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And there’s this conspiracy theory that has started recently and i want to kind of explain well folks let me tell you a story about a man named jeremy so he used to make a lot of money in the stock market but now it seems like he wakes up every day and he loses a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars every day he’s negative six figures every day like every day

Every day he’s gonna put his fireplace on red mode he just wants to he just wants to put on green mode for once for once can we just put on green mode no absolutely not okay in all seriousness guys i hope you enjoyed that we got a lot to get into in this video here today okay we got to talk about what’s going on with certain stocks out there you know i think if

There’s just an average person that doesn’t really track the markets too heavily i don’t think they have any conception or clue on what is actually going on and how out of hand this is getting in the stock market right now and we’re gonna go through all this and i’m gonna tell you what i think is going on here and like i said most folks have no like clue on on

What’s really going on here and it’s quite interesting okay so by the way i hope you guys enjoy this as always i’ll ask you returns yeah you smash that thumbs up button okay so russell 2000 down another 1.43 percent here today oh my goodness the small caps have just ah man they’ve just been having a tough time look at the russell it’s done a whole lot of nothing

For six plus months now it’s actually down in the past six months i mean it’s just it’s small cabs have just continued and continued and continued to get hammered and uh most of them it’s very hard to find very uh you know few small caps that are actually doing well right now right look at voyager digital voyager digital takes another hit today 5.67 they have a

Crypto brokerage they’re trying to launch a debit card product by the end of this year and uh maybe even a stock brokerage within the next 12 months plus other things right and they also had the the vgx coin right and when it comes to voyager digital i mean this stock has just been getting obliterated right in you know a few months ago it was twenty dollars if not a

Little over twenty dollars then it falls all the way down to ten eleven dollars bounces all the way back to sixteen seventeen dollars and here today back to fourteen dollars right and this has been a stock that has just been having a tough time needless to say look at smile direct club this is a stock that oh my goodness okay down to four dollars and 82 cents what’s

Wall street gonna you know get this one to zero i mean it’s getting out of hand right here’s the thing okay eventually people are gonna take off their mask and eventually teeth are gonna matter again okay and i don’t think wall street like understands that concept and right now smile direct club just continues to get destroyed this stock was 13 and some change six

Months ago and here today it’s four bucks right four dollar stock just getting absolutely decimated it seems like these stocks just it doesn’t matter they’re just going down it doesn’t matter what they report doesn’t matter you can’t there’s no such thing as looking at it on the good side when it comes to any of these stocks right look at this chef down another

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2.6 percent here today right i guess wall street’s gonna want this one to zero as well you know it doesn’t matter that they reported 46 revenue growth in the last quarter it doesn’t matter that they had 62 branded growth it doesn’t matter that they’re ahead of all the management’s numbers none of that matters right now all it is is sell sell sell every single day

Pretty much right what did i do in regards to this obviously i bought some shares here today you know i can’t just sit on my hands and like see the stock going down and they’re like i’m not gonna buy no so i bought another 999 shares but i mean at this pace i might own the whole dang company i’ll just be honest with you guys at this pace i’m going to probably just

It’s just going to be sam goletti and myself we’re going to own the whole dang thing okay look at tesla my esla oh man tesla’s lost 50 a plus in in share price literally just in the past three trading days you know you go back three trading days ago this stock was seven hundred and fourteen seven hundred fifteen dollars here it is 663. this is another one that’s

Just been getting hit all of a sudden obviously there’s been the whole stuff and i’ve covered that on what’s come out around michael bury the kathy woods situation michael bury betting against tesla stock and things like that and obviously you know it’s been kind of a tough sledding for tesla here in the short term tesla’s obviously not a small cap company by

Any stretch of the imagination but it’s interesting to see that one fall so much just in the past few trading days right corsair i mean it doesn’t matter corsair could you know i don’t know buy out nvidia tomorrow and the stock would still go down like it doesn’t matter what what happens for corsair the stock is just in a massive downtrend who no no soul in this

World knows when this will finally end it’s getting out of hand it’s just flat out it’s getting out of hand right corsair today was trading this is uh this it doesn’t reflect today this was yesterday corsair today was trading at 2.4 billion market cap during the trading day right i mean this company is going to do over 2 billion dollars in revenue this year they’re

Going to price the sales ratio a little above one now in this company for a nice growth company would they grow revenues last quarter was it 24 year-over-year and oh no one’s gonna gain any more stream anymore because now everybody’s gonna go outside no come on it doesn’t matter this stock is just in a massive downtrend and like wall street just doesn’t care about

It right look at this look at this prepare to have your mind blown when when looking at these numbers okay the volume look at the where’s where’s the where’s the action like where’s the action in the stock it had it did half its trading volume here today this just shows you that absolutely wall street does not care about corsair at all at all they refuse to

Acknowledge a stock buy the stock do anything i mean there’s no activity in corsair gaming it is just left to die it doesn’t matter the numbers they report it doesn’t matter the revenue growth this stock in the short term is left to hang out there and die right now and that is it as simple as that when you see this i mean this is a normal trading day we’re not

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On a holiday weekend or something like that this is a normal trading day and it does half its normal volume this just shows you wall street doesn’t care all about this stock right now it’s it it’s unbelievable really right wall street right now saying small caps we don’t care about you small caps it’s really quite unbelievable there’s there’s no wall street money

Coming in anything small cap related at all if you look at almost every single small cap out there and when i say small cap i’m basically talking about most of stocks under 10 billion mark cap almost all of them that i find are down between 20 and 70 percent from their 52 week highs 20 to 70 percent from 52 week highs and that’s almost every single like like you

Know under 10 billion mark cap i can find new small caps have been getting decimated absolutely decimated in you know no no uh folks that you know or or let’s just call normal people that don’t pay attention to stock market they don’t even realize this is going on right because they only look at the dow numbers if they even look at any numbers right it’s like oh the

Dows did this so the stock market’s healthy right and look if you look at the dow which is the index that everybody hears about and you might see you know cross on on a new stream or something like that oh the dow reached a new record high the dow looks great it makes the stock market look like it’s an amazing place to be right now right and why is wall street

Continue to just flood money into the the dow stocks and the big huge market caps well part of it could be around inflation right then looking at it and saying well these companies will will weather the inflation better than small caps but here’s the thing we’re already in the midst of the inflation and we’re already starting to see some data that is showing us

That inflation is uh potentially already going to start turning right we’ve already seen a lot of prices start coming down for certain things now this could change really really quickly where if you’re looking at and you’re like small caps can’t weather this they got this big headwind coming against them as soon as things flip guess who goes from having a huge

Headwind against themselves to a massive tailwind behind them the small caps and it happens really dang quick and wall street was very very slow to recognize inflation right and i think they’re going to be really really slow to recognize uh you know inflation going the other way in these numbers not inflating as much or maybe even coming down a bit all right and

Uh wall street’s just going to be left in this whole situation and following each other around and then also money is going to turn but the question is when does it turn is it next week is it next month is it three months is it six months when does the money turn and i don’t wanna say necessarily move out of the big caps but start moving into small caps like when

Does wall street finally say corsair gaming we’re ready to buy you or anything that’s in the small cap space when does that happen okay that’s that’s the you know good question for the day now you know i definitely have had some folks sending me some messages and i’ve seen it out there okay and there’s this conspiracy theory that has started recently and i want


To kind of explain this so what the thought is here is essentially we had the gamestop situation the amc stock situation right the whole oh we’re gonna show wall street who’s boss you know the reddit crowd youtube crowd all that stuff we’re gonna show wall street who’s boss right and there’s a conspiracy theory that has started that is basically wall street and

I’m not into conspiracy theories okay but i just want to tell you guys about this because i’m seeing it more and more and i’m getting more and more people commenting on this anything that’s a reddit stock youtuber stock anything like that social media stock doesn’t matter what they report wall street’s not buying it to teach folks a lesson let’s just put it like

That now i don’t necessarily believe this um but you know at the same time i can understand why a lot of folks believe this right a lot of meetings happen behind closed doors and when you see no volume in a lot of these stocks that are big either in the reddit crowd or in the youtube crowd and there’s no buying activity on it it’s like where’s the wall street money

There’s no shortage of money on wall street we all know that they continue to pump up the the big guys right the big stocks but home depot in walmart those stocks aren’t the big retail investor stocks right and so maybe it’s a situation where where you know wall street’s like hey we’re going to show you guys who’s really boss you guys think you could you could bully

Us around in that whole situation ah you’ll see here’s a little lesson for you so i don’t try to get too caught up into that at the end of the day when it comes to me i’m trying to keep my head down if if there are anybody if there’s anybody playing games out there whatever all i know is wall street money will flow into my stocks wall street money will come in a

Tattoo shaft wall street money will come into corsair gaming and the others in a massive massive way in the coming years whether it happens next week or next month or next year i can’t predict that but i do know the money is going to come into those stocks and so you know one way or another the eyes are coming to me and it’s just like it’s a waiting game it’s like

When when does the money come in that’s the big question okay and by the way let me know if you guys uh have heard about that theory this is the first time you’re hearing about it what do you think about it like i said i’ve seen more and more people dm’ing me sending stuff about that and i’m like let’s just address that once and for all so hope you guys enjoyed

This as always now is definitely the time to be researching stocks looking into stocks and if you see opportunities out in the market you’ll want to take advantage okay if you want to download every single thing i know about picking stocks running portfolios getting through tough markets buying huge on dips things like that definitely check out pin comment down

There much love as always guys and have a great day

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