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Damn please put sarah on i already i already told you my plant-based burrito bowl didn’t have enough cauliflower in it today it’s unacceptable just put her on oh oh holy smokers guys i didn’t realize it was recording already hope you guys are doing great as always out there welcome into today’s video we got some craziness going on in the stock market we got to

Talk about it guys a lot of moves out there with a lot of stocks and um a lot of people wonder what the heck’s going on why are certain stocks continuing to run why are certain stocks going down like what do these stocks go what is going on with some of these stocks are they all going to one dollar a share like zero like what is going on so we’re gonna get into this

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Alrighty guys so if you’re looking out there and you’re looking at stocks and by the way i need one thing from everybody before we get into this video hit the subscribe button it’s free the subscribe button okay thank you everybody all right all right so yeah if you’re looking out there you’re looking at a lot of stocks doing very well on a day like today right

And there’s a trend that all these stocks like at least you know on my watch list you know the stocks that have been winners for the past year especially this year they’re continuing to go up and up and up with the exception of tattoo chef okay tattoo chef hasn’t had a great year but that’s a little bit of a different stock tattoo chefs are cult stock so tattoo

Chef is going to do whatever tattoo chef wants to do over the next few years that’s all i’m going to say about that regardless if the market goes up down all around uh that’s that’s a cold stock and cold stocks move different kind of like tesla is uh the biggest version of the colt stock and that one does whatever the heck it wants to do whenever the heck it wants

To do it it doesn’t matter what’s going on out there okay but at the end of the day you look at a lot of these stocks you know walgreens had a really good year switch has had a really good year foot lockers had a really good year tesla’s had a really good year wins had an okay year so a lot of these stocks that are you know going up more and more they’re ones

That are already having a good year and people just seem to be hiding out in them now on the flip side uh there’s some stocks that just have been everything uh but good okay as in they’ve been horrible a disaster stocks over the past year smile direct club stc would fall into that category it’s three dollars a share here a day i mean literally that’s one of those

Stocks that’s like is this going to zero is it going to one like how low can this dang thing go i mean whoa it’s like that game you know used to try to go like this oh let me try to see if i can go under the pole that’s the definition of smile direct club i mean literally where’s the bottom for the stock two one zero like it’s incredible it’s just continues to be

A devastated stock day after day after day after day right but look at the trend it’s one of those stocks that everybody’s down on the stock so if you’re thinking about you know writing off a stock against some of your gains why not sell smile direct club write it off against your gains it’s how a lot of people are thinking about this right and buy it back in in

30 days from now or 45 days from now right so you don’t get the wash seal rule you look at teledoc i mean this stock here today hit a new 52-week low literally today of 107 i mean everybody’s down on teledoc it doesn’t matter the big funds are down kathy woods down a subs you know a ridiculous amount on teledoc stock tdoc right every single investor that’s bought

Into the stock unless you bought into it years ago you are down massively on the stock and let’s be quite honest years ago most people never heard of teledoc stock so for the most part most of these folks got in the stock in the past year and almost every single person well certainly if you bought in the past year you were down and you were down massively so a lot

Of folks are looking at teledoc and they’re like who’s to say this baby’s not going lower over the next 30 45 days when i sell off right off against gains and go ahead and you know flush that money somewhere else into maybe some of the winners because tesla’s moving why not flush it over to tesla right you look at the planet right so the planet i got in the stock

Obviously in uh i think either the back half of 2019 or you know especially in 2020 so you know folks like myself that got into this early when it was a dollar two dollars a share are looking great still at four dollars a share but let’s be honest a lot of the retail investors that started getting in planet you know they’re down substantial amounts in the stock so

This is another one of those stocks that a lot of folks are looking at and although it has a incredible future kind of like teledoc has an incredible future a lot of these stocks you know that are getting devastated have really brave futures you know smile direct club’s a controversial one people aren’t so sure about the the future but tell the doc planet 13. some

Of these stocks like there’s no question about their futures but they just continue to be devastated and devastated because let’s be honest most people are down and so they’re looking to go ahead and write off these stocks against stocks they’ve sold this year for gains right look at honest stock i mean uh this this one went ipo obviously this year in 2021 it’s

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Been a downtrend it’s it’s a disaster right it hit literally a seven today i was funny because just yesterday’s video i was saying there’s always seem like this stock wants a seven in front of it and uh it literally hit it uh today i did buy more shares of honest by the way today but yeah that stock just continues to be absolutely obliterated uh the planet did i

Really take two screenshots of the planet well i just wanted to show oh that’s the one i meant to take a screenshot of palantir so pltr so unless you got in in that late let’s call uh mid to late spring time when the stock fell to about 18 19 dollars a share unless you got in then uh you’re probably down on palantir and a ton of funds are down on palantir a ton

Of investors are down and palantir because for the most part the stock has been above you know 20 dollars a share in the past other than you know pretty much that time period when you could get it for you know 19 18 a share and so people are looking at volunteers another one of those stocks they’re like is this stock really going to run anytime soon you know a lot

Of folks like and certainly not in the month next one to two months let’s go ahead and sell out we’ll buy back in in a month or two and uh call it a day be on me look at this one i mean it’s just nasty it’s just nasty and everybody’s down beyond me it’s as simple as that there’s no one that’s up on beyond me it’s just this is not possible like the stock’s pretty

Much at an all-time low uh so this is another one of stocks that just continues to get devastated alibaba you know wears a bottom out for alibaba no one really knows obviously alibaba has kind of a an issue around what’s going on in china xi jinping worries and you know all that so so alibaba’s in a little bit of a different camp than some of these stocks this is

Another one of those that has unbelievable fundamentals of this company unbelievable growth rates unbelievable cheap valuation it’s just at the end of the day when it comes to back to alibaba a lot of folks can’t buy this talk simply because the chinese stock and there’s so many worries about chinese delisting and uh when you look into all the legalities around

Like you’re not even really supposed to own a chinese company technically uh you know if you’re an american you’re not legally supposed to be able to do that because of the chinese regulations and rules and laws it’s complicated guys and says anyways it’s just freaked a lot of people out and when you have a downtrending stock price all those things get amplified and

So you’re looking at alibaba as one of those talks that’s just the the fundamentals are incredible the valuation looks disgustingly cheap like this stock should if this was an american company be trading at 3x to 4x evaluation it today right but it’s not it’s a chinese stock and everybody’s scared about that including myself that’s why i still haven’t been able to

Buy alibaba because i’m looking at it and i’m like uh but i am contemplating call options i mean you know like limit my position sizing just in case they ever did get de-list or something crazy like that happen right they just took it off the stock market um you know i limit my position sizing call options and then if everything turns out okay over the next couple

Years and that the whole worries around china d-listing all those things go away the call options should be able to print some some pretty nice money right so considering that everybody’s favorite down trending stock that never stops down trending is corsair gaming crs are you know there’s one of those stocks people are looking at and they’re just like where’s the

Bottom for the stock like seriously like it just never goes up it always goes down and the thing that’s i mean the the thing that corsair has going for this different than other stocks is it’s just so dang disappointing i mean the corsair doesn’t even get your hopes up like you look at some of these stocks you know they like bounce around and they’ll like go up

A bunch and it’s like whoo and then they go down and they go up like corsair’s not one of those stocks it’s just here as far as the stock price to let us down every single day there’s no there’s no like excitement ever in coursero it’s like whoa did you see corsair just went up 20 this is awesome we’re going baby short squeeze going to the moon there’s none of that

In this one okay let’s be quite honest it’s just a down trending beast corsair will have its data shine i you know obviously i’m putting my money where my mouth is and i bought more corsair here today corsair will have its day to shine and when it has its day to shine it’s gonna be more than a day it’s gonna be months and months and months and maybe even several

Years of shining but it’s not right now it says in its year it went public you know last year obviously and it’s just it’s one of those stocks that’s just obviously you’re not caught up into a lot and including everybody that’s bought this talk ever is down so it funds investors high net worth individuals it doesn’t matter who you are if you bought corsair you’re

Down and a lot of folks look at corsair and they’re like dude this stock it never moves why if i sell today and buy back in in 30 days 45 days so i can go ahead and write off those gains against uh you know or those that loss against gains i’ve had who’s to say the stock’s gonna move and most people are looking at that and they’re like yeah the stock’s not going

To move it’s just a complete downtrend stock maybe in 22 it starts moving but it just right now it’s not moving and it hasn’t been moving there’s nothing that can get the stock moving in the right direction at least that’s what a lot of folks expect right and things so of course every gaming just continues to be in this vicious downtrend and we’ll talk about how

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Long i think this is going to last for in just a moment here okay lemonade stock another one of those i mean if you bought lemonade stock you’re down on this it hit 49 here today that stock’s just been vicious i mean just a vicious downtrend lemonade although it’s valuations come down a lot obviously now trading at 51 dollars oh it’s still trying to figure out the

Price of sales is still not cheap obviously eliminates i don’t know it seems like lemonade is a company that’s going to take a net loss for as far out as i can see and so that’s what troubles me with lemonade i’m like i really like this innovative business model i like how disruptive it is i like the revenue growth story that this is going to have over the next

Decade but i’m really trying to figure out when does this company actually have a positive net income how many years are we talking into the future and when they do how big are the net incomes going to build to in this company so that’s what i’m trying to figure out with this one but shoot if the stock keeps going down more and more and more it might be one of

Those i just buy and just hold for the next you know several several years is a long long long-term investment right you look at sam sam honestly needs a beer i mean this stock it needs a lot of beers let’s be quite honest this is just i mean it needs to drink away its sorrows at this point it’s bad it hit a new 52-week low today and another one of those stocks

That if anybody bought this stock in the past year year and a half or so they’re down and they’re down a lot it’s not like you’re down a little bit that’s the thing when it comes to a lot of these stocks it’s not like you know investors whether we’re talking funds once again whether we’re talking high net worth individuals or the person that’s buying a thousand

Dollars worth of shares it doesn’t matter who you are you’re down a ridiculous percentage on this you’re down a ridiculous amount of money and so folks look at a stock like salmon like why is the stock and also start going up anytime soon sell out take the loss write it off against your gains you’ve taken and go ahead and you know uh buy this one back in in january

February that’s how a lot of people are thinking about this one and you know they might not be wrong once again it’s not the way i think about this but i can understand why other people think about this meanwhile you have stock like apple look at that look at apple apple snapple i mean this baby just just just roars it’s just roars and roars and roars right money

Likes to hide out an apple so a lot of you know if think about it if you’re selling out of these stocks you know and we could have went through 100 different stocks that are like that right now right if you’re selling out of those stocks i’ll say you have money where do you put the money right and so a lot of people look at it and they’re like well where are the

Winners at where are the stocks at i can put money in for the next 30 45 days and are probably going to go up that’s what they a lot of folks like to assume funds traders even some investors things like that so like apple seems pretty good holiday season and stocks trending well biggest company in the world let me put my money in apple for the next one to two months

They look at tesla stock tesla stocks being a beast right we looked at tesla stock uh why not put in tesla tesla goes up seems like three percent every day wanted to put in tesla for the next 30 30 to 60 days and then go ahead and worry about these other stocks and so you have money flooding to a lot of these winter stocks and it’s just quite an interesting market

Now let’s talk about how long this is going to go on for so today is the 22nd of november the 22nd of november right and this is a day that you have to download the hungry mo app on your ios and android store now it is absolutely free to do so track your stocks cryptos listen earnings calls right inside the app sec reports financials all that fun stuff and it is

November 22nd okay so we’re coming up here let’s call it on the end of the year right now this is a holiday week so volume should be down this week for the most part as well as obviously the the the last two weeks of december whole you know holiday weeks volume tanks you don’t have a lot of movement out there in stocks i’m i it’s sometimes it’s my most active time

Being in the market honestly because especially when you’re in this time period where you got tax loss harvesting going on and you have low volume it tanks a lot of stocks so i’ve always had a little finesse on the market where a lot of times i will uh you know you know nibble on some of these positions on the last you know few weeks of the year essentially because

A lot of these stocks get devastated i remember one of my years i did this the most was 2018 this is one of the years i remember the best as far as being able to capitalize on this where 2018 october november into december was ugly and it got uglier as it went on right november and december got really rough and if you were around during 2018 you remember this and

I know a lot of you guys uh you know maybe half you guys watching this video you weren’t investing in the market back in 2018 but basically the market got super rough and it was just a lot of stocks got insanely cheap i’m seeing the same exact thing happening now it’s just different groups of stocks now we’re getting insanely cheap versus back then it was it was

Other groups of stocks so needless to say uh yeah this is actually a pretty opportune time um to sometimes if if this is a scenario that’s going on you get other markets where everything’s just up trending last year was a bad year to kind of be doing this for the most part unless you had were very very selective but for the most part uh late in late in november

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And into december there weren’t a lot of great deals last year and we kind of had um what’s called santa claus rally a lot of stocks went to the moon so last year was an example of a year that it wasn’t good to implement the strategy but there’s certain years like this year in my opinion that are great years to implement the strategy and actually be very active

Buyer in the market uh during kind of this time period okay so we’re in the 22nd right now i think this can continue uh you know obviously if i’m looking at this i think it can continue obviously for the next few weeks and uh potentially all the way up until about the 22nd 23rd now it is possible even the last week of december you could get some last minute folks

Taking tasks you know doing the tax loss harvesting and whatnot and basically selling off their they’re losing stocks um and writing those off but for the most part what i have seen is most people jump the gun a little bit and not not a bad way at all just so you know but a lot of folks what they do is they just they just get it done a little earlier than folks

Expect because a lot of people think or assume that everybody’s going to sell off that last week and so i wouldn’t be surprised if the last you know let’s call it five or ten trading days of december i wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of these stocks we just went through that are beating down dog stocks if those stocks actually start to climb in a major way and the

Reason being is i think a lot of the tax loss harvesting will be done you know way ahead of time it looks to me like this is all getting pushed forward so it looks to me kind of like you know black friday deals keep coming earlier and earlier it seems like halo i was at target last night and they already got black friday sale going on i’m like what the heck it’s

Not even close to black friday and you black friday sales already always already going on right so it seems like all these things get pushed up and the same thing with tax loss harvesting where people are taking you know uh basically selling out a lot of these stocks that are beating down dogs to write off against gains and so yeah that’s kind of what i foresee

Over the next few weeks i think a lot of these stocks will continue to be weak and i wouldn’t be surprised if actually in the back half of december they start to bounce back a little bit so that’s why i have this circle here kind of the 23rd through january because what you have happened is then going into the new year a lot of folks start looking at where the

Where’s the real opportunities where are the beating down stocks right and go ahead and cash out some of the winners and move some money that’s maybe been on the sideline or from some of the winners into some of those stocks that are just devastating stocks and this is a strategy that’s pretty popular actually in the stock market uh it’s always been kind of talked

About around the dow stocks but where you buy the worst performing dow stocks from the previous year and you buy those in january and you hold those and a lot of times those stocks will end up outperforming it’s it’s a i know it’s a different concept and strategy and once again i don’t i don’t think like that at all but a lot of people do okay and so you have to

Always acknowledge the other players in the market i think about it in terms of like is this stock a great deal for me am i going to make a ton of money on the stock over the next three five years if i make a ton of money over the next three five years i’m buying the dang stock okay but the other people think differently and you gotta you know accept that there’s

Different players in the market and so that’s when a lot of these stocks in my opinion will start going the other way regardless of really what happens to a lot of these stocks fundamentals a lot of those stocks will just start climbing and it will happen probably pretty rapidly that’s usually what happens there now there’s always a possibility what if there was

Some sort of massive uh sell-off in the market or something like that that’s always a possibility but because so many of these stocks are so beaten down it might continue to be beaten down over the next few weeks they just start to reach levels that it’s just like you can’t really you can’t really get it down anymore let’s just put it that way and so um that’s

What ends up happening so yeah that’s my two cents on what’s going on the market it’s a it’s a move to the hut stocks it’s it’s sell all the cold ones and um you know it’s it’s obviously for somebody like myself that’s a long-term investor i thrive in these sorts of markets because this is where you get the biggest opportunities you get some stocks they’re just

Trading at prices that’s like what like how’s your stock trading at this price like this is ridiculous like outside of a stock market crash you don’t see some of these stocks trading at these sorts of levels and these sorts of prices and so when it happens it’s like whoa okay so yeah i hope you guys enjoyed this video as always don’t forget to subscribe to the

Channel if you’re not already subscribed if you want to know to be notified every time i drop a video put on notifications make sure you download the hungry ball and check out that pink comment much love as always guys and have a great day did you buy anything today let me know in the comments

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