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Live let’s wait for everybody to join in here over the next 30 seconds or so what the world is going on out there oh what in the world what in the world is going on out there all right looks like people are starting to join so what is going on guys holy smoke us holy smokes that’s all i get to say he’s holy smoke us so we are back in vegas baby we’re back in

Vegas just got back into town like right now and we got craziness going on guys we got craziness going on like i leave i leave for a couple days and the whole freaking market just goes to goes to hell like what is going on out there guys i leave thursday night by friday the market goes down 100 650 700 points and then today so today we’re driving back through the

Dads are coming from arizona in vegas and i like you had some connection so i go on stock tracker and also i see the markets down 1,000 points i’m like what what is going on right now and this was after in the morning i went on and market was down like 300 points i was like all maybe as part of the sell-off from friday or whatnot i get on and all the sudden the

Markets down freaking a thousand points then all of a sudden like a minute later 1100 points down another minute 1200 points down another minute 1,300 points then it hits 1,400 points down then over 1500 points down and i’m watching this going through the middle of desert i was lucky i even had like connection you know i get stock tracker out and i’m like what in

The hell is going on right now so unfortunately i wasn’t able to buy anything on that huge dip but it still went down almost 1200 points here on the dow so it was just disaster mode today and no one no one has any clue on what is going on out there no one has any clue it’s uh i mean i’m looking at cnbc i’m trying to see what’s going on there’s no rationale for this

Huge sell-off other than is creating a buying opportunity for me on certain stocks i really like for the long term and whatnot but other than that there’s no like key piece of information that’s come out in the past few days like all the jobs reports bad or something or old this is like nothing there’s literally nothing going on out there that is bad or like oh

We’re gonna have a nuclear war or something like there’s nothing going on but the market is sold off like crazy and today it reminded me of the flash crash which happened last time there was a flash crash was i think 2010 or something like that and that was basically when the market just was just tanking and just went crazy down and that’s exactly what happened

Here today so absolute insanity so i don’t know exactly what’s going on out there but as far as you know what i’ve seen and i’ve been on vacation and whatnot last few days but as far as i see is i see a lot of stock said you know i’m gonna be loading up on obviously cruz and eli or my two main priorities in the over the next couple months as far as me born to buy

Into because those ones i see myself holding for the next three to four years so i will definitely be loading up on cruz especially because cruz looks like it might trade in the morning around $40 a share so that’s one i’m definitely very interested in so i think that will be my primary spot where my money’s going over there like the next few weeks that’s there

And whatnot eli i want to build a bigger position as you guys know i believe in that company a lot that’s one of my newest investments so eli i want to build out cruz i want to build out but i’m looking around and there’s like everything’s down huge and like i want to buy everything but those are my two priorities but i’m looking at goldman sachs now 249 that went

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Down $10 a share today i’m looking at ebay went down now and i based at 42 hours of share i’m looking at apple at 156 and i’m like are you freaking kidding me like what is going on here everything across the board obviously ge i think just had another of 52-week low today united foods was down 5% today what else do we have under harbor was down another 4% which

We know under armour’s has been a disaster stock we had just stock after stock and it looks like speculative stocks like the patriot 1 which was going up like crazy went down like 16 percent and you down in the 30s again now it’s it’s down there again but i do i mean it was just across the board it was hard to find any stocks that went up i robot the robotic vacuum

Cleaner company that was down freakin seven and a half percent today nvidia nvidia was down nearly 20 dollars a share today its stock after stock qualcomm obviously qualcomm it’s just that’s not company that’s a note touch for me because there’s talk that they might lose apple that completely over the next year so and that is just bad news their facebook was down

$10 a share today amd was down 7% it was unbelievable the sell-off i’m just looking at it’s hard to find anything that was up honestly today it’s really hard to find anything netflix obviously sold off tesla sold off it’s really hard to find anything did amazon go down even the almighty amazon went down $40 a share today when when the almighty amazon goes down

That’s when you know something’s like craziness so the way i’m treating this is like a buying opportunity because i don’t i don’t see anything fundamentally out there that is like oh my gosh some things went so wrong some things went so bad that you know it’s just good trade the markets down obviously apple has some sort of issue with iphones as far as i’m they

Might not grow units over this next year they might not grow units we don’t know as of right now but yeah i mean it looks like iphone 10 is not a smashing success i mean it’s a success if it’s any other company other than apple it’s a success like the amount of life they moved seventy seven and a half million seventy seven and a half million iphones in a three month

Span if that’s any other company in the world that’s like the greatest thing ever right but because this apple apple was expected to come around 880 million so you could make an argument that since apple’s the biggest company in the world’s got the biggest market cap maybe that’s hurt in the market a little bit here and there it does i’ve heard of other conspiracy

Theories about people are now taking their gains because last year obviously the markets went up huge right so i’ve heard people saying things like well the market went up huge last year so now all of a sudden you know people want to take their gains it’s after january so people were figuring you know all the tax reform we’re coming to whatnot there would be some

More hype hysteria pushing the markets up in january and now people want to take their profits and get out of some of these stocks that they have big positions in that our update which we know so many of the huge companies are big right the apples the google’s the facebook’s amazon the biggest companies in videos these huge monster companies right or you know real

Percentages based upon the past year so maybe what people are doing is looking at is let’s go ahead and sell out of these positions now and what not that could be what’s going on i don’t know but it’s nothing there’s nothing out there that’s like you know a worry that it’s like oh my gosh other than the markets just went down but it’s crazy to see the markets go

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Down 1,500 points in a day i don’t know if i’ve ever seen that i don’t know if i’ve ever seen the dow going down 1,500 points over 1,500 points in a day i don’t even remember that happening during the recession obviously the dow is much higher now so as a percent you can make that argument but dow was down nearly you know four point six percent today sp down over 4%

Those are massive moves guys that is a lot of selling pressure that’s all i’m gonna say that is a lot of selling pressure and it’s something else we got to think about is the way the systems are traded now it’s so much different right there with this electronic trading and then what basically happens is more selling creates more selling and also when you get a big

Sell-off like this a lot of the computer systems will just sell shares sell shares because a lot of those those those orders have you know oh let’s sell it such-and-such price so for instance let’s say some there’s a ton of people i can guarantee you that have you know $157 150 $8 sells orders if apple was to hit those shares okay so apple olson goes down because of

Whatever reason people selling hits 158 that creates more selling pressure okay which creates more sellers out there then buyers and that just creates more and more selling pressure so it’s just crazy and as far as what we’re looking at tomorrow maybe the markets start to bounce back tomorrow i’m looking here and oh boy no i take that back it look like the markets

Are gonna be looking good tomorrow either it looks like futures as of right now or down about 588 points like i said i just got in town so i’m catching up on this stuff with you guys it looks like dow futures are down 588 points oh boy oh boy that’s all i got to say is oh boy i love this so this is the kind of volatility we like because this is when real money

Can be made times like this this is when the real money is made because you’ve got stops dropping like crazy you got panic selling there and i take advantage of it and buy profitable companies that you know earnings are going up and i see having a bright future over the next few years and whatnot and i’m just take advantage of this so this is just like this is a

Christmas present man this is a christmas present to me and obviously you know for people that are all waiting on the market and you don’t have any new money to flood in like like it hurts to see the markets doing what they are but for someone that invests my type of style which is basically you you open a position and then you go ahead and you buy more shares and

You buy more shares and you’re always flooding money like i’m always fled money in my account it might be five thousand dollars one month it might be ten thousand one month might be fifteen thousand it depends but i’m always flood money into my accounts every single month and so i get to just build bigger position bigger positions but when you get a gift like this

Like there’s nothing better than that as far as in the stock market because it’s one thing to buy you know say i would’ve had to pay you know i should be loading up on some shares calling wednesday the money should be clear to my account wednesday right as much i would much rather buy cruise at 40 than buy it at 50 let’s just put it that way i’d much rather buy eli

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At $14 share then $15 share $16 a share so i’m treating this like it’s a buying opportunity and i will be buying all along the way and we’ll see how long it stays down for that’s kind of my main concern is is it could possibly bounce back you know maybe tuesday or something like that and then i don’t really get to add as many shares i want so i’m kind of hoping you

Know sting things stay at this press level they’re at right now but we’ll see and as far as other stocks is that eli and cruz are my main ones i’ll be buying um as far as other than that i mean i would love to buy some more golden sacks i think that’s trading at a a nine for pe a 9 for p.m. the best of investment bank in the world are you flipping my flapjacks like

Come on man that’s a joke that’s a joke like i would love to buy some more goldman sachs and you know you know natural foods is now down a forty three it’s just a lot of stocks that it seemed very interesting at this level and now we might get another gift tomorrow with the markets being down who knows 500 points again who knows maybe a thousand points i don’t know

I really don’t understand what’s going on and no one no one out there knows what’s going on there’s just a lot of you know speculation and whatnot what could be going on but i’m buying i’m buying profitable companies but by the way in times when things are you know being sold that crazy and there’s a lot of panic just be aware some of you guys that are in some of

Those growth stocks you know the socks that aren’t profitable yet and whatnot just realize if this last is selling pressure those stocks could be hurt much more than others just because you know a lot of people look at those as there’s more volatility there and there’s less there’s less proven out there right with a lot of those growth stocks because they’re not

Profitable they’re not making money there are maybe the revenues are going up fast but if their net incomes not doing anything and they’re losing lots of money a lot of those stocks investors will start to flee so just be aware if this does last longer term you know if those stocks could be hurt worse maybe not we’ll just have to see but as far as things this is

Like this is christmas and february’s what i call christmas in february and for anybody that invests like my style when you’re thinking years out and you’re investing the company’s four years out and you have new money always to put in your accounts like like these are the moments we live for man these are the moments we live for and i was one other thing i might

Be looking at maybe maybe buying some short-term call options which usually you know me i’m not much of a short-term trader but if the market started to bounce back big you know say starting tuesday wednesday you know maybe it makes sense for me to buy some short-term calls in names like apple and some of those names you know for hopefully i bounced back amazon

Google maybe some of those dame’s but we’ll see anyways i gotta catch up on everything guys i just want to do this live stream and kind of explain what’s going on so i hope you guys are doing great out there and fun live stream am holy suppose we got 900 people on there we’ve never had 900 people on a live stream that’s a crazy amount but anyways let’s see what

Happens out there tomorrow guys we’ll just have to see anyways have a great one guys peace

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