Stock Market Terminology every Investor MUST KNOW! – Part 4

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Good day subscribers thank you so much for joining me today i am jeremy this is a financial education channel and today we are doing part four of the series stock terms that every investor should know and i’m adding a little wrinkle to it i’m also going to be telling you a few i would guess you could say phrases that are used from time to time that i use on this

Channel and you may hear used on financial networks on tv and things like that you might say i don’t know what that phrase means so if i’m going to throw a few phrases in there instead of just giving you one word definitions because i’ve even had comments on videos asking me hey what’s this phrase use do you know what’s that mean so i’m going to explain phrases

Evening in this definition videos and i think that will help you guys immensely leave me a comment if that also helps and a thumbs up if you like this video so let’s get right into this guy’s term number one is popped popped what does that mean if i say um you know apple stock price it really popped today that means apple stock price went up quite a bit pop is

A term that we use whenever a stock goes up a substantial amount for whatever reason or if i say did you see ii you know such and such stock price at 10 o’clock today that thing popped like crazy that means that stock price went up a considerable amount number two number term today is crashed if i say man a market really crashed today or you know such and such

Stock that crashed today that means that stock or the stock market went down substantially a substantial amount you don’t just use the word crashed unless it is a substantial amount either the market went down or stock went down in terms of a stock usually you use that term if a stock went down more than five percent in a day and if you’re talking about the market

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Then it’s usually a three percent or bigger move downward that’s when you say while market crashed today or such-and-such stock that really crashed today termed number three a volatility volatility means how crazy the market is basically how up-and-down things are moving if there’s a lot of volatility then there’s generally a lot of fear in the market and a lot

Of shares being traded back and forth so that means volatility you know a market could be up a lot and then down a lot or down a lot and then up a lot this is just the markets really moving a lot it’s not just an even keel market there’s a lot of action that’s volatility turn number four is volume volume is what you get when you have a lot of volatility so volume

Means how many shares trade it in a day so if you have a high-volume day in a lot of volatility that means you had high volume if you have a low volume day that means not many shares were traded and you had low volatility that day turn number five is dog-dog what the heck that is a term that is still kind of common nowadays and that’s to describe a stock that they

Can’t get out of their own way they can’t do anything right so if you say that stocks a dog that just means it’s like a bad stock you don’t want to be an s talk they can never do anything right it’s not a term that’s used quite as much nowadays but it was super super popular in the 80s and 90s and some people still use it to describe a stock that’s not performing

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Well that’s just not a well-run company they say that stocks a dog that is termed number five turman umber six is if you say it’s an expression actually if you say the market was in the red today markets in the red that means the market was down today red means bad and the stock market think of it that way anytime you hear red and in the stock market talking that

Means the markets went down it was a bad day market in the green next term up that means the markets were good the markets went up so you know on a show they say all the markets were green today great that means the markets all went up so just think of it read bad when it comes to stock market green is good when it comes to stock market turn number eight we have

Come back if somebody says that stock man what a comeback today that means it was like down quite a bit and then it came roaring back and ended up finishing the day positive or finishing quite a bit higher than it was so i use this term sometimes if i stock i hope i was holding or whatever you know it starts out the day and it was down three four or five percent

On some type of bad news and then next thing you know it finishes a day even or it finishes a day up i say why would it come back that stock had today that’s what that means turn number nine is market sentiment market sentiment means how confident or unconfident people are in the stock market at that time so if market sentiment is super high that means people are

Very bullish and they think the stock market’s going very high they’re feeling very confident if market sentiment is very low it means people are unconfident in the stock market at that time they think it might be going lower the last term we are covering today is a actually expression called things went south if someone says things went south today man in the stock

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Market that means the market just like fell apart you know it might have been having a good day or just a you know breakeven day and then it just drops substantially that’s when you use things went south if a stock you’re holding was up on the day or even or whatever and then it just dropped substantially you can say things went south with that stock today that’s

A very common expression i use and many people use things went south that means they went bad anyways thank you so much for watching today guys tab is no 10 terms knocked out we have 40 terms covered now because we’ve done part 1 part 2 part 3 and now part 4 so we are going to begin to get a little more advanced as time goes on i’m looking so forward to this this

Is an awesome series i’m really enjoying it with you guys if you’re enjoying this series please leave a comment below and tell me you know if there are some specific terms you would like to see covered very soon that are basic terms because we’re still kind of in the basic part of these videos anyways if you haven’t subscribed guys please do i talk about a ton

About personal finance talk a lot about business and entrepreneurship and i talk a lot a lot about stock market investing and those kinds of things and i do this series every single week thank you for watching guys and have a great day you

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