Stocks Explode (KNR) (KNRLF) (ART) (ARHTF) (TSLA) (AAPL)

Stocks Explode (KNR) (KNRLF) (ART) (ARHTF) (TSLA) (AAPL) – These are the stocks that are on the move $knr $knrlf $art $arhtf $tsla $aapl

This is rich from urged to be live and wow what a day today again in the markets congratulations to all members that are winning big once again on control energy what a winner brought you guys this winner in about a year ago actually to the day and when i interviewed the ceo i had no idea at that point in time there would be a covet 19 and this company would be in

Covid 19 relief in any capacity and of course they are and the stock has been nothing short of a dream we brought it to you guys first last year at under 50 cents i believe it was around 40 cents and today the stock sits at 2.95 congratulations to all members on control energy knr is the symbol in canada absolute screamer tight floater and kovid 19 play so k r in

Canada symbol in america k n r l f been a huge winner for our membership congratulations to jj one of her members who has banked well over six figures already on this trade and he’s holding strong not planning on selling anytime soon it’s true congratulations jj on your huge winner on control energy and i hope that the wins just keep coming brother and that’s the

Beauty of our academy and that’s the beauty of our community we find winners we find them first and we talk about them and we share them and we share the news and we share the winners and we share the news live and in real time 24 hours a day seven days a week and look at this look at control energy now at 2.97 an absolute screamer of epic proportions control

Energy can’t be stopped right now well on the way to three dollars and like i said this was under 50 cents when i did their first vin interview almost a year ago to the day with the ceo and it has now reached an all-time high it was just at 297 currently at 295 so i thought i’d go live and talk to you guys about it since we were the first ones to talk about it

We might as well talk a little bit more about it and in addition to that art media big day for art media at 43 cents up big today well in the green up 34 so if you bought the dip on art media you are able to now today sell the rip so hopefully if you are in art media you are looking to take profits control energy right now at 296 bouncing around probably gonna

Get close to the three dollar mark today how about amy today amy another electric energy play electric vehicle play and at 26.5 cents up 10 silver elephant mining i actually just interviewed the vp of exploration look out for that interview they had some huge news and the stock has exploded up 13 in america s-i-l-e-f and 12 in canada now 13 in canada 49.5 cents

Congratulations to all members on silver elephant mining corp now how about tesla big day for tesla some members some different people messaging me panicking in a panic when tesla was going down oh my goodness tesla’s going down what do we do i said buy the dip it ain’t going down forever buy the dip and bam there was today was the rip up eight percent now at

357 this company’s too good and when it goes down there’s way too many investors lining up to buy this stock so every time this stock goes down expect that there will be buyers and that’s just because tesla has so many investors that believe in this company that have won with this company and they believe in it and every time it dips they buy it and that’s just


The reality hey how you doing you wish you could buy ath watch your show daily from texas will this stock become available to buy i’m using weeble rh and the public as my platforms uh well yeah you can buy it in america the american symbol is hold on let me show it to you the american symbol is a r h t f that is the american symbol of art media in america art

Media in america symbol a r h t f up 35 and absolutely screaming right now how about apple big fan of apple they had a big move after the forward split they’ve recently just came down and like i said that was a buying opportunity like i said that was a buying opportunity and they are up today apple another company that too many investors too many shareholders

Too many people when they see this dip are going to look at it as a buying opportunity and position themselves i’m not surprised when this thing goes up because it is one of the biggest and one of the best companies in the world as you can see tesla’s still going up and like i said you know there’s too many people out there looking at this thinking hmm tesla

At under 400 bucks that seems like a buy and they’re buying it and there’s just too many people behind this company that believe in this company that have made money in this company that believe in elon musk and yeah the prices don’t make sense they can’t be justified but at the end of the day nothing can be justified in this marketplace so at the end of the day

There’s a lot of stocks that you could say can’t be justified this is just one of many and i’m not surprised in this move and i believe that it has a chance to go much much much higher and it’s not that it’s justified it’s hype but the hype is real the hype is real okay if there’s any picks you want me to look at please let me know let’s take a look at tats

Obviously i brought you guys tat first pre-ipo 41 cents now to dollar 23 congratulations to all members on tat t-a-a-t in canada t-o-b-a-f in america has been an absolute beast for our community yep we are very aware thank you jeff on the news on very good butchers very good food company very good company that i believe in i own shares and a lot of our members

Within our community owned shares as well tesla to a thousand apple to 500. anything’s possible in this marketplace do i think it’s justified no do i think it’s possible absolutely as as we speak you can see tesla is still screaming on its way to 360. we can probably see it hit 360 live if we just hang around we’ll see we’ll watch it bounce around and we’ll see

If we can see it hit 360 while we’re live says tad exploding woohoo very up to you’re a legend hey man you know the only goal that i have is to help people win that’s my only goal that’s my only agenda i have no hidden agenda i have no ulterior motives i just want to help people win and i want to bring you guys the biggest and the best companies that i think

Give you a chance to win that i believe are undervalued under appreciated underexposed whether they’re small undervalued companies or they’re big large cap companies that have room for growth that is my modus operandi well i win every trade no but the goal is to find you good companies as of as often as possible and that’s all i can do and try to focus on that

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And hopefully as a community not just myself but the members within our community within our trading academy specifically are always going to be able to also in addition to myself bring more winners bring more picks and as a community as we continue to grow and evolve we will continue to find more winners and we will continue to find them first that is a modus

Operandi that is our only objective and i believe our objectives will be achieved and you can see already in 2020 that we have evolved and we will continue to just based on our results and you can even see that the companies that we’re talking to the companies that we’re interviewing and the companies that we’re putting on our show are continuously getting better

You can go to and just click on rich’s picks and you can see it for yourself all our picks are here fully transparent one of our last picks crdl we gave it to you at 233 well over three dollars e-l-e-f we gave it to you at 47 when as high as 55. obviously today they’re having a nice day as well planet 13. some of the companies that we’ve given

You shll gave it to at 19 we hit well over 50 just recently so a lot of picks that we’re bringing and our trading style is we’re momentum traders strictly momentum traders looking for momentum looking to ride momentum and looking to ride momentum all the way to a certain point as you could see i predicted that tesla would go to 360 while we were live we went all

The way to 350 there it is 360. and as a momentum trader i can do this all day long it’s it’s not difficult for me to do this i can do this all day long here we go 361. we hit 361. there we go 361. so as a momentum trader i identify momentum every single day it’s what i do it’s what i do best it’s what i’ve really become good at within the trading academy and

With the help of the trading academy is becoming a full-blown momentum trader and riding momentum and when i see five 10 gains or more i take the profits off the table so as a trader don’t be greedy okay don’t try to just soak every single dollar off of every trade learn to take your money learn to take profit off the table and learn to take your money and run

When you get an opportunity okay here’s cloud md software we brought you this pick at 50 cents now at a dollar 63 up three percent visa i brought you this pick at 160 dollars it’s now at 206. another one of the picks that we have on our list on our top 10 probably what january when i did that pick let’s see are they even on here they should be on here yeah we

Don’t even have those picks on here so obviously i’ve given a lot more picks that are not even on here but i have done picks for visa mastercard american express way before the prices that they’re trading at today so congratulations to all members that got in on those giants at those lower levels and i am watching the entire market and let’s just take a look

And see if there’s anything else worth talking about let’s go to top gainers so some of the top gainers today itci up 76 percent hof vw up 57 trill tril up 39 scon up 36 m e t x w up 34 percent wtre up 28 astc up 25 nes up 24 h o f v up 24 a m y t up 24 so those are just some of the picks that i’m watching very carefully today and if you’ve been watching

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Rich tv live and you like our show hopefully you smash the like button comment down below share the video everywhere yes amy i talked about them earlier they’re having a nice day as well so hopefully you’re winning and if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching this is your boy rich from rich to be live looking at some of our winners that we’ve brought

To our community first having a big day today the one that’s really really doing well that i think everybody should be watching is control energy control energy i think has been an absolute beast now at 297 up 33 in canada k r and in america k and r l f for all of our friends down south here is a gift for you control energy knrlf and i still believe this goes

Higher it’s a tight floater coven 19 play i still think there’s a long ways to go for this we could see maybe go to five bucks in canada so stay tuned get your popcorn ready and like i said if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we did this interview with this ceo last year when it was under 50 cents today we’re approaching three dollars congratu once

Again congratulations to all members this is rich from mrb live like i told you guys if you’re not winning you’re probably not watching we bring in the winners and we bring them to you first we’ve been doing this since 2017 and we ain’t stopping here here’s another pick that’s doing well today neo neo inc up six percent i know that’s one that a lot of our members

Are involved with and cxxi a cannabis play that i actually own shares in i’m a shareholder they’ve been on a tear they did go all the way over a dollar last week and retracted up 11 today now at 81 cents i do own shares i’ll let you know what i do at cxxi but i will be looking for an exit soon so stay tuned on that and control energy just keeps going now at

298 while we are live control energy continues to climb thank you guys this is rich from rich to be live tesla two now at 361 watching the markets if anything else big happens we’ll let you know we’ll come live if there’s anything you want me to know about any picks you want me to watch let me know otherwise we’ll talk to you soon you want to join our trading

Academy email me rich tv live so we can get you in and you can win big am i still following vbiv i think they had a nice run i actually bought it i took profits and i move on um do i think now could be a time to buy yeah i mean they had a dip there’s definitely a possibility there but as a momentum trader once i move on from that trade i move on and

Then i go on to the next trade until i see an opportunity so maybe i may look at it again but i’m already done with that trade i’ve moved on and like i said if i see another opportunity with them or anyone else we’ll let you know in the meantime we’re watching control energy looks like it’s about to hit three dollars congratulations jj he did predict it would hit

Three dollars today in our group and here we are now at 299 and up 34 this is absolutely amazing for our community control energy congratulations probably gonna hit three dollars anytime now so stay tuned and as different news happens or any other big things happen in the market we’ll come to you first we’ll talk to you guys soon this is rich from mr tv live and i’m out peace you

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