Stock Market Falls 800 Points! Will Stock Market Get Worse? 4th Biggest Drop Ever!

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Well cowboys and cowgirls it’s a real red dead redemption day look at the european markets last night that’s where we’re gonna start today’s video out dax down 2.2% last night bootsy down a percent in half and the cac was down over 2% and when you had all that going on in the european markets that was gonna bleed over probably to the us markets and oboy did it did

Okay dow down over 800 points today okay doubt takes 800 points after bond market flashes a recession warning smp 500 down about 3% today nasdaq down over 3% and for those of you keeping track at home in terms of the biggest point losses in the history of the dow 30 today was the fourth biggest point drop in the history of the dow okay at just over 800 points so

Dinah’s to say it was a rough rough day in the markets but i don’t even think the markets tell the full story because i was looking at stocks down way more than 3% today okay if we go to these stock tracker app basically there’s about 88 stocks i track on a daily basis on my stock tracker app okay and if we go ahead and look at that list there were only two green

Stocks i could find out of the 88 okay 86 the other 86 were all red okay home finished the partly green today so i guess that’s what we need for home stock to go up we need to market just a completely correction somehow home stock will go up okay and then switch was up point 2% today and those out of 88 stocks those were literally the only two green ones i could

Find okay now let’s start going through some of these massive drops here okay in terms of double-digit losers today i could find out of those 88 stocks united natural foods was down about 11 and a half percent and then we also had nordstrom jwn down over 10% on the back of basically macy’s came out with their earnings and they disappointed and basically any business

Models that are anything in relation to macy’s end up getting hit big and so that’s why jwn was down over 10% today if we look at the 78% losers we had quite a few of those on the list we had l brands that one was down over 8% today look at that one down to 20 bucks i still can’t buy l brands by the way even here just for the mere fact that they’re involved in that

Whole epstein scandal and what part did they play in in and the brand in terms of vs is still trying to recover i still can’t even buy that one here at 20 bucks okay maybe at some point there’s value there i still can’t even buy it here okay neo corporation down about 8% today you know they’re trying to be like the tesla china electric vehicle maker in china okay

Amc that ones down about 8% today as well and stitch fix down seven point seven percent so needless to say had a lot of downward movers they’re big names okay then if we go ahead and look at the six plus percent movers we had a few of those that were on the list uber stock down another six point eight three percent today that one’s gotten hit day after day after day

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Recently okay that one’s another $33 range now tesla stock down about six and a half percent today one of the worst days for tesla stock probably cents earnings okay gpr is tapestry brands okay that one’s down to about 25 bucks that one i just started buying and i want to add a really really big position on that one they own coach kate spade stuart weitzman that

One fell about six point four percent i would love that one to keep following let’s put it that way because i would love to build that into a massive massive position okay shilo industries down about six point three percent and then groupon down over six percent today is kind of interesting look at that uber and tesla rate together they’re six point eight three

Percent in tesla down six point five four percent cuz just literally last night on financial education channel i put out a video that no one watched called tesla stock versus overstock only ten thousand people watch that video what the heck no one wants to care about those two i guess at least when it comes to comparing them next up here if we look at the five

Percent losers there were a lot of five percent losers today okay on that 88 stock list okay activision blizzard one of the biggest video game publishers in all the world that was down five point nine six percent today busy stock i’ve went ahead and bought some fish stock today fish stock was down five point nine percent today if you don’t know they make lacroix

They also a bunch of other beverages but lacroix is their main products md stock got hit by 5.8 percent today fitbit down usual five point seven eight percent fitbit man how much longer you think those guys will actually make it are they gonna sell out sometime soon noodles and company down about five point seven six percent that’s a restaurant company for those

You don’t know patriot one technologies has some unbelievable technology they’re trying to build that business out very very small cap company needless to say that one is down about five point seven three percent trans and tricked they make robots for doing surgeries they’re actually a competitor of like intuitive surgical just a very very small company and that

Ones doubt about five point seven one percent skechers you know sketcher shoes down five point five seven percent yell p down five point five five percent capri brands mayo michael kors jimmy choo and some other brands they were down about five and a half percent today zillow stock getting very intriguing down here at the $34 range down another five plus percent

Here today for zillow stock any net corporation now we’re looking at the ones that fell four percent this is quite a big list of stocks that fell four plus percent okay a net corporation down about four point nine three percent under armor down four point eight eight percent that one continues to fall txt is tech strong corporation that one is down four point

Eight seven percent ktb they make are angular jeans lead jeans and whatnot big huge potential dividend payout there that ones down about four point eight three percent and think about a stock that would probably do very good in a recession scenario ke b is that type of name you know selling twenty and thirty dollar jeans it’s a pretty good business in a recession

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Okay micron corporation a bit one of the biggest memory chip makers in all of the world down four point eight two percent here today facebook made a surprisingly big downward move here today four point six four percent i was surprised facebook made that big of a downward move here today ok us steel corporation ticker symbol x they’re down to four point five four

Percent that comes as no surprise anytime the market gets hit big you know all those steel stocks usually can hit as well shopify even was down four point four five percent was one of them you know one of the hottest stocks the stock market pass year’s whirlpool corporation down 4.3 3% you know them as the plains brand allowing technology that one continues to

Fall get into 52 we close now down another 4.2 4% the valuation on the line technology has got very compelling now okay winning the resorts not so winning today down another four plus percent that one continues to get hammered i’m hoping that one goes under a hundred and you know if things continue the way down stock will be under 100 very very soon and being i

Would love to build that into a very very big position i definitely welcome that okay netflix under 300 bucks a share now as of today okay closed at $299 a share for point to two percent downward move for netflix today limelight networks that was down over four percent today goldman sucks one of the best investment banks well let’s say the best investment bank and

The world ticker symbol gs there that was down over 4% eli down over 4% dave & buster’s which is ticker symbol play there that one was down over 4% in law you guys know dave and buster’s have been to dave & buster’s and you might even like dave & buster’s okay not the best balance sheet on that company let me just tell you that okay kroger ticker symbol

K are his grocery store chain in all the united states of america that one was down over 4% today pretty good dividend payers air and another business that in a recession is gonna do very very well or at least see their business hold up very well you know i might i have one soon actually zynga corporation down over 4% today box down over 4% today into it which makes

Turbotax quickbooks and a lot of those great software’s that one was down over 4% today and this brings me to a video i put out about a week or two ago on financial education – called how to prep for the recession i think that’s a video definitely worth checking out ok and now speaking about recession you know a recession coming maybe in the back half of this year

In 2019 or coming in 2020 with the yield curve inverting today a lot of people are thinking you know it’s more of a sure thing or something like that and with all the trade war and the tariffs and all the worries and the fact that we’ve seen companies earnings be almost down across the board with everybody looking at that a lot of people are feeling we’re gonna

Have a recession okay and so this brings me up – a video i put out about six or seven months ago on financial education one basically i was talking about there’s about a 70% chance of recession in 2020 in my personal opinion and some folks are wondering what about now do i still feel the same way do i feel like there’s more of a likelihood of recession than when

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I did that video do i feel like there’s less of the likelihood and my thoughts are i actually feel about the same in terms of if we’ll see a recession in 2020 i can’t 100% say for certain yes we’re gonna have a recession in 2020 i still feel about 70/30 meaning like i feel like 70% chance we have an actual recession in 2020 i feel like there’s about a 30% chance

We don’t have a recession in 2020 so i actually feel about the same that i felt like six or seven months ago which is why i’m keeping plenty of money on the sidelines now i did deploy a good amount of money in the market today but i’m not going in super-heavy because being that i think stock prices will probably go lower over let’s say the next 6 to 12 months with

The possibility of a recession coming in 2020 in that type of scenario i don’t need to like you go all-in on the market here today or something like that i deployed some more money in the market i’m hoping it falls more i hope some of these stocks fall lower and i’ll continue to employ money and if we go into recession i’ll continue to deploy money and deploy money

And deploy money and continue to invest throughout the recession until we come out and stock start moving up in stocks great again and oh my gosh we also made a bunch of money okay so that’s kind of my plane going in but i don’t really feel any differently about a recession in 2020 i feel like there’s about a 70% chance we will have one i feel like there’s about 30%

Chance we won’t and in terms of the severity of the recession i think when we do have the recession it will be more lame than like the 2008 through 2010 recession i think this one will be much more calm i don’t think this one will be nearly as deep as the last recession and i don’t think the stocks will get hit 50 plus percent like they did you know in basically

That recession because that was a recession that low you know the entire financial system nearly collapsed if i’m looking at baying spank balance sheets and things like that i don’t see nearly as much bank risk out there at least going into this one as there was in the last one that doesn’t stocks can’t get hurt a lot worse because they absolutely can and things

Like that but if i’m looking at severity i just don’t think the next recession will be nearly as severe as the last recession because it was a totally different time going into 2007 then basically where we’re at now and with company balance sheets with bank balance sheets and whatnot guys so i still feel about a 70% chance we’ll have a recession in 2020 we’ll have

To see how it all plays out this is why i always love to keep some money on the con side line i always preach you guys 10 to 30 percent watch that video how to prep for a recession it is a must watch on financial education to put that video out a couple weeks ago about a week or two ago make sure you go watch that video rate freaking now okay thank you for watching have a great day

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Stock Market Falls 800 Points! Will Stock Market Get Worse? 4th Biggest Drop Ever! By Financial Education

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