Stock Market Terminology every Investor MUST KNOW! – Part 1

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is the financial education channel and today we’re talking stock market terminology i had this video suggested that i should do stock market terms and i realized that you know when i was really young and when i was learning about stocks and i would watch cnbc and bloomberg and some of these

Channels and whatnot they would throw around all these terms that i had no clue what the heck they meant and so i thought it’d be great since a ton of my subscribers and a lot of people that watch the videos that maybe haven’t subscribed you guys have a lot of questions about some of these terms i throw around on videos i say this and i say that and you’re like

What does that mean what does that mean i know it can be confusing it took me probably almost a year probably almost a year of watching cnbc almost every day to finally understand almost everything they would talk about it took me really two or three years until i really knew pretty much everything so it is very confusing it’s like when you hear someone talking

About stock market and financials and things and especially if they do not know how to communicate with what i would say regular people people like myself and they’re so used to just talking with their friends and their buddies and colleagues and whatnot about this stuff it sounds like they’re speaking a foreign language it literally does you’re like what the heck

They said 10 words in that sentence and nine of them i had no clue what the heck they meant so i understand why this video is gonna be helpful so this is part 1 today i’m gonna start off with really super basic terms so if you understand super basic terms you might just want to click off with a video now or just stay around and watch because maybe there is something

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I know or you don’t know i should say and then i’m gonna do parts maybe every week i’ll do a video and they’ll get more complex and as i get more complex you will know more and more as the week’s go on so i may start this as in every week series leave a comment in the comment section if you’re interested in this let’s go into this first one i have is ticker symbols

You hear someone say hey what’s a ticker symbol for that stock that every stock that trades in market it has a specific ticker symbol that you can look up to see its stock price and that’s the that’s the symbol that it trades under as a stock so for instance it’s apple it doesn’t trade under apple it trades under a a pl a apl that is apple’s stock ticker symbol so

If you want to go on yahoo finance and look up apple’s stock price and as financials and all those things you type in a apl and then all that will pull up pandora the internet streaming service their ticker symbol is p you when you go public as a company you get to pick what your ticker symbol is going to be as long as it’s something that hasn’t already been taken

On that nasdaq exchange or the nysc or whatever exchange so that’s what a ticker symbol means number two online brokerage you hear people say set up an online brokerage account or my people ask me how do you actually invest in stock you need to set up an online brokerage account what that is is it’s like um scottrade etrade fidelity charles schwab td ameritrade

A lot of those services they’re what’s called online brokerages and you make an account with them and you can funnel money through your bank account into those accounts and you can actually invest in a stock or a bond or whatever it is you’re trying to invest in that’s what an online brokerage is number three a bull market what’s a bull market my bowl over there i

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Don’t know if you guys can see it i don’t know if the screens quite wide enough there’s a bowl over there that symbolizes a bull market what a bull market means is stocks are going up that means the whole markets doing great that’s what they call a bull market when the stocks are just going to the moon bull market that’s why i have a bowl bear market what’s a bear

Market you hear people say oh that’s a bear market right now you don’t want to invest the bear markets when stocks are going down that’s a bear market so bull market good thing bear market food not a good thing if you’re bullish on stock you’ll hear people like myself say i’m bullish on this stock i’m bullish on this stock what does that mean that means i believe

That stocks going up a bullish a bowl means a stock markets going up it’s off on bullish on a stock i believe a particular stock is going up if i say i’m bearish on a stock bear means what bearish market means the whole markets going down so if i’m bearish on a stock it means i believe a particular stock is going down down i’m along here people all the time say

I’m long this stock i’m along i’m long this stock what does that mean that means you’re in that stock for the long term you want to be a long term investor in that company so you’re not looking at trade dad you’re not looking to sell it real quick none of those kinds of things you’re long that stock you believe in it in the future it’s gonna do great i’m a short

I’m short that stock what’s that mean that means you’re a short seller that stock you believe that stock is going down over time doesn’t necessarily mean you believe it’s going down to a long term but it means you believe it’s going down at some point whether it’s in a short term or long term that means i’m short i’m short i think that stocks going down it’s a

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Hold you hear people say oh that stock gets a hold what that means is if you’re a new investor in that stock you don’t buy it but if you’re already invested in that stock to hold it that you want to hold it right now so if you haven’t invested don’t jump in now but if you are already holding the shares you hold it it’s a hold that starts a hold right now so that’s

One of the things that’s known on the market there’s three things analysts usually either mark stock stock excuse me stocks as either say it’s a buy it’s a hold or to sell and if someone says it’s a sell that means it’s a sell if so an analyst or somebody they say it’s a sell that stocks herself that means sell that stock get out of that stock it’s a bad stock

Or whatever it doesn’t mean actually do it because sometimes they’d always don’t have freaking clue what they’re talking about but if you hear someone to say that that means they’re actually bearish on that stock so i hope this helped immensely guys i could cover like 800 terms if not 8000 terms in these videos i want to to keep them somewhat short like i like to

Try to keep my videos all between five and 15 minutes and if i cover too many terms it’s too much knowledge at once i may bump this up if you guys think you can handle more terms in a video i may bump this up to fifteen terms or twenty terms per video and i might just start doing this every single week one day a week i’ll cover financial terms so you guys can learn

But please let me know in the comment section if this is helpful if it is leave a thumbs up and you know what guys have a great day you you

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Stock Market Terminology every Investor MUST KNOW! – Part 1 By Financial Education

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