Stock market going to all time high?

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The stock market is near all-time highs once again in just a few weeks ago we were thinking we were going into recession what is going on i think i have a few ideas hey guys it’s jeremy from the financial education channel so today we’re talking about this stock market and how it is approaching all-time highs once again in just a few weeks ago everybody was talking

About recession us is going into recession emerging markets are weak janet yellen is going to raise rates that’s going to make things even worse and now a few weeks later we’re approaching all-time highs ever in the stock market so what happened between now and then to get us to this place i have a few ideas on a few reasons why one is janet yellen said she’s

Only going to raise rates two times this year when four times were expected that type of softness out of her has produced the market to think things are not that great but for the stock market it doesn’t necessarily mean bad things because now that means more cheap money keep sloshing around more debt can go out there and what not at these very very insanely low

Rates insanely low rates we’re talking about there near zero percent right now and when she is gonna raise them she’s gonna raise him a quarter percent a quarter percent that’s like nothing that’s reason number one reason number two and this is a funny one apple apple has really begun to come back and apples importance on the entire market is insane it is by far


The most important stock if you look at it for how much it weighs on the s&p 500 it’s also one of the most important investors minds because it’s the biggest company in the world and they attract so much attention so when people see apple doing good they think okay things are alright and doesn’t necessarily mean apples business is good but it depends on what

Apple’s stock prices and so many people are invest in apple apples most widely held company by retail investors by 401k investors by everybody so when apple does a little better everybody thinks everything is going to do a little better and it kind of pushes everything up and people feel more comfortable to go invest in the next stock and the next awkward buy

More apple or this stock that’s reason number two and reason number three is we haven’t had any real day to come out that says we are going into a recession in the united states without that there’s really nothing that can push down the markets right now because there’s no data out there that says you know we’re going toward that it’s just all very malign data a

Bunch of data that’s just things aren’t that great things aren’t that bad mergermarket seem to be stabilizing and that also helps things so the question is are the markets going to reach all time highs that dow is only about 400 points right now off of the all-time high so we’re talking about a couple percent away from basically being at all-time highs again and

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Breaking through that will this happen i don’t know we shall just see members sell in may and go away that’s the same will that work this year where markets will start reaching all-time highs in april this coming month and then next thing you know they drop back down we will just have to see what do you guys think subscribers what do you guys think anybody that

Hasn’t subscribed please subscribe to the channel we talk about so many subjects like this that are a lot of fun to talk about very interesting and i’d love to hear what your guys opinions are whether you think i’m crazy or whether you think you know i have some good points and whatnot so have a great day guys

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Stock market going to all time high? By Financial Education

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