Stocks – ABcann Global Corporation (ABCN) – Price Target .25

Stocks – ABcann Global Corporation (ABCN) – Price Target $2.25

Ready ready here we go people another week of stops and what do you think i’m gonna talk to you about wow there’s lots to talk about and we are going to go live shortly but before we go live i had to speak about one of the companies that i have just started to really dig deep and really just get into ab can global corporation abc n i’ve been thinking about them

All weekend long and let me tell you why in fact let me show you why i like to bring you the evidence forget the fact that it’s up to percent and traded 2.5 million shares there is a certain amount of reasons of few specific reasons why i believe ab can will be a winner for you the people it’s true i know another winner it must be hard to believe but it is true

Let me show you why you’re ready okay global corporation makes changes to advisory board so let’s just see what they did so i can reports that they add brett wilson of the dragons den to its advisory board brett wilson chair of the dragons then to its advisory board moreover the deal comprised concurrent capital offenses of twenty six point eight million dollars

To increase company’s production capacity that’s right twenty-six point eight million dollars for this brand-new ipo wilson’s track record and extensive experience in financing and creative initial stage ventures into successful firms makes him an ultimate strategic advisor to the firm at this stage of its advancement he was a co-founder of the highly regarded

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Investment bank named first energy which was later bought by gmp capital inc he is known as a tv personality for his popular role as a dragon on cbc dragons den tv program and an initial stage venture financier in several successful firms i like to follow winners brett wilson is a winner and he loves the medical marijuana industry take a look at this app can

Reported that wilson’s involvement and investment of 500,000 initial investment guys in the firm subscription receipt offering accepted concur with the closure of the deal showcases another vital step for wilson into the legal can of cannabis market he is a strategic adviser and lead investor with green acre capital a cow guri and toronto based cannabis market

Focused investment fund aaron key the director and ceo of ab can said that wilson is a remarkable addition to the firm’s advisory board this is huge this is absolutely enormous muse for ab can hopefully bread if you’re watching we love you brett and we would love to have you on our show so that we can talk a little bit more about app ket and why they need to be not

Just one of the members in this industry but one of the key members of the legalized medical marijuana industry oh yeah we love you ab can abc n now let me show you guys a little bit more i have to let you guys know more because it gets better i know it doesn’t get baddest equally good it’s also good in addition to what i was telling you he i financial a large firm

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Here in vancouver launches coverage of ab k global stuck with a $2.25 price targets it’s true so you put a dragon on there and then you give them a $2.25 price target on may 3rd ab ken completed a private placement that raised ten point seven million dollars through the sale of thirteen point four million units at 86 until they raised thirty point four million and

Then they raised 26 million and i don’t know that twenty-six million is in addition to this thirteen forfeit includes it we will try to find out this is huge news for ab can huge news for you the people that are looking for winners they’re giving us a price target of 225 huge successful dragon brett wilson is now on their board you guys heard of ab can hear first

On rich tv live my phone never stops ringing what else could possibly be happening for ab ken that would garner our attention this is huge news people it is everywhere ab can announces appointment of brent wilson to advisory board we are putting ab count on full alert we love you ab can rich tv live loves the stock and i will personally be going in i’m looking

At the red point $1 looks like it might be a good price i would have loved to get in at 80 cents i don’t know if it’s too late to buy some stock through a subscription agreement with the company and 80 cents if we could do that and our community here at rich tv life could do that ab can please reach out to us and let us know if that is possible but for now i want

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You guys to put ab count on full alert put it on your radar put on your watch list i love it hey be see and it’s a big winner you heard of your first this is rich from rich tv live don’t forget to like it and leave your comments down below and subscribe or job and do me a favor visit rich tv live don’t forget to subscribe click that like down below and comment

On the show because all i do yeah is bringing you winners and this right here you come book it it’s a winner how would i stay everybody will see you soon and thanks for watching

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Stocks – ABcann Global Corporation (ABCN) – Price Target $2.25 By RICH TV LIVE

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