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I absolutely love the market we are in right now i absolutely love it okay now before before somebody says jeremy we are technically not in the bear market right now fair enough we are technically not in a bear market right now until you look at a massive amount of stocks out there in a massive amount of industries and what you will find is you’ll find a ridiculous

Amount of stocks that are down 20% 30% 40% plus from their peaks this year okay so take it apple amazon google and microsoft the four big dogs out of it you take those four companies out of this and the indexes would be ridiculously down from here those four big massive companies that have so much weight have carried the markets okay so before anybody says we’re

Technically not in a bear market true but until you really like open up your mind and actually start looking at stock after stock semiconductors housing stocks auto stocks chinese stocks you go industry by industry you’re gonna find a ridiculous amount of stocks that are down 20 30 40 plus percent from their highs there are three reasons i absolutely love this

And i want to get into this day and i think honestly everybody loved this in general and my personal opinion i just kind of want to give my perspective on why i love what is going on right now now first off before anybody says well maybe you’re not hurt financially by stocks going down i’m absolutely hurt into massive ways okay if all stocks are going down if

Just kind of the markets in a week you know way right now guess whose wealth goes down my wealth goes down okay with along with everybody else’s all right and the second part is i sell courses and i can tell you there’s a strict correlation between when the markets going up and the markets going down and when we have you know volatility or market going down like

It has recently i saw like no courses okay are very few courses but when the markets going great and the headlines are oh a stock market reaches record hike you know course sales are off the hook okay so i’m absolutely hurt financially by the market going down and whatnot all right so just want to get that out there first now three reasons i personally love this

Ok i love it when the market goes down i think it’s uh i think it’s a good thing ok so the first part is oh we get to find who the real riders are ok we get to find out who’s really in this – because they love this ok so much of stock market investing reminds me of when i played high school football okay so i’ve played high school football if this is really good

High school that you know we made the playoffs pretty much every single year several players from our team are in the nfl currently or were in the nfl we had a ton of players go on and play college football and whatnot and i’m talking for my international viewers i’m talking about tackle football you know the one where they run with a little you know ground ball

In their hand and they tackle each other and whatnot that’s type of football i’m talking about and so i played this really really good football you know school and all four years and what would happen is so if you’re a football player at our school you’ve got so much more respect from everybody i’m talking about the guys i’m talking about the girls i’m talking

About teachers you’ve got like a whole other level of respect like you were the big man on campus like like you are above everybody else okay like almost like treat it like a god it was you just kind of messed up but it’s a way it was okay and so what you had happen is every single spring we would have a ton of kids like come onto the football team okay and they

Would do the spring practice which was really easy there were no pads worn and you pretty much just lifted weights and then you went out to you know practice and throw the ball around a little bit and run routes and do different stuff like that okay but what would happen is also the summertime would come and what happens is summertime is you put on the pads and

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The practices start getting hard and all of a sudden you would lose a third of the kids that had you know basically wanted to be on the football team or associated themselves with oh yeah i’m the football player and then all sudden they get to you know find out how hard practice is they get shmacked going over the middle and they’re like i don’t think i want to

Do this anymore okay and they end up quitting the team that happened every single year i was in high school you would have a ridiculous amount of kids at first and by the time season started in the first game started you lost about a third of the kids okay because they they just weren’t down for what the real action was which was hitting and doing you know no the

Running was ridiculous like i’m surprised somebody didn’t die like literally like the running was every day was like until you died like the coaches like ran us like it was ridiculous so anyways you had this okay and this is the same exact mentality you have with people coming in the stock market they will see people having success or making money and like dang i

Want some of that i want some of that fun to i want to associate myself with that success want to jump in the stock market and what you have is people come into the stock market who are really about the action okay you got to really love this all the way through it gets a whether it’s a volatility where the stocks are going down when their stocks are going up

You’re gonna just love the whole process the looking into companies the actual research work the real work okay you’ve got to really love this to make it through and what happens every time is when it gets hard we lose about a third of the people out there okay they just drop off maybe even more than a third of the people because they realize this is not a you know

All it was so easy and old yet you just put some money on stocks and all your stocks go up and you make all this money and everything so grand anse all flowers all sudden they get punched in the face and they realize oh man this is so fun after all and so you lose a massive portion of investors and i love that that part because you just get the fakes out there

You just get the fake just get out of here just get out of here fakes i love it okay i love it across the board we saw this a lot in the cryptocurrency market i saw a lot of people jumping in the cryptocurrency market when it was you know reaching rat you know record highs and whatnot back in november in december you would like everybody in the grim i’ll come in

The cryptocurrency market and what you had happen is after a crash this year you know we’re i don’t think it’s like i don’t know down 70% or 80% and the cryptocurrency market as a whole since it reaches highs back in december what you had is you had just a gauntlet of people leave okay remember all of the youtube channels that were like cryptocurrency channels and

Whatnot and all sudden they were like getting really popular and then they all just like disappeared like overnight it was like what happened they were gaining subscribers like crazy they were becoming so popular and then all sudden they stopped making videos or they deleted their channels and just like like what happened there okay you when when things get rough

You find out who the real players are you find out who’s who’s you know here for the long run and who’s just gonna kind of leave out and when i started the stock market was 2008-2009 it was it was such a perfect time to start because that was a perfect time to find out if you’re a true player or not because every day was just negativity around the stock market every

Day it was just a stock market was going down like that like it was weird if the stock market didn’t go down three or four percent on a day like it was just down and down and down negativity across the board and even when the stock market started to go up you know toward the end the truth 9 into 2010 even when the stock market started to increase it was still just

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A gauntlet of negativity every single day like i’m talking like negativity like most you guys who were not around back then have never seen ok the negativity was on a whole other level it was like it was hard to find somebody bullish out there it was hard to find somebody that was looking for the long term everybody was looking for the short term everybody was

Talking about double-dip recession it was just it was just a ridiculous time my first few years in being on the stock market but it was a perfect time because it was so hard and it was just like a tough time and it was just at so much negativity and so many bears out there constantly it was a perfect time to kind of get in the market and so like i wish more people

Would take it on when things get rough that that’s actually the perfect time to find out if you’re really built for this because if you’re really built for this then in the tough times you’ll still be here ok you’ll still be here and you’ll get through this ok it’s it’s easy if the market just went up every single day or every single week or every single month or

Every single year everybody would do it everybody would invest in individual stocks they just say ok here’s all my money i’m gonna put it in here because it just goes up that’s the easiest thing when things get rough it’s a whole different ballgame and people start saying oh man i don’t know if i’m built for this ok and they’re just like i don’t think i like this i

Think i’ll you know go ahead and quit this now ok so yeah it reminds me so much a high school football at my school like everybody it’s like almost identical to the philosophy and the way people think in way they see you know somebody having success in the lean all the respect they might be getting or the money they’d be might be making or whatever it is out there

And they’re like man i want to jump into that ok so that’s the first reason you just get to get over you read of all the fakes of people that have just you know hoping to get rich tomorrow off the stock market or something like that and really can’t handle that volatility we get rid of those people ok that’s the first reason second reason is this is the most obvious

Of the three reasons like this one is super obvious to me at least stock to get a lot cheaper you can buy a lot more for your money ok if you had a thousand dollars back in february you invested that in the market in most stocks you could’ve bought you two only by so many shares i can almost guarantee you like almost regardless of the stock there are a few stocks

Out of you know increased in value since let’s say february or whatever but the mass the mass majority of stocks out there have actually decreased in value in some of them like i said twenty thirty forty percent since then to you know where they are at today you will buy a lot more for your money than what you could let’s say previously okay it’s a big difference

So stocks just get cheaper and a lot of times on a pee basis like you know and less obviously the economy was to go off the rails or something like that obviously then obviously the pe s aren’t very relevant but the four ps are a lot lower now than they were let’s say back in february or something like that so you get so much more bang for your buck that you get

To buy some great companies a much lower valuations and sometimes when these volatilities come up the these short-term stock crashes or corrections whatever you want to call them happen what ends up happening is you get a lot of companies that have great growth potential that people just kind of flood out of and get scared of just not really for any specific

Reason other than just being scared of what could happen in the future and they try to just flood their money into the some of the biggest stocks out there and some of the biggest companies you saw that in the recession well you know growth stocks just got killed during the recession and money flooded into the johnson’s and johnson’s and proctors and gamble’s and

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Coca-cola’s and whatnot and crafts and some of those stocks that people weren’t as scared that would get hit in a in a big way okay so you get a lot of stocks that have some you know two three four five year out growth vectors that have a you know a chance to double or triple their business now some people flood out of and they’re like i don’t want that i’m scared

Of that okay so that’s a that’s the second reason that’s probably the most obvious and the third reason this one is not talked about nearly enough this one’s not talked about nearly enough when we have a stock go you know more the stock market correction i’ll stop crash this one i’m like amazed everybody talks about you know like we talked about the second one how

Things get cheaper no one talks about this third one and it’s great if you are dividend investor because this one is dividend yields become a lot bigger generally okay so if you had a stock that say that was paying out a 1% let’s say it was paying out a 2% dividend yield right be about it i was there was like a 2% dividend yield back in february or january let’s

See that stock has fallen 50% also know you got a dividend yield of 4% right so the dividend yield has increased dramatically when a stock goes down the dividend yield gets bigger and that dividend yield basically means you get more and more money to you and the great thing is when when the song mark is in rough times or has volatility a lot of companies don’t cut

Their dividends okay a lot of companies still keep those dividends and some even increase those dividends because they have a track record of oh we’ve increased it so many years we can still increase it alright so just because we have a short term volatility doesn’t mean necessarily companies are like oh i got to cut my dividends that’s just not the way it works

Something have to because maybe they had rough times in the company but most actually keep them so the dividend yield is bigger so the percent you make on your dividend money gets bigger and bigger and it’s a great thing for different investors because dividend investors way they look at it and you know would they love their stock to increase in value as they own it

Absolutely but that’s not the only goal though the main goal is to collect dividends from those stocks and go ahead and reinvest those back into that stock or to whether stocks alright and hopefully that stock at least just held its value if it increased over the you know five years or ten years or 15 years they held it great but that’s the beautiful thing is you

Get to buy stocks and that you know we’re just gonna pay you bigger and bigger dividends out you know it’s gotten hard to find good dividend yields you know in 2017 and now in the 2018 coming up on this part of the year also we’re starting to see a lot of stock spoke out that actually have some good growth you know vectors going for the company that are paying 2%

3% 4% 5% yields so that’s another beautiful thing about when the stock market actually dropped so in my personal opinion i actually love it when we’re in a bear market i love it when we’re you don’t have something stock corrected yeah it’s not fun to my wealth go down man come go down but at the same time the way i look at it is man there’s so many buying opportunities

You get to get all the fakes out and market in the dividend yields just get bigger and bigger as stocks go down so hope you guys enjoyed this let me know what your opinion is down there in that comment section i would love to hear from you guys as always make sure you follow me on instagram if you’re not already i love to post a lot of stock market news and my

Instagram stories thank you for watching and have a great day

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