Stock Market Bottom and Vancouver Meetup

Did the stock market just bottomed? If rapid inflation over and we are in an ongoing recovery? Only sure way is to keep on dollar cost averaging. Also, I’m in Vancouver and I’ll be having a meetup/gathering at the Richmond Centre Food Court in front of Bubble Waffle Cafe in the food court at 8/21/2022 Sunday 12 noon. Tell you friends, tell your family, mom, dad, uncle, sister and brother. The food court is huge so we can fit everyone!

How’s it going everybody this is beat the bush today i’m going to do a quick talk about what i think about the current recovery of the stock market also i am in vancouver canada and i’ve decided yes let’s have a gather even with the risk of covid or what not i think it’s somewhat low and i really owe it to you guys to have something like this if you guys are

Interested in coming out to i don’t know meeting me or whatnot but mostly i really wanted to be more like meeting other subscribers other people of the same mind where i guess most people that shows up to these things are really um in the track of fire you know retire early financial independence you know getting good with finances and stuff so you don’t want to

Just spend frivolously that type of people and you know it’s just really easy to talk to everybody so with that said this video is brought to you by moomoo right now you can get up to 13 shares of free stock not just 10. i think the best deal they had was 10 before but now it’s 13. one free share just for opening it up and you don’t have to deposit anything but

Most likely you’re not going to do that you’re going to deposit some amount of money so if you deposit 100 you can get six plus three if you deposit two thousand dollars you’re going to get three additional shares for a total of 13 shares of stock check out my referral link down in the video description below today i just came back from this liquor stores called

This brewery creek cold beer and wine and i got this lone tree old growth orchard authentic dry cider open it up over here drink responsibly if you’re not over 21 i know some kids actually watch this show i just ran into someone and this girl i hope you guys send me the picture itself so i can post it on the next video so if you’re that group of three that met me

On kitsilano i didn’t get your name sometimes i get shocked a little bit when people come up to me and go yeah i recognize you and i’m like i don’t know what to say oh yeah hi you know sure let’s take a picture but you um we did take a picture so send it to me so i can post it up next time around she told me that her mom was the one that tells her to go and watch

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My videos for i don’t know being financially savvy or whatnot but here’s a cider thing i’m gonna pour it oop oh gosh this is my favorite cup by the way oops it just came out it’s a 10 ounce yeti cup and this is like the cup that i use for everything now including cold ice water i use it to drink my milk tea because it’s exactly 10 ounces it turns out i make exactly

8 ounces of milk tea every morning i find that i don’t buy the milk tea outside that’s like five dollars to seven dollars each and i just make it at home it tastes just as good i like my hot milk tea so this cup is great in that it doesn’t get cold in your hand and it keeps your drink cold you know the last time i did like some vodka drinking i like went pretty

Crazy had like six shots that was not good for my health so i’m not gonna be doing that again this is uh my second cider i just want to share a couple of things about the current stock market trend around january is when the s p 500 peaked so around two months ago is when it bottomed it kind of came up and recovered quite a bit and all along this time i’ve been

Dollar cost averaging dollar cost averaging in what one of the things that i actually bought was tesla i’m going to take a snapshot of my account here so i can show you guys i bought it in may 25th so let’s go take a look at what tesla looks like on their stock on may 25th it was 658 or so so i bought it for 654. at the moment i just thought man it’s really low i

Just i just really really do think that tesla would at some point in the future reach 1 000 again i i just thought there’s no way it can be this cheap so when it was that cheap i’m like okay let me just buy some so i bought about 36 000 of it i was like kind of towards my limit in terms of how much i can spend i’m like because i was pretty close to being all in

Into the market and since then it’s recovered uh it’s at 900 some dollars so it’s plus 13 000 or so plus 37 and a half percent pretty good and this is one of the good things that happened i mean i purchased other things along the way that didn’t do as well so i have to emphasize this trying to time the market is something i did not try to do this time i learned my


Lesson so i just kind of said you know i have a certain amount that’s in my portfolio that was in cash so i’m going to try to divvy it up and invest in something i know tesla is kind of like stock picking right but i’m kind of partial to buying tesla and let’s say you have a hundred thousand dollars that is still in investable cash then you know i thought it was

Like okay you have six months usually before the stock market bottoms and then so i just divide it up you know every one or two months or so you invest maybe like 25 you know just some portion of it and just keep on putting it in if it goes down put some more in if it goes down put some more in so i still have a little bit of cash left over if this bear market

Rally fizzles out or something and just goes back below to at um the smp bottom so that’s my theory i still have some cash left over that i’m able to put into the stock market i did not utilize this cash because it did not materialize for the stock market to drop further time for the announcement of when we’re going to do the gathering let’s do it on august 21st

Sunday at the richmond center the mall that’s on granville and number three road in richmond let’s meet some distance in front of the bubble waffle cafe noon or so hope to see you guys there and i hope you guys have a really good time meeting other subscribers not just myself because uh whenever i do this i i guess people just just want to ask me stuff right i

Really really don’t want to you know just be like talking the whole time um just kind of like a speaker or anything just more this is more like a social thing with everybody so see you guys there and let’s keep on talking about money so keep in mind whenever a youtuber or finance youtuber talk about oh they sold some stock and made a lot of gains or whatnot

They might not be telling you the whole truth about all their other things they might just be concentrating on one single thing that did well well i need to tell you that okay i just told you about you know something that did well the tesla thing that i just bought right but overall in my portfolio i’m still down about i think about 10 12 even and not to mention

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That my dogecoin is kind of like on parody right now i’m not making any money i bought it around 7 cents it went up to 70 cents it went back down to seven cents or so so you know didn’t make any money like rode a crazy roller coaster ride up and down but if you ask me if anything’s about to happen to dogecoin or whatnot i still think something may happen in the

Future it might take quite a long time maybe two years or so this is really a gamble and i really don’t know what’s gonna happen so it’s really more on faith but i do know that any kind of crypto it takes a really really long time for a entire cycle to happen maybe five to eight years or so so i feel like once people forget about dogecoin that people lost a whole

Bunch of money on it that is some ponzi scheme or whatnot it might just come back like you know like there’s a crypto winter right now winter does defrost eventually and then there’s another boom cycle when the boom cycle happens right when this recession finally goes away then we’re gonna start seeing people have a lot of money it’s like oh my gosh you know we

Have too much money from the stock market the stock market makes all-time highs and then they’re trying to find money to invest in somewhere maybe some people would put it in crypto or whatnot um by the way if you are into video games right now it’s a really really great time to buy graphics card especially the rtx 30 90. i’m thinking about it myself because it

Used to be like close to two thousand dollars each now it’s dropped significantly because of the crypto winter so it’s great in a sense that if you want to play some you know ray tracing games or whatnot something with really really high intensive graphics power now is the time to buy a video game card i actually wanted to do this when the crypto was like really

Really crazy i’m like oh my gosh why is everyone buying the cards to do the mining i can’t even play a video game this is ridiculous right so now is the time to buy one of those cards so that you can play a video game and not mine cryptos or anything thanks for watching this video i think i’m going to end it here and see you guys at the richmond center food court

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Stock Market Bottom and Vancouver Meetup By BeatTheBush

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