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Soozee subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy and this is the financial education channel in today i’m giving out some stock market for beginners advice i’m going to ask you guys seven questions today if you cannot answer these seven questions correctly you may not be right for the stock market and i hate to say this because i wish everybody

Was meant to be a stock market investor just like i wish everybody was meant to be an entrepreneur i know it’s unrealistic some people literally are just not cut out for it so i’m going to take you guys through some questions today and you’re going to ask yourself are you the kind of person that can be a stock market investor or either type of person that can answer

These questions properly or you’re the type of person that some of these you know are not your criteria some of these you do not fit into that mold guide and a lot of it is honestly psychological things so let’s just go ahead and get right into this guys i’m really going to enjoy showing this – i know so many people that come across my channel or stock market

Beginners out of 27 thousand subscribers i would say probably fifteen thousand them or is some of you guys that are just on into the stock market within a past twelve months so let’s talk about this guy’s so number one number one thing you got to ask yourself do you have the work ethic to spend hours upon hours of researching into a company all to maybe not even

Invest in that company you would spend hours and hours looking into a company you can come across the stock you’re like i want to check into this company you spent hours and hours research and researches and then you might not even invest in that guy’s i mean either let’s say i look into 50 stocks i might look into 50 stock and i’m going to spend so many hours on

Each one and i was those 50 i might invest in one i might invest in none i might not even invest in one of those 50 stock i mean i would probably take me out of a hundred investments looking into right i might only pick what to actually invest in because i’m trying to pick the best one for my money to go to me so i don’t want to just go into it okay investment

I don’t want to just invest my money in an okay stock i want to invest in it in the best way possible because my money i’m actually sticking in there i need to maximize it for gain and even minimize it for loss is so you could ask yourself do you have the type of work work ethic that you would put in hours all to look into a company you might not even ever think

About investing guys so ask yourself that if you if you have the work ethic then you go on to the next step and we can move forward if you don’t then it’s not going to be for you it’s just that’s why it stock market investing it has to almost be like a passion you’re about it’s not just about the money it’s about the it’s about the story you know the thrill of

Looking into a company and those kinds of things you have to have to actually have a passion for it otherwise it’s going to be very hard for you to succeed i mean if i didn’t love the stock market i would never succeed it if i didn’t have such passion for this channel if i didn’t have such passion for making videos when i was making videos and had 50 videos out

And i had 50 subscribers who think i would have kept going on and moving on and kept making videos no i would have gave up so it’s very important you have passion for it and that will make that work that you’re going to put in a lot easier die so that’s number one number two do you have the type of ability to not just buy a stock not just sell a stock based upon

Someone else’s opinion but based on your own belief this is so key guys this is so key because i see time and time again people will value another person’s opinion more than their own opinion those sort of second-guessing themselves just because someone else said oh i wouldn’t buy that stock or would buy that stock and they’re like want me to put my money into


That stock or if they own a stock and somebody says something negative about it that’s on tv or something you know i need to go in and sell that now you cannot have that type of personality if you second-guess yourself every time you see someone on tv say something it’s not going to be good for you now there’s a difference you can absolutely listen to what people

Have to say i actually i actually encourage that listen to what others have to say about your stock if they have an opinion as an informed one is actually an educated opinion you be willing to always listen to those things even if it’s against your stock you’re right but at the same time don’t value their input so much that you’re making your decision solely off

Of what they said just because jeremy doesn’t invest in abc stock does that mean someone else can invest in make a lot of money that just might not be the one for me just because i’m investing a stock doesn’t mean someone else should invest mister that might not be for them guys so that is key number two don’t just be buying and selling based upon someone else’s

Opinion do it because you because you did the fundamental research and all those sorts of things guys number three do you have the ability to take a loss and bounce back from it get over overcome it if you’re in this game long enough you’re going to take losses i hate to be the one to bearer of bad news you’re going to take some losses you’re going to screw up on some

Investment i was so naive when i first started in stock market i thought my first year or two i would never make a mistake i would always make money every investment i would ever make would just go up and up enough well if you’re in this game long enough you’re going to make some mistakes you might be able to get through a year two years three years you might have

Five years straight where you almost make no mistakes right if you’re really great at it but sooner or later karma is going to come back around and you’re going to make a mistake it’s just going to happen you’re going to make it bad investment i know no one ever in the history of stock market investing we’ve done it for five 10 15 20 years and hasn’t made at least

One mistake if not 2 3 4 5 10 20 mistakes guys you’re going to take some losses every once in a while the trick is to overcome that bounce back don’t have a kill your confidence and main thing is don’t have it hurt you so bad that you stop investing so many times people will take a loss they get so discouraged specially if it’s early on in their investing career

They get so discouraged about that loss that they just say screw stock market it’s a scam and you know i leave my money or whatever they just say give up on it so that’s a big one there guys number four you’re going to have the ability to sell a great stock you might love once it gets overvalued now of course there’s a whole lot of metrics that go into evaluations

And how to tell if a company’s overvalued or undervalued and of course my metrics are different than someone else’s metrics and those all those kinds of things in that that subject alone i could probably do a 30 minute video on how the value of stock and i might do that at some point but the main thing is whenever you feel a stock is overvalued and even if you

Love that stock so much do you have the ability to sell can you say you know what i love the stock so much it’s such a great stock i’ve loved being in it but it’s gone up way too much it’s now in an overvalued place i would not touch this thing if i was investing in as a new investor you have the ability to then go ahead and sell it because sometimes people what

They’ll do is a stock will get way overvalued there so unless there are by a hold forever tech master you know and then you can just hold it forever but a lot of people it will get to over value and then they won’t want to sell it just because the stocks made them in 50% game or 75% gain their biggest investment and love that stock so much as they will not sell

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It regardless the big mistake sometimes because guess what the evaluation will probably come back to a normal level at some point and you’ll miss out on a big potential gain and i mean if you’re looking into companies on a regular basis i’m sure you’re going to find one eventually that’s better than that company here in i mean i’ve always found a better company

Than the last one i was in and always found another one and always found another one so you got to have the ability to just say you know what this company’s overvalued let me get out of it now number five this one’s very very important have the ability to not make decisions based upon feeling not only decisions on whether to invest in the stock because the ceo is

A republican or democrat these kinds of things that i see so many times where people will lead out on massive amount of money because they feel some kind of way about that business they your feelings don’t mean jack and investing they’ve done like straight-up i’m just going to be honest with you guys you’re feeling oh i don’t like cigarettes so i want invest in

A cigarette stock that that means nothing you’re just if you say cigarette stocks with a thing and that’s where you’re going to make a lot of money you’re just going to miss out and making a lot of money you not being invested in it doesn’t mean a damn thing guys i’ll give you an example i’m heavily invested in a company named wynn resorts right it’s my second

Favorite stock i talk about on three stocks i’m buying now video almost every single month right i despise gambling i hate gambling casino gambling i’ve seen the addiction you know it hit me close and family and whatnot i’ve seen it you know and how bad it can be i’ve seen alcohol and how bad it can be guess what wynn resorts may go out of the twenty from alcohol

And gambling i mean if you don’t have alcohol and gambling one resource wouldn’t be wynn resorts it wouldn’t be making all that money and stuff i going to put my feelings aside and say you know what regardless if i’m investing the stock or not those activities are going to happen those activities are going to happen so the question is i can either make the money

And make a lot of money right and then i could funnel that money into anti-gambling and legislation i could buy a politician it will not buy a politician i better be politically correct i could a lobby a politician and those kinds of things i could spend my profits on that if i want that’s a lot more productive than saying i will invest in that because i don’t

Like i don’t like gambling i don’t like drinking so i’m not going to invest in that hell no i could make a lot of money in that right and then going on money like i said into anti-gambling or whatever or you know so don’t be scared because to make an investment just because you don’t you’re you’re anti you know whatever it is they’re they’re doing in that business

I mean imagine i you know i’m not a big believer in energy drinks right i mean i think none of these drinks are pretty bad i think they call it headache a lot of different things i think there’s a lot of side effects to energy drinks that haven’t even really been researched yet i mean a lot of money from energy drink company and either i made that money or someone

Else made that money at the end of the day guys either i made that money or someone else made that money so you’re not going to change laws and those kinds of things by just not investing in our stock you can change them by money remember that always remember that number six you don’t have the ability to stick with an investment style that works now realize that

Your first twelve let’s say 24 months you probably be experimenting with a couple different investing style you know i would try to find maybe one or two right off the bat that you’re like i like this style i like this style i think this is the one that works for me go with that try it out for a while see if you want to stick with it and then once it works stick

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With it don’t go change into this investment file then you’re doing this you’re a long-term investor also in your short term trader also in your trade earnings all same you’re like are my buy a hold forever don’t be flip-flopping because then you’re just going to end up screwing yourself really bad guys because you’re never going to stick with something that works

So stick with an investment style that work experiment in the beginning once you find something that you like that’s the one for me then go with that investment style number seven in the last one here guys you better have the ability to not invest in companies or industries that you are not fully confident in meaning you fully understand it once again this is

Another one so many beginners in the stock market make even even a lot of medium investors you know people are investing several years they’ll invest in a stock or a company or a sector that they don’t even fully understand they don’t even fully get how the company makes its money they don’t even fully understand the vision for where the industry is going so if you

Are investing in a stock or an industry you don’t fully understand it’s a big mistake because if that industry struggles if that stock struggles you’re more likely sell if you don’t fully understand it because you’re like i don’t even understand what’s going on here i understand the negativity maybe i should just sell every second guessing yourself if you know a

Stock inside now if you know an industry inside now when somebody has some negative things that i say about an analyst whoever that might move the stock you’re going to be able to say you know what that’s not right but what they’re saying i believe what i believe because i know all i have all this knowledge i understand the company so well i understand industry so

Well guys so don’t mess with stocks don’t mess with industry that you do not fully understand bottom line so those are seven things you got to ask yourself do you have the ability to do them or not if you can if you can pass this test then you’re probably aviacode stock market investor and some of them honestly are just a trial and error you know you might think

Oh yeah i can do this and then you got to actually try it or you really will to print those hours of work chill you know look into an investment and it might be a mistake are you really willing to do that are you really willing to you know buy and buy and sell stocks based upon your opinion not not just on the influence of somebody on tv me on this channel whoever

You’re looking up to so all these type of questions ask yourself it if you can pass that test guys you’re probably going to be a good stock market investor it’s going to be a thing for you and like the overwhelming theme is make sure it’s something you’re passionate about you’re not just like doing it for the money because if you’re just trying to make quick buck

Things like that good luck good luck that’s all i say it’s going to be really hard it is you got to be passionate about it i mean who what nba player is great that’s not passionate about it right you know with michael jordan not passionate about basketball and michael jordan is just lackadaisical out there and didn’t really care that much he would have been michael

Jordan i don’t think so guys so anyways i hope you enjoyed this day if you just came across this channel and you have not subscribed yet you may want to we talk personal finance we talk entrepreneurship i’m an actual business owner i give away so many business tips we talk to stock market them most of anything thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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