Stock Market going Crazy – why?

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Well howdy there guys and uh welcome in to today’s video so we gotta talk about the stock market it’s absolutely crazy we gotta talk about this election drama everything that’s going on with that um by the way if you’re wondering why i’m doing this video and i’m not too hyped out i’ve been running a fever last couple days so um you know i told you guys about

That in the video last night i posted on financial education too um and so yeah i have no other symptoms it’s really weird like i know a lot of people are like do you have the roni or something i have literally no other symptoms other than i’ve been running a fever last couple days so i don’t know what’s going on with that you know hopefully i can get better

In the next couple days but yeah i don’t really have the the energy to put out a full-scale um you know regular video like i usually do i just don’t have that energy to be honest with this whole fever thing and stuff so but i still want to talk about this market i want to talk about this election i want to talk about all this drama um because this is this is

Pretty crazy guys so that was up 367 points today s p 500 was up to 2.2 percent main thing was nasdaq was up almost four percent today that’s a massive move like it’s very rare you see the nasdaq up almost four percent in a day okay that was a massive move there and so just seeing the market up massive specifically nasdaq was was quite surprising and mainly

Because futures were up big and at when futures market was was going we thought a certain candidate was going to win and then as today’s progress it’s looking more and more like an another can is going to potentially win and yet despite all that the market’s up massive specifically nasdaq very interesting also very interesting look at the russell 2000 i mean

It was it was it was up but it was barely up up 0.05 percent so the russell 2000 a lot of those more smaller companies clearly didn’t perform very well today especially if you’re comparing against a nasdaq which was up 3.85 percent and i mean usually if you’re investing in some of those smaller companies you’re investing in them because you hope for them to have

Better upside and yet the big tech guys the easy stocks right were the ones that were all up huge today look at vicks today down 17 so it just means like volatility um negative feelings around the market and things like that like just massive day down for the vix today okay so we’re gonna talk about all this the market you know individual stocks uh we’re gonna

Talk about the election all sorts of things in this video so by the way if you haven’t gotten a chance to get in stockholm go ahead and do it we got shoot almost 3 000 people online right now and then if you want to apply for the private group that’s linked in the description i think that’s first link and uh as always if you guys don’t mind smashing a thumbs up i

Do appreciate it man all right guys so let’s start getting this so first off big tech look at these stocks today i mean we’re talking about you know how much money has to come into these type of stocks to move them this big okay we’re talking about these are all like trillion dollar and up market caps okay amazon was up over six percent today microsoft was up

Almost five percent today google mcdougall up six percent today snapple up over four percent today okay those are massive moves i mean absolutely massive moves you’re talking about tens of billions of dollars likely have to come into these type of stocks to move them upward like this there was clear massive buying of big tech today and that is just i mean it

Would be quite frank it’s pretty dang surprising and it makes stock market investing look pretty easy like just buy the the big dog just buy amazon buy apple buy microsoft buy google mcdougall and make a lot of money you know what i mean like that’s all i think about when i think about when i see all these big tech giants up a bunch more here today that’s those

Are big moves and that’s why the nasdaq was almost you know what was it up almost four percent today so huge moves there we saw facebook make a massive move up here today i mean look at that stock it was up over eight percent in the public account we were up over 8 000 on our facebook position today so that one was the best of the bunch it outperformed everything

We saw amazon up six microsoft up about five um apple up four google mcdougall up six and their you know the fb was up over eight percent just a massive move so uh congrats to all facebook shareholders on a day like today well anybody that holds really anything big tech wise you did really really well and it’s interesting right it’s very interesting that big tech

So strong today okay tesla doing whatever it wants to do i’ve seen tests on the past where tesla stocks you know goes up massively on down days and yet today nasdaq’s up almost four percent tesla decides to go down like it’s tesla being tesla so it just want to finish out of 420. what can we say just it just want to finish out at 420 so interesting uh that tesla

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Did not share in the games but like i said this is tesla being tesla dramatic so a couple other situations that were interesting today the planet so if if you guys i don’t know how much you guys pay attention to this but several states legalized last night so it was on the ballot in a lot of different states and a lot of states it it’s legal now and so that just

Increases the opportunity for planet to expand to more locations over time and gives them more prospects out there because that’s not even the biggest part like that that’s great that more states are legalizing and it gives more potential for planet to look at other expansion opportunities in other states but at the end of the day the biggest reason i think this

Is huge is once we get to a place where we have far more states where it’s completely legal i’m talking 100 percent i feel like once we reach the critical mass i feel like it’s going to go through federal and i think the federal process will be legalized and that’s massive for the planet specifically because right now they can’t ship their branded products over

State lines right now now when things are fully legalized they will be allowed to make the product in nevada here or wherever they have warehouses distribution things like that and ship all over the place right now for the most part if you you have a location here you have to just stay within your state lines okay so if you’re thinking about long-term opportunity

With this company which i’m obviously always thinking about that with that one you know well most stocks but specifically this one um you know this is really really good news so i was surprised that it was only up you know it underperformed the market today let’s just put it that way i’m sure some people might have baked that in or also i think also you know it’s

One of those stocks that’s still a smaller market cap it’s only about 500 million dollars so i i don’t think it’s a stock that a lot of wall street’s looking at yet i think if it was already a multi-billion dollar mark cap or something i think a lot of hedge funds managers would have been buying this stock here today but a lot of these fund managers they can’t

Really buy a stock like planet it’s just too small for them to buy a stock like the planet so um yeah so i mean that was really good news it was just really you know if for for them in their space like you need to see more and more states legalize so then we had the very company down today and that’s just not right like i just don’t think that stock should ever

Go down ever should never have a down day um i’m thinking about potentially you know seeing what i can do legally there because that stock should just not be allowed to ever go down it’s just it’s just wrong uh just kidding uber look at uber today so they got some good news and look at the uber mcboober oh my gosh up fourteen and a half percent congrats all uber

Shareholders i got out of that one took my profit a while back um but i know a lot of people are still in that one and congrats to all you guys that are still in ubibu stock because that’s a really nice gain today i mean if you got a hundred thousand in that stock you just made fourteen thousand plus dollars today like what a day so congratulations shareholders

You know i think getting all this drama past them i think things might still be challenged in the court of law around you know their workers and independent contractors and making them employees and things like that so don’t expect this to completely end but i will say things are looking much better for them than they were in the past so that’s really good news

For uber and um the main other thing that’s obviously hurting uber right now is just the fact that still a lot of people aren’t traveling around a lot of people still are not going to work in terms of a physical location going to school and things like that and so that’s all still things that obviously very negatively affect uber in the short term so but yeah

Congrats to you know all the shareholders out there so election drama i mean my goodness guys you know this is dramatic okay i had to make sure i took uh screenshots of fox news and cnn so i got both the publications in here first off what i think is really interesting my face is blocking it there but um fox news has buy them actually up even more than trump

Because fox news already called arizona for biden it’s very possible that arizona will close by in but it’s not for sure yet so cnn hasn’t called it yet i just thought that was interesting if anything you would have thought cnn would have called that state early rather than fox news obviously because i mean anybody that knows anything about those channels knows

Exactly what i’m talking about but uh yeah i think that’s i think it’s really interesting um but this is a this is pretty much going to come down to i feel like it’s going to come down in nevada to a certain extent you know i really thought biden was going to win pennsylvania now i’m not so sure i think there might be a higher probability biden loses pennsylvania

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Than wins pennsylvania and originally i really thought he was going to win that one so if if arizona does you know officially close out blind’s at 264 and then excuse me if uh he closed out nevada he wins so but nevada’s really tight like really tight and i think nevada we’re going to find out within the next i want to say 48 hours or so who actually wins nevada

So i mean that’s it’s it’s a really tight race guys that’s all i have to say about this it is really really tight it was look you know going into this obviously i thought biden was gonna win i went on record i said i thought you know if i was if i had to place a you know a bet one way or another i thought biden was gonna win and then as of last night i was looking

I was like i might have to shave my head remember i made the whole thing about i’m gonna shave my head if i’m wrong and trump wins right and so last night i was like shoot man let me let me get the let me get the clippers ready man i might have to shave and so now today i would say it’s a 50 50. i mean it’s like a coin flip i don’t know you know who’s gonna pull

This out but it’s it’s really dang close like i said i thought it was gonna be biden then last night it was looking more like trump now oh i mean it’s it’s difficult georgia north carolina should close out for trump i you know it’s possible biden could still pull us out i think it’s unlikely so it looks like georgia north carolina will close trump but trump would

Still need um you know basically the other two pennsylvania in nevada to win the election overall so you know this is just a dramatic situation i you know i don’t know what what’s gonna happen here as far as one i don’t know who’s going to win it’s right now it’s literally just a coin flip because nevada’s so dang close pennsylvania you know is crazy obviously

But you know it’s a coin flip right now but not just that we don’t know what’s going to happen around is election going to try to be contested um go through the courts there’s so much drama there so you know i i don’t know when we’re gonna for sure know who wins election it’s possible within the next day or two it’s possible we have to wait weeks you know or a

Month you know i don’t know what’s gonna i don’t know what what you can contest in this whole situation if you’re trying to go the court of law but um it’s it’s not a pretty situation that’s all i got to say as far as the whole drama in it you know it’s just it’s nice to just have an election and just be like over with without all the the drama in it i mean a lot

Of people are really just burnt out with this to be quite frank a lot of people just want this to be over and know which route we’re going at the end of the day and so you know hopefully we get some sort of closure somewhat soon on this because like i said i just know a lot of people are just like you know with the whole election process the commercials the

Debates the attacks you know it’s just a lot of people are burnt out man and um you know i’m hoping for all my fellow americans they get some closure on whoever wins hopefully soon so and you know this is where the stock market comes up in this whole situation because obviously the market was up massively today and this is this is super surprising because once

Trump took the lead yesterday and it was looking starting to look really good for trump future started booming nasdaq was up like two and a half three percent everything was looking really really good as far as futures went once trump you know started looking good in the election and then all of a sudden next thing you know obviously today i don’t want to say

It’s looking like buying’s going to win but it’s looking closer like biden might win and yet the market was still up huge so it makes me think are these traders investors wall street just playing around with stocks do they not even really care who wins because it was looking like trump was gonna win futures were up huge now it’s looking probably a little more

Like biden’s gonna win in future in the market was up huge today like this is why i talk about things are so unpredictable in the stock market if you’re trying to gauge whether the stock market is going to go up or down or things like that in the short term is so dang unpredictable because we have two alternate situations and yet the market went up regardless you

Know just very very strange but that’s the stock market for you a lot of times people want a reason every day why the stock market was up down things like that and to be quite frank a lot of times it just isn’t a reason and you know i always have watched cnbc in the past and you know it’s always funny they’ll try to you know basically make for some reason around

Why the stock market was up today or down today and i can understand because if you got to talk about stock market every day and for hours and hours you know and you got a news channel right you haven’t people are expecting you to give a reason to why the market was up or down that day well to be quite frank the majority of days in the stock market the stock

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Market’s up or down for literally no reason like literally no reason i don’t know what else to tell you other than that there are some days where something big does happen out of nowhere and it does affect the stock market very negatively or positively that is not most days that is very few and far between and that’s just the honest truth with that okay so yeah

Stock market craziness just absolute craziness okay and with all the drama you would have thought today might have been down with all this drama as for me i didn’t do any buys or any moves today didn’t do any buys or sells i have cash fully ready if the market dips in any major way follows a bunch i will gladly be a buyer i am 100 ready to buy if we get any type of

Deals out there so but yeah i didn’t make any moves you know specifically today in any of my accounts and last thing i’ll say is count the votes man whoever wins this election wins this election whether it’s trump whether it’s biden like i just want to see somebody win this dang thing there was huge voter turnout you know people can say whatever they want about

Trump bad good whatever but the fact is trump got massive amounts of people to come out to the polls and to vote and i think that’s huge i really do so you know whether trump wins this election or lose this election i think part of his legacy should be that he got massive voter turnout because there’s no doubt about it because people are either really really

Excited to give him another four years or really really excited to get him out of office so i mean the voter turnout was epic this year in in a roni rona a once in a hundred year health event that you would think like naturally like voting would be down right and the voter turnout this year is epic okay and so the one thing i want to see is i want to see all the

Votes counted at the end of the day like i said whoever wins wins but i don’t want the people you know to feel like in the future for elections like their vote might not be counted like a candidate could just say stop counting the votes and like their votes won’t be counted because i think we finally have people to care about this stuff a little bit let’s just

Put it that way and to all of a sudden you know potentially turn off people and say you know we’re not going to count your votes or something like that that would be a really bad thing and there’s i don’t even want people like thinking for a second like oh my vote doesn’t count like if i vote like they’re probably not even going to count it or something like that

Just if if people are going to have that partly in their their mental it’s just bad and imagine all the people that can’t vote yet because they’re too young um you know if they see just a bunch of votes not counted essentially there’s going to be like oh wow why am i going to have care to vote like my vote’s not gonna be counted anyways so count all the votes

Whoever wins wins the world’s watching you know the world’s watching this election i could tell you like in stockholm i have the election 2020 chat it’s been crazy last couple days i just have it going for this week in there just because i want everybody you know have a place to be able to chat about you know this whole election and whatnot and i can tell you

Probably half the people that are chatting in there are not even americans they’re not even americans and they’re all watching this election they’re all super interested the whole world’s watching us and in a lot of places in the world they don’t even have democracy you know what i mean like they don’t even really have elections or you know some of these places

Run by dictators who can just shut off the votes whenever they want or or if the vote doesn’t go their way they just eliminate the other person or whatever and so um i feel like you know here in the usa we kind of got to be the leader when it comes to just an election and making sure everybody’s vote’s counted and whoever wins the election wins the election and

The other side just has to deal with it if trump wins democrats just have to deal with it if buying wins republicans just have to deal with it it is what it is we will make it through regardless of whoever wins and that’s just the bottom line with that so but anyways hope you guys enjoyed this as always don’t forget if you want to check out stock hub go ahead and

Do it if you want to apply for the private group learn all my strategies and sign out you can do that you guys don’t mind smash thumbs up for me maybe it’ll make me feel better anyways guys have a great day peace hopefully i can get you some more proper content excited content soon have a good day guys

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