stocks are easy money. the wall street setup in action

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Well howdy there folks and uh welcome into tonight’s video okay uh not a scary video although usually when i record a video late at night it’s usually something scary related tonight’s not a scary video okay i want to talk a bit about the state of the stock market um mentalities i’m seeing out there frustration i’ve seen out there kind of build and things like that

In regards to not just really the stock market and stocks i’ve seen it in the financial markets in general recently okay and i kind of just want to drop some gems for you guys and tell you give you a little uh perspective in a little you know kind of frame of thought to kind of think about when you’re when you’re seeing all these different things kind of play out

Because i understand some folks um you know get frustrated they’re like you know they see different situations and they’re like why am i not doing this why am i not doing that things like that okay so yeah i hope you guys enjoy this as always if you don’t mind smash the thumbs up that’s all i ask for okay so we saw what happened with gamestop right gamestop had

This unbelievable rise uh i think it peaked at what was it 483 dollars i believe or something like that right then there was the whole robin hood situation and was other brokerages and it was that whole mess right then that dies down right and all of a sudden that all those kind of stocks kind of fade away for a bit right then all sudden out of nowhere rises not

Just kryptos but specifically dogecoin right and dogecoin rises and then also in the whole world’s attention is on dogecoin right and you know gamestop next thing you know they’re doing snl skits about it it’s like the talk of everything not just the financial markets but this is the talk of everything right next thing you know dogecoin takes that position and

Also in gamestop moves to the background and that that whole you know that whole group of stocks moved to the background also in dogecoin dogecoin you can’t miss it dogecoin everywhere right then also very recently dogecoin also fades away now amc stock has come up right and that’s the talk of everything okay and so some folks see this and they see the activity

And they see oh my gosh somebody made you know 10 million dollars from gamestop they see the story about somebody became a millionaire in dogecoin right that was plastered everywhere they see you know my friend over here just made you know a hundred thousand dollars on amc stock and they see this and they start to get uh frustrated if they are have any sort of

Long-term mindset or something like that right some folks do some folks are okay with this some folks are understanding but some folks start to question they’re like man why am i trying to get 20 or 30 a year and focusing on reading annual reports unless i conference calls when i could just stuck all my money in dogecoin and made a bunch of money or stuck all

My money in gamestop or emc and made a bunch of money and things like that and people start to get frustrated right because they see this sort of activity okay and so i think a lot of times what happens is is you know first off you can’t you can’t hate on somebody if they made money from any of those sorts of things or any sort of activity where if you feel

It might have been a gamble they took and they made money for that you can’t hate on that like good for them that’s their own decision right i live in vegas right there’s a city built on gambling at the end of the day right and if you know i have a friend or a family member in town let’s say and they come in they’re like man i’m gonna go down the strip i’m gonna

Gamble ten thousand dollars tonight i could say listen man i don’t think that’s such a good idea you’re probably gonna lose that money like the casinos win don’t you know that and they’re like dude you know what you’re talking about and i’m like okay and they go down the strip and they make that ten thousand into a hundred thousand and they come in my house with

A briefcase of money and i’m like ah you know uh what am i gonna tell them you know what i mean like what am i gonna tell them like i’m not gonna tell them anything especially if they’re winning like what am i going to say like i’m just going to look like a dork in the end i’d be like oh yeah well you know sometimes you’re losing like i got a hundred thousand

Dollars you can’t do that you can’t do that so you can’t hate on somebody you just got to congratulate them and be like hey man you know awesome for you you know what i mean like you just like that’s just the way it’s got to be that’s just the way it’s got to be okay now in relation to you do you start questioning yourself do i then say why didn’t i go down the

Strip put 10 000 at the casino right and you start to have these questions you’re like what i should have done that too like i i’m jealous of that man they just made 100k so easy right imagine you work uh you know you work at a job you make 60k a year and your friend there just made a hundred thousand on the strip in one night and you’re like why why did i not do

That right you start questioning yourself like come on man you gotta understand there’s a lot of distractions at play in life and they’re there for certain reasons okay you gotta understand that they’re there for certain reasons reasons and first off let’s talk a little bit about wall street right and let’s talk a little bit about the tax man let’s talk a little

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Bit about the government right first off does wall street want you to be a long-term investor or have more of a short-term mindset and be a short-term trader who do they make more money off of i’ll give you a couple seconds yes short-term investors or short-term traders right whenever somebody’s doing all those transactions right a lot of times these brokerage

Are making all these different fees from that right they’re getting all these cuts from all these other companies and these clearinghouses and all this stuff right and so me they hardly make any money from me right i go i make a hundred thousand dollar investment boom and then i make no move for the rest of the month they’re like do something do something with your

Money man come on make some moves out there right meanwhile the other guy he’s making all these trades left and right and and the brokers is like yes give me all that money right they love all that sort of activity right and so there’s definitely a a you know like the best thing a casino can do essentially the best thing a casino can do is have you win when you’re

A new gambler right you never really gambled you never really been to the casino before you go into the casino the the best thing for the casino is that you actually win that first time at the casino because you get that adrenaline going you’re like oh my gosh i just made 80 bucks i just made 200 bucks i just made 400 bucks you’re like oh my gosh this is this

Is like amazing why did anybody ever say gambling is bad no way man i just made all this money this is amazing right that’s the best thing a casino could ever do is have you get that that great feeling right off the bat right because then they know there’s a chance they got you hooked right if you go that first time and you lose let’s say you go with 100 bucks

And you lose 100 bucks you just you they just ruined your that initial feeling right also and you’re like yeah this is a scam yeah casinos they suck this is a scam right and so if you think about it from the context of imagine your new person in the stock market right would they rather have you lose money or make money well make money certainly and would they

Rather have you be a long-term player in the market right would they rather have you be a short-term player of course they would rather have you be a short-term player they’re going to make so much more money off you it’s ridiculous okay not just that you know who else makes more money uncle sam okay when you’re taking short-term profits and things like that you

Are taxed at a much higher rate than if you take long-term profits so guess who benefits by you being brainwashed into short-term activities right the government wins and wall street wins the brokerage win all that they all make way more money okay so right off the bat you gotta understand there’s certain reasons things are the way they are they would love you

To be distracted and else and be like oh man you know i got to start getting into this stuff i do this got to do that right then they know they got you they got you because even if you make a gamble here and you make a bunch of money right cool chances are you’re going to end up losing that money over time right now they’re different than my friend he comes makes

A hundred thousand at the casino right next thing is no he’s like let’s go out again tomorrow night i gotta find the next one because people don’t just like like cash out and like oh i’m good now it’s not the way this works that’s not the way any of this works right of course you make a bunch of money you want to go back let’s take them for everything this time

Man let’s take them for everything we’re going to own this casino by the end of the night right start feeling real real real cocky real real confident okay i i’ve been living in vegas long enough i’ve seen enough uh friends of family come to town i know the mentality i know the way people talk right and uh now we’re gonna really take them down okay and next thing

You know they lost all that and some right that’s the way it works and so if you are somebody with a long-term investor mindset and you are seeing these sort of distractions you have to make it you have to make a decision in your life on what route you want to go down okay you have to make that decision are you going to stay over here and in your lane and doing

Your thing or are you going to join these other lanes and things like that that man when it works out it works out great but man when it goes bad it’s going to go really bad right at the end of the day like if somebody wants to pay uh you know 100 billion dollar market cap you can’t make any fundamental you know basis on somebody paying a hundred billion mark

Cap for you know whatever stock right um unless that stock is you know has an unbelievable story going for them on the fundamental side right if they want to pay 50 billion 100 billion for that that’s their own decision at the end of the day that’s not for you to make your decision right you got to focus on what you’re doing what you’re doing and where you’re

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Going right this imagine you’re in a committed relationship right and all of a sudden you know you’re a guy in a committed relationship and you see oh there’s a cute girl over there and oh there’s a there’s a girl over there being flirty and oh look at that girl she looks nice over there and there’s all these distractions you’re like man you know it’s up to you

You want to go over there and then that relationship or where are you trying to go like what are you trying to focus on i know there’s been many times in my life where there’s been plenty of distractions in my life and i had to make decisions on which route did i want to go right i remember when i was like focused on learning investing at you know 18 19 20 years

Old when everybody else was worrying about like who’s having the party tonight right and i could have made decisions in my life like oh let me go you know to the party tonight and things like that i can promise you i wouldn’t be here in front of you today i wouldn’t be worth listening to i wouldn’t if i would have stayed focused like i wouldn’t have you know got

To the amounts of money i got to and got to the amount of knowledge i had and those sorts of things right i had to make decisions am i going to stay focused or am i going to get distracted by things okay and that that’s a question so for me right i it’s not like i don’t ever gamble i understand if i go to the casino hey man maybe i hit it big maybe i maybe i don’t

Right but i i stay away from that activity for the most part right i’m not there to like that’s not my main strategy like if you know that’s not my main strategy in life let’s just put it that way right if a friend’s in town or family members in town they really want to go hey i’ll go with you i understand going in i’m probably going to lose my money right and

If i do make money awesome and i double up and triple up and quadruple up my money that’s sweet man but that’s not my strategy right i understand like i gotta have a strategy in life around business and investing those sorts of things my my living can’t be made by making different gambles out there and things like that right so that’s what’s really important and

At the end of the day you just can’t you just can’t fall into the trap that they want you to fall in because i promise you i promise you there are certain traps that are set up for certain reasons and people just don’t realize it at the time they literally don’t realize it until it’s too late and unfortunately they think they’re winning um and really they’re

Just you know it’s just gonna end certain ways that they don’t even see possible they don’t even see coming because that’s what happens every single time every single time throughout financial history where people thought they had the big edge over everything it usually ends in tiers right remember back in the 2007 through 2009 recession right prior to that

There was this thought everybody thought they had the system figured out buy an extra home buy another home buy another home so easy to make money this is the way it’s done man buy another home buy another home buy another home just keep buying homes man this is like how it’s done this is the easy money right everybody was doing it everybody felt like this is

The way to like the the weight of riches man buy another home buy another home they just go up in price man i’ll be i’m gonna be worth six mil by the end of this year and i was worth 2 000 at the beginning of the year right that was the thought process right and next thing you know like all of a sudden everybody’s like whoa whoa whoa what happened what happened

The lights went out what did happen what did happen right just like that the rug is pulled out right underneath everything as soon as everybody thinks they got the whole system figured out right they got the whole oh this is this is a new wave man this is the new easy way to make money as soon as folks start thinking that and the masses really start feeling

That the rugs pulled right out and it happens so fast it happens so fast and people just don’t even see it coming and it’s just interesting because every single time like like folks feel like they’ve gotta figure it out and they feel like this is this is this is good like we’re good now man we’re good we got the new system down they can’t beat us we’re gonna

Win we we’re unstoppable right and then the rug is pulled out so quickly man it happens again and again and again and it will keep happening and guess what after this amc stock situation the next situation happens in the next situation it’s not like this ends okay after amc it’s the next thing and after that thing it’s the next thing right just like it was

You know it was gamestop and then it was doge and it was amc that’s just in this year alone right there’s going to be more things coming right and then the next thing and then also that’s a distraction right and then also in the market switches and the market starts going down and everybody’s like dude i need to start buying put options short and short selling


Everybody’s making so much money on puts and shorts and short the market buy puts this is such an easy way to make money right and as soon as everybody starts thinking that it switches back to either way every single time it happens i watched a lot of people lose so much money so much money in april may of 2020 right because it looked like oh my gosh things are

Going to get worse and worse and the whole economy shut down and roni roano numbers are going up and oh my gosh we’re going to be shut down in the economy for years and everybody had been making money prior to april right making money hand over fist in put options specifically but even shorting the market right so then people started oh i gotta short the market i

Got to buy puts put put oh it’s going up a little bit oh it’s gonna go back down it’s gonna go down worse that was going to ten thousand and they thought they had it figured out and then it switched and the market just went on this crazy bull run right this crazy bull run that was epic and you know longs you know we’re fortunate and you got to ask yourself what is

Tried and true in the market what is tried and true and what is uh distraction stuff right in the tech bubble the thought was put your money in tech stocks it doesn’t matter the valuation it’s easy money tech stocks text talks that that was the talk right and then next thing you know what happened as soon as everybody started flooding in and like this is the wave

Man this out as soon as i start to happen nasdaq tanks and doesn’t just tank for you know a few weeks or a few months it tanks for years after that right as soon as everybody figures out like this is the new easy way to make money man as soon as that starts happening the switch happens right after it and also pulled right out and everybody that thought they they

Had the system beat is also like oh man what what just happened there man it’s the way it works you gotta ask yourself what is tried and true what is tried and true in the money space right what is tried and true owning businesses and investing in great businesses right that’s what’s tried and true if you look at every single person look at every single person

On the forbes list every single one the other got their money from three ways okay inheritance they built great businesses or they invest it in a ton of great businesses right that is how it is done right these gambles and these these side shows man it can make people money in the short term you cannot deny that you cannot deny that just the same as if i go on

The strip tonight and decide to go gamble some money i could potentially make a ton of money right potentially you cannot deny that but what you what you are what i am 100 sure on is no one got there by making a bunch of gambles i 100 guarantee you on all of them played at a very high focused level okay all of them and you got to understand if you want to get

To the sort of money that you can really have true financial freedom you need millions okay millions there’s this whole notion that it’s like a million dollars or something like that man if you’re young good luck living on a mill for the rest of your life i’m just going to be honest like unless you live in some country where it’s insanely cheap you know nevada’s

You know somewhat affordable and i can tell you you’re not going to make it on a mill in nevada it’s just not not for us extended period of time like you’ll start blowing through money left and right never mind if you start going down those casinos okay that’s the way it is and so if you want to build up to sustainable wealth and get true financial freedom and

Like retire for life be good for life things like that you need at least three mil that’s the thing a lot of people don’t understand and to get to three mil you don’t just get there usually by by taking some gambles and if you do respect and if you really can cash out and do it that way respect but i just know most people they don’t do that if you win big like that

You want to go back man you want to get some more it’s just a question of how long does it take them to get you back there does it take them a day a few weeks a few months a year how long until you come back they know you’re going to come back you make a bunch of short-term money from wall street they know you’re going to come back for the next thing right they know

You’re going to come back and you know if you’re into you know sort of gambling activities they’re gonna take you man they’re gonna take you every time um this is the way it works so yeah the system is the way it is for certain reasons and um you know i’ll just leave it there anyways much love as always guys and uh stay focused that’s all i can say stay focused peace oh have a great

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