go get high and smoke adjoint so you know it’s it’s europe is a great spot because they’re used to it they know i and and they know how to grow it and that was where our opportunity that’s great and can you elaborate on your partnership with dragonfly biosciences llc yes so dragonfly is a leader

In cbd products in europe they’re on the shelves of boots they’ve just signed a deal with harrods they are having 85 percent footprint on the shelves in london so there are you know can walk very far under without finding dragonfly products how the relationship started was that just over i guess almost a year ago i had visited their fields in bulgaria which were

100 percent growing organically it was very impressed with the team and they needed help with the financing of their extraction facility in romania and so still kind of stepped up and where we brought our technology and our team and our money to build up that extraction facility to extract their cv for them this plant it was just there it’s incredible it’s built

To gmp standards and we should be processing their first batch of cbd out of romania for the fourth quarter of this year we’ll have a film coming out in the next ten days where i’ve done a walkthrough and a tour with the local mayor and showed him the facility and we’re very excited to get started seems like you guys are doing a lot of work now are there any

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Other future oh there’s one more thing i should out go ahead sorry but this is very very important so dragonfly are not only our partners in the facility they own 51% we own 49 but what’s really great about this deal was that it gets us straight into revenue so we’re very in a contract that can bring up to 40 million dollars canadian over the next three years of

Processing exclusively all of their cbd for their acreage ism well that’s impressive how’d you get that out there get it all out there is there any other future partnerships that you’re working on in the pipeline we have a number of different partnerships we’ve brought on warren robinson onto our board and it’s his job to follow up on conversations that i have with

Much of different companies and in m&a opportunities were a number of different exploratory conversations nothing of course that’s material or that we can announce but we’ll make sure we when we do we announce it we have mark cremini who is our head of sales and he’s currently negotiating a number of large iceland sales deals currently we have our first deal

Is with biosciences out of los angeles and they’re buying up to six million dollars worth of iceland from us starting the fourth quarter of this year from wow guys have a lot of business going on we do now before i get to the next question one of the things that we talked about is that you guys have the potential to be one of the only companies in the sector to be

Revenue positive yeah i mean that was always my goal against no chemist only four months old it really a year you know the original vehicle that i came on to a ceo the goal was to try to find a company in this space and the second goal was to get to revenue as soon as possible and to get to cash flow positive revenue as soon as possible i really want to kind of

Break those records and i know it’s really important to investors especially now they’re seeing a lot of companies in the cannabis space i want to make sure that you know everyone knows we’re not in the cannabis space we’re only in cbd but you know we sort of get painted with with that brush and so a lot of the companies that come up with these tremendous forecasts

And unfortunately have met those and so what i want to do is be one of one of the companies in that grouping they hits revenue in record time and i believe if we can hit our revenue targets in the fourth quarter of this year we will break records wow that’s incredible and i’m sure you guys will it’s looking really good i mean you know if i look at it from a risk

Perspective so okay where can these guys go wrong so if we take it from the step of farming while they have farming experts that have been farming this land in poland for 20 years and their family have been farming for 20 years prior to that and they’ve never ever lost a crop ha that’s impressive and i was just there and they’ve had record temperatures this year

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Obviously climate change to play played a huge part in that or the reason for it and what they’ve been able to increase their yield so when i was there two weeks ago the plants were up to my knees and they’re gonna be harvesting now two and a half weeks from today so they have the we have the farming down i feel very comfortable there you take it to the next step

Where you have extraction and my team has been extracting in canada now for the last five years and they right over a thousand batches and now we’ve built that same system on a much larger scale in europe and we’re about to you know turn on the lights for a quarter so if we end we’ve now got the sales contract so we have all the pieces in place to definitely have

Revenues that is incredible now earlier last month you announced an loi with sequoia cannabis and anticipation of a bumper crop yield in poland this year we’d love to know more about your plans for this anticipated yield okay so i have to be careful about talking exactly about you know how much yield and the sort of thing and forecasting numbers until we start to

Generate revenues but what i can tell you is again because the temperatures have been a lot warmer in europe and especially in poland our yield is going to be larger this year than we expected so we’re gonna have extra biomass available and again speaking to my earlier point of wanting to hit revenues as soon as possible maybe cashflow positive we were reached

Out to buy another processor and they were interested in buying some of our biomass to process and so we had extra biomass that i know i wasn’t going to be able to produce this year so we’re gonna sell it the extra massa was a little bit of icing on the cake this year home that’s nice now you guys also did a 24 million dollar race yes what expansion plans do you

Have in the horizon with that 24 million that you raised in financing well the 24 million you know it was great we got some excellent institutional investors in that round which i’m very excited about and i’m working with you know strategically for different objectives and potentials in the future but but this 24 million what it allowed us to do was to pick up

The automatic acquisition to buy their seeds which are they’re one of only four companies that you have that have their own registered high concentration cbd seed which is very very important yes and they had over 40 tons of seeds ready for us to plant this year to go 1500 hector’s in poland which will make us the largest hemp farmers and all the poland this year

So that money allowed us to buy that company to buy the seeds to buy the hardware to buy the planting equipment now to buy the harvesting equipment and to build our second extraction facility in poland so we’ve just named them in a press release we put out today so the jv with dragonfly and romania which is really just a tolling station for us is named the origin

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And the second facility which we’re building right now in poland is called the nexus and the third will be a larger facility that takes both the technology and and what we’ve learned in romania and in poland to build an even larger extraction facility that will be over twice the output of both of the first two facilities called the horizons so the money’s allowed

Us to do all of that and where it’s a busy area yeah seem like you’re crazy busy yeah now you touched on that press release maybe now’s a good time to talk about it sure you want to maybe go over the press release yesterday yeah i mean the press release when i was over in poland a couple of weeks ago i went to go meet with the farmers and to tour different plots

Just to see how the plants were doing i brought a film crew with me to to film and to interview these ladies and it’s really a generational story what we have in poland so you can imagine you know the two ladies of all whom actually acquired as i said earlier they’ve been they’ve been farming and harvesting hemp and making products in the cbd space for cvt products

For five years and they’re farming for for 20 years it was cristina has a son and her son is matias and so matias grew up with her with his grandfather in the fields and now with mother in the fields and now he’s just an employee great he’s being brought on to manage all the harvesting and the build-out of both the nexus facility and the horizon facility in poland

And it’s really a great story and you’ll see if you see the youtube videos produced you’ll be able to see his story and his mother’s story and he’s worked for a very large harvesting company that is focused on how to properly harvest cbd what a lot of people you know it’s like any new industry you learn as you make mistakes yes and you know only max has made these

Mistakes and they’ve learned how to harvest and they’ve also learned how to dry the material because cbd is quite delicate and depending on how you harvest it and how you dry it and how you store you’re gonna have cbd degradation and what matthias has done for automatics and when he’s going to do now for still cana is to manage that process and so we’re very lucky

To have him on board he sends me pictures daily currently the nexus facility the floor has been laid and the perd they’re putting up the structure now and so we’re hoping to get the facility up and running a little bit sooner than the fourth quarter but we’re thinking you know i’m pushing him hard

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